Aa, Pieter van der (editor)       

De doorlugtige scheeps-toghten der Portugysen na Oost-Indiën

De gedenkwaardige en al-om beroemde voyagien der Spanjaarden na West-Indiën

De wijd-beroemde voyagien na Oost- en West-Indiën, mitsgaders gedeeltens des werelds, gedaan door de Engelsen

De aenmerkens-waardige voyagien door Francoisen, Italiaanen, Deenen, Hoogduytsen en andere vreemde volkeren gedaan na Oost- en West-Indiën

Leyden, Pieter van der Aa 1706 Folio, 8 parts in 4 volumes

Folio, modern half calf. First folio edition of only 380 copies. Complete with the 114 sought after maps (individually those maps reached € 22.000 at recent auctions) and almost 500 –mainly- in text engravings. The “Naauwkeurige versameling der  gedenkwaardigste zee- en landreysen” in 8vo and this edition in folio  are the same work and printed from the same stand of type; first the folio sheets and then, after breaking down the type, the octavo sheets were printed. The voyage of the Dutch navigator J.J. de Roy, the last part in 8vo with 2 maps, is however omitted in the folio edition. It was probably intended for a new series of Dutch voyages, but more were never published. The 114 maps were also published separately in 1728 “Cartes des itineraires et voiages modernes”. “Each plate is identified with the name of the explorer to whose voyage it relates and in many cases tracks and routes are shown. In 1714 the plates with added French titles and decorative borders were used for his Atlas Nouveau. This atlas of voyages is a monument to the age of exploration and discovery, and the delicacy of the engraving, especially of the small cartouche vignettes, makes it one of the most beautiful of the Dutch atlases”. See Muller Catalogue 1872. The Portuguese part is translated from Barros, the Spanish from Herrera, the English a.o. from Purchas. A handsome set of the very rare complete folio edition, with 1 map and 1 plate damaged.



Abendanon, E.C.

Onderzoek van Centraal-Celebes

Leiden, KNAG E.J. Brill 1909-1910-1911

8vo, modern dark blue wrappers. Complete with 159 pages, 5 folding maps, illustrations etc. + 3 related articles.

Complete collection of articles –preceding the book- published during his travels in “Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap”. Added are 3 related articles “Celebes en Halmahera” (1910),  “De breukenkust van Mandar” (1911 with textmap) and “De oude beddingen der Beneden Sadang-Rivier en de Baai van Pare Pare” (1911 with folding map). Together 195 pages and 6 folding maps.

€ 160



Ablijn, Cornelis / Grynaeus, S. /  Huttich, J.

Die Nieuwe Weerelt der Landtschappen ende Eylanden

Antwerpen, vander Loe 1563

“die tot hier toe allen ouden weerelt bescrijveren onbekent geweest sijn. Maer nu onlancx vanden Poortugaloiseren ende Hispanieren, inder nedergankelijkcke zee gevonden Midtsgaders den zeeden, manieren, ghewoonten ende usantien der inwoonenden volcken... daer by vindt men oock den oorspronck ende ouder hercomen, der vermaersten, machtigsten, ende geweldichste volcken, der ouder bekender weerelt, ...”

Folio, (near) contemporary vellum with manuscript title on spine. (4), 818 (recte 814) pages in double columns. Partly browned, some spotting and waterstaining, few marginal restorations, in all a very nice copy.

Rare, only a few copies in OCLC. Only Dutch edition of this important work, originally in Latin “'Novus orbis regionum” 1532. This edition translated and augmented from the 1534 German edition by Albion “so that it is the most complete of all editions (…)This Dutch edition is exceedingly rare, even in Holland, and will be sought in vain in many of the best Dutch libraries” (Muller). Here are the first Dutch translations of the major medieval travel stories: Itinerarium Portugallensium by Montalboddo 1508, with Cabral, Joseph the Indian, Columbus, Cadanosto, Cortes and others. Decades and De Legatione Babylonica by Peter Martyr “The work is one of the most valuable sources for the history of the discovery of America, the author being at once the friend of Columbus, Vespuccius and Cabot” (Muller). And among the others Marco Polo, Haithon, Vespuccius and Varthema.

€ 18.300    



Allen, William / Thomson, T. R. H.

A narrative of the expedition sent by her Majesty’s Government to the River Niger, in 1841, under the Command of Captain H. D. Trotter

London, Richard Bentley 1848 first edition 2 volumes

8vo contemporary polished calf gilt with marbled edges and endpapers, spines worn with restaurations, recent paper labels. xviii, 509; viii, 511 pages, complete as called for with 18 engraved plates, illustrations in text and 3 maps. Contents near fine.

Account of the ill-fated British Niger Expedition in 1841 with three vessels, the steamers Albert, Wilberforce, and Soudan. Its purpose was to make treaties with the native peoples against slavery, introduce Christianity and promote increased trade. Of the 150 Europeans on the expedition, 42 died quickly. There were 130 fever cases. Members who were of African descent suffered no deaths from illness. With such high mortality, the naval commanders called the expedition off, and withdrew to the island of Fernando Po.

€ 590



Amundsen, Roald
The North West Passage
London, A. Constable and Company 1908 first English edition 2 volumes

Being the record of a voyage of exploration of the ship "Gjöa" 1903-1907 by Roald Amundsen with a supplement by first lieutenant Hansen, vice-commander of the expedition”.

8vo, original decorated boards. xiii, 335; ix, 397 pages with 141 b/w photos and plates, two frontispieces. Each volume has a map in full colour at rear. A very good set.

"In 1903, Amundsen led the first expedition to successfully traverse the Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (something explorers had been attempting since the days of Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson), with six others in a 47 ton steel seal hunting vessel, Gjøa. After a third winter trapped in the ice, Amundsen was able to navigate a passage into the Beaufort Sea after which he cleared into the Bering Strait, thus having successfully navigated the Northwest Passage. Continuing to the south of Victoria Island, the ship cleared the Canadian Arctic Archipelago on August 17, 1905, but had to stop for the winter before going on to Nome on the Alaska Territory's Pacific coast. Five hundred miles (800 km) away, Eagle City, Alaska, had a telegraph station; Amundsen travelled there (and back) overland to wire a success message (collect) on December 5, 1905. Nome was reached in 1906. Due to water as shallow as 3 feet, a larger ship could never have used the route."
€ 950



Amundsen, Roald
The South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the "Fram" 1910-1912

London, John Murray [ november] 1912 first English edition first issue 2 volumes

8vo 22,6 x 16,8 cm, original maroon cloth decorated with the Norwegian flag on front covers, traces of use, top edge gilt, others uncut. xxxv, 392; x, 449 pages, 6 maps and charts (4 folding), a diagram of the journey and 99 photographic plates. Nice set with scattered foxing. Rosove 9.A1.

Amundsen's account of his conquest of the South Pole. "To their credit, John Murray produced a two volume set of real quality, incorporating the Norwegian flag, despite realising that British disappointment at being beaten to the Pole would ensure that it was not a publishing success in the United Kingdom".

€ 2.900



Amundsen, Roald
The South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the "Fram" 1910-1912
New York, Lee Kedrick 1913 first US edition 2 volumes

8vo, publisher's gilt-lettered blue cloth, top edges gilt. xxxv, [1], 392; x, 449 pages with a little foxing in places. Illustrated with numerous photo plates, plus diagrams, maps (a few folding), facsimiles etc. With ink ownership signatures of Edward Johnson, dated April 1913, to front free endpapers, along with that of Lt. Commander Lloyd M. Harmon, U.S.N., dated November 1959.

Amundsen's account of his conquest of the South Pole. This first American edition has the imprint of the London publisher, John Murray, on the title-page as well that of Lee Kedrick. 

€ 950



Amundsen, Roald

My life as explorer

New York, Doubleday Page & co  1927 first edition

8vo, original cloth. 282 pages, illustrated. Inscription (non-authorial) on front endpaper. Little shelfwear, title page lightly foxed; else a very good copy.

Gives an autobiographical account of Amundsen's various Polar endeavors and accomplishments. It tells the story of a career of intrepid courage resulting in a vastly increased knowledge of the Earth.




Andersson, Charles John

Explorations and discoveries during four years' wanderings in the wilds of South Western Africa

Philadelphia, John E. Potter 1856 first US edition

8vo, publisher's cloth. 433 and 4 pages list of new publications. With numerous illustrations, representing sporting adventures, subjects of natural history, devices for destroying wild animals etc. Light traces of use.

"The narrative describes two expeditions, one of which the author was accompanied by Mr. Francis Galton, which extended to Nangoro's Werft in the Ovampo country, and the other when he traveled by himself to Lake Ngami....Few, if any, books give so full and complete an account of Namaqualand, Damaraland, and the Ovampo country, and the description of the fauna of the countries is absolutely unequaled."

 € 180 



De aarde en haar volken
1865-1897 33 volumes
Complete run of this important Dutch geographical journal, bound in artificial leather. It
was a Dutch illustrated magazine with scientific and cultural travel reports. The magazine appeared from 1865 to 1940 in separate weekly and monthly episodes with reports from travelers and adventurous scientists who could be compiled into reference works every year. The magazine was illustrated with engravings and photos in later editions. Many articles were translated from Journal des Voyages. Thousands of wood engravings.
€ 990 



Anson, George (compiled by Richard Walter)

A Voyage round the World in the years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV

London, Printed for the Author By John and Paul Knapton 1748 first edition

"by George Anson, Esq; Commander in Chief of a Squadron of His Majesty's Ships, sent upon an Expedition to the South Seas".

4to, contemporary half calf with marbled boards, spine skillfully restored with a new free front endpage. [34], 417, [2]; complete with list of subscribers and 42 folding plates and charts as called for. Textpages with scattered foxing, mainly in margins. Some plates with waterstaining. Good copy of the first edition, first issue (page 319 misnumbered 219).

Famous for the many engraved charts and views it contains, but also for the thrilling chronicling adventure and discovery as Anson roamed the Pacific Ocean in pursuit of Spanish treasure, at which he was at last very successful, capturing in 1743 the Manila galleon with a treasure of 400,000 British Pounds Sterling, returning to England a rich and famous man. "This compilation has long occupied a distinguished position as a masterpiece of descriptive travel. Anson's voyage appears to have been the most popular book of maritime adventure in the eighteenth century." Cox notes that four editions came out in the first year of publication and that 16 had been issued by 1781. He also comments on the "famous and unfortunate" nature of the expedition, with seven of the original eight ships that set out being lost rounding Cape Horn and on the coast of Chile, and more than two thirds of the 900 men that set out from England perishing.

€ 2.800



Anson, George (compiled by Richard Walter)

Voyage autour du monde, fait dans les annees MDCCXL,I,II,III,IV

Amsterdam and Leipzig, Arkstee et Merkus 1749 first French edition

"par George Anson, presentement Lord Anson, commandant en chef d'une escadre envoyee par sa majesté Brittannique dans la Mer du Sud."

4to, full leather with coat of arms in gold, rubbed, joints and spine ends repaired, marbled endpapers. Half-title, title, dedication Henri XI Reuss, xvi, 334 pages with 34 (32 folding) plates, maps and charts, complete as stated in the binders instructions. Inside some browning and show through. Very nice copy.

Famous for the many engraved charts and views it contains, but also for the thrilling chronicling adventure and discovery as Anson roamed the Pacific Ocean in pursuit of Spanish treasure, at which he was at last very successful, capturing in 1743 the Manila galleon with a treasure of 400,000 British Pounds Sterling, returning to England a rich and famous man. "This compilation has long occupied a distinguished position as a masterpiece of descriptive travel. Anson's voyage appears to have been the most popular book of maritime adventure in the eighteenth century." Cox notes that four editions came out in the first year of publication and that 16 had been issued by 1781. He also comments on the "famous and unfortunate" nature of the expedition, with seven of the original eight ships that set out being lost rounding Cape Horn and on the coast of Chile, and more than two thirds of the 900 men that set out from England perishing.

€ 2.400 



Arends, Fr.

Het Missisippi-Dal of het Westen der Vereenigde Staten van Noord-Amerika

Groningen, W. van Boekeren 1839 first Dutch edition

“Bevattende: Eene reis naar en door de Vereenigde Staten, eene algemeene beschrijving van de tot het Missisippi-dal behoorende gewesten, benevens wenken en raadgevingen voor hen, die zich aldaar willen vestigen.”

8vo, modern cloth with original title label pasted on. viii, 354 pages with scattered minor waterstaining. Very rare.

Translation of "Schilderung des Mississippithales" Arends “emigrated with his family to the United States in the year 1833. He settled in Missouri. Although he intended to write a book containing his experiences, a manual for settlers if you will”. The last 70 pages deal with the practical sides of emigration.

€ 480



Bagshawe, Thomas Wyatt

Two Men In The Antarctic. An expedition to Graham Land 1920-1922

New York and Cambridge England, Macmillan 1939 first edition

8vo, publisher's tan cloth. without the scarce dust jacket. xxi, 292 pages, 33 illustrations, 2 panoramas, maps on endpapers. Good copy with some unobstrusive marks that suggest an ex-library copy.

"The grandly named British Imperial Expedition of 1920-21 is one of Antarctica's ironies; four principals embarked for this poorly equipped journey, but Bagshawe and his enemy Lester were left on their own in the Antarctic during a hazardous winter... this account holds its own in the annals of polar exploits". Rossove 23.A2. Scarce.

€ 290


Baker, Samuel W.

The Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile
London, Macmillan and Co 1866 first edition 2 volumes
8vo, original pictorial cloth, spine ends repaired.
xxx, 395; ix, 384 pages with an engraved portrait frontispiece, tinted lithographed frontispiece, 2 maps, 1 folding, 13 plates. Rare early issue, with the incorrect plate list in volume II calling for two maps at end of the volume that are at the front of volume I; volume I includes an additional plate opposite page 351, not called for in list of plates.

In 1861 Baker went to Africa and for about a year explored the Nile tributaries around the Sudan and Ethiopia border. Using maps supplied by Speke, the Baker expedition set out in February 1863 to find the source of the Nile. In March 1864 Baker determined the source to be a lake, which he named Albert Nyanza (Lake Albert), lying between modern Uganda and Congo (Kinshasa).

€ 950



Bakhuis, L.A.

Verslag der Coppename-expeditie

Leiden, E.J. Brill 1902

8vo, boards over original wrappers. 158 pages with a very large folding map, 28 photos  and 3 illustrations. 2 library stamps. A little scattered foxing. In a complete issue of 214 pages in Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap (tweede serie deel XIX no. 5) with more articles.

Dutch expedition in Surinam.

€ 150 



Bakhuis, L. A.

Verslag der Coppename-expeditie

Leiden, E.J. Brill 1902

8vo, bound in modern dark red wrappers. 158 pages with a very large folding map, 28 photos and 3 illustrations. Some mild waterstaining in lower right corners. Published in Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap.

Dutch expedition in Surinam.

€ 160


Barlaeus, Caspar (Kaspar van Baerle)

Descriptio Totius Brasiliae
Clivis, ex officina Tobiae Silberling 1698
“in qua agitur de natura et indole Regionis et incolarum, de regimine politico, regum successione, de rebus privatis, de arundine saccharifera, de melle silvestri, de aquis et locis, de moribus, legibus, et ritibus istarum gentium.” Added is Pisonis’ treatise “Tractatus de aeribus, aquis & locis”.

8vo, contemporary vellum. 664 pages plus index, includes 8 folding plates, 2 illustrated initials and double frontispiece of John Maurice of Nassau. Rare, in very good condition (3 perforated stamps).

This so called Silberling edition, known for the high quality of the engravings and printing, was preceeded by a (first) edition of 1647, Rerum per Octennium in Brasilia, which appeared in two different versions: the "grand Barlaeus" (folio size, published by Blaeu), and the smaller sized "petit Barlaeus". Imporant contemporary account of the Dutch colonial empire in Brazil, inspired by the leadership of John Maurice of Nassau (Johan Maurits) at Recife. Piso arrived in Brazil early in 1638 and may have been on the same ship with other scientists, namely the astronomer, Georg Markgraf (1610-1644). Both men accompanied the Count on his military campaigns against the Portuguese in Brazil and were part of his inner circle until he returned to the Netherlands in 1644. Piso went with him, but Markgraf was sent to Angola by the West India Company and died there shortly after his arrival. Rare reprint of the 1689 edition. 

€ 6.800



(Barrie, J.M.)

Like English Gentlemen: To Peter Scott from the Author of "Where's Master?"

London New York Toronto, Hodder & Stoughton (1913) first edition

8vo, publisher’s pictorial boards and endpapers, lightly rubbed. 62, (1) pages. Very good copy. Scarce.

Anonymous juvinile account of the expedition of Robert Scott to Antarctica, probably by J. M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan and friend of the family. Published to raise funds to aid relatives of those who lost their lives with the expedition. Scott’s son Peter was named after Peter Pan. Spence 13, Rosove 13.A2 with “Toronto” added.

€ 90



Barrow, John

An account of travels into the interior of Southern Africa, in the years 1797 and 1798

London, Cadell and Davies 1801 2 volumes first edition

4to, rebound in quarter leather with original boards and new endpapers. viii, 419; xi, 452 pages with 9 engraved maps and 1 folding sepia aquatint view, uncut. Some browning and foxing, small repairs. Very good.

"Barrow accompanied an expedition from Cape Town to Graaf-Reinet, and another to Namaqualand, and he gives an excellent description of the country traversed ... The second volume contains detailed accounts of the various divisions of the Cape Colony".

€ 2.150



Barth, Heinrich

Travels and Discoveries in north and central Africa

New York, Harper & brothers 1857-1859 first US edition 3 volumes

8vo, brown cloth. xxvii, (2) 30-657 (1) pages, 3 blank leaves; xiii, (2), 16-709 pages (1), 2 pages ads., 2 blank leaves; xvi, (1), 18-800 pages, 2 blank leaves, including list of illustrations in each volume, appendices, vocabulary of languages and index. Illustrated with plans, maps (including one folding), views, figures in the text and plates. Nice set with some collectors stamps.

Barth joined (1849) an expedition to the W Sudan. He visited the Fulani and the Hausa and discovered the upper Benue River. After exploring the Chad region he turned westward and made his way through Kano and Sokoto to Gwandu, in N Nigeria. Barth's interest in the Islamic culture of W Africa led him on to Timbuktu where he stayed eight months before returning (1855) to England.  

€ 780



Bartolomeo, Paolino da San 

A Voyage to the East Indies

London, J. Davis 1800 first English edition

“Containing an Account of the Manners, Customs, &c. of the Natives, with a Geographical Description of the Country. Collected from Observations made During a Residence of Thirteen Years, between 1776 and 1789, in Districts Little Frequented by the Europeans. With Notes and Illustrations by Johann Reinhold Forster”.

8vo, contemporary calf, used. xii, 478 pages, ad. Complete with half-title and 1 engraving.

First edition was in Italian: Viaggio alle Indie Orientale. This account of a thirteen-year stay in India is full of antiquarian research and reference to earlier literature on the region.

€ 550



Beechey, Frederick W.
Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait, to Co-operate with the Polar Expeditions

Philadelphia, Carey & Lea 1832 first US edition
"Performed in His Majesty's Ship Blossom, under the Command of Captain F.W. Beechey, R.N. ... in the Years 1825, 26, 27, 28".

8vo, modern marbled boards and uniform endpapers, calf spine lettered gilt, black morocco lettering piece. vi, note, ii (dedication to the king), xi, 13-493 pages, publishers catalogue. Some spotting, chiefly marginal, 9 leaves browned, light text browning elsewhere, edges roughly opened, long tear to upper margin of page 369 affecting 9 lines of text, some dampstaining in final quire. This copy with the Note bound in from the publisher stating that some of Beechey’s remarks upon the moral condition of the Society and Sandwich Islands are “very defective and unjust”!

Considered one of the most important Pacific voyages of the 19th century it contains many important discoveries and notes including the encounter with famous mutineer John Adams of Bounty fame and for the first time records in detail the most extensive account of what happened on the Bounty with Beechey actually officiating in Adam's marriage to his fifth consort. In Tahiti, Hawaii, etc, he gives extensive accounts of the islands and events happening at the time of this voyage. Abridged from the two-volume English edition of 1831.
€ 950



Beke, Charles Tilstone
The Sources of the Nile: Being a General Survey of the Basin of that River, and of its Head-Streams: with the History of Nilotic Discovery
London, James Madden 1860 first edition
8vo, original cloth rebacked with new endpapers. xv, (4), 156 pages with half-title, folding litho map frontispiece, four single-page litho maps, folding sectional diagram, woodcut map to text. Very good.

In 1840 Beke went to Ethiopia to explore the area, establish commercial relations with the inhabitants, and help abolish the slave trade. His commercial venture was unsuccessful, but he ascertained the approximate course of the Blue Nile, mapped about 70,000 square miles of the country, and also compiled vocabularies of 14 Ethiopian dialects. In 1845 he sponsored an expedition that tried to explore the sources of the White Nile from the East African coast. This venture, though uncompleted, may have inspired the Nile explorations of John Hanning Speke of England in the 1850s.
€ 950



Belcher, Lady Diana

The Mutineers Of The Bounty And Their Descendants In Pitcairn And Norfolk Islands

New York, Harper & Brothers  1871 first US edition

8vo 13x19cm, red cloth covers, rubbed and soiled, spine chipped. 377 pages plus adverts, map and 9 illustrations including frontispiece.

Standard work regarding the Bounty and aftermath by the wife of Belcher, who visited Pitcairn Island in 1825 with Beechey in the H.M.S. Blossom speaking with the last surviver. She herself was step-daughter of Captain Heywood and possessed valuable documents including the journal of James Morrison. Written to give a "more connected and impartial narrative" than Barrow did.

€ 180



Bellot J.R.

Journal d'un voyage aux mers polaires éxécuté à la recherche de Sir John Franklin en 1851 et 1852. 

Paris, 1854 first edition

8vo, half blue leather, marbled endpapers, rubbed. lvi, 414 pages, table. Complete with portrait frontispiece, facs letter and folding map. Scattered foxing and collector's stamps on title page. Good copy. 

Bellot volunteered for British service in the search for the missing Sir John Franklin, and accompanied the expedition of 1851-52 under command of Sir William Kennedy on Lady Franklin's yacht, the Prince Albert.

€ 490



Benoit, Pierre Jacques

Voyage a Surinam. Description des possessions neerlandaises dans la Guyane

Bruxelles, Societe des Beaux-Arts, De Wasme et Laurent 1839 first edition

Large folio. Contemporary green three-quarter morocco, spine blind and gilt tooled with the title lettered in gold, boards covered with green grained cloth; bound by A. van Rossum, Amsterdam. With lithographed frontispiece with title "Surinam" and 99 numbered views and illustrations on 49 numbered fullpage tinted lithographed plates, all by Madou and Lauters after the design of the author. (4), 76 pp. Stamp on half-title "Oudheidkamer Twente". Contents fine with hardly any foxing.

€ 3.500



Benzoni, G.  

Der newen Weldt und Indianischen Königreichs newe unnd wahrhaffte History

Basel, S. Henricpetri 1579 first German edition

"von allen geschichten, handlungen, thaten, strengem vnnd ernstlichem regiment der Spanier gegen den Indianern, vnglåublichem grossem gut von goldt, sylber, edelgestein, peerlin, schmaragdt, vnnd andern reichtumb, so die Spanier darinn erobert : sambt von den sorglichen schiffarthen, kriegen, schlachten vnnd streit, eroberung vnd verhergung vieler prouintz, landtschafften, vnd ko̊nigreich, so sich bey vnser gedåchtnuss haben darinn verloffen vnd zugetragen : dessgleichen von der Indianer wunderbarlichen sitten, statuten, glauben, religion, gottesdienst, ceremonien, gebråuch in essen vnd trincken, kleidung, handthierung vnnd gewerbschafft, &c. : item von ihrer eygenschafft, natur, seltzamen gewåchss der früchten, båwmen, metallen, specerey vnd andere vnbekandtliche ding mehr, so von ihnen in vnsere landtschafft gefůhrt werden”.

Folio, recent half vellum with marbled boards. 4, 219 pages, small erased stamp on title page, otherwise an excellent crisp copy.

"Girolamo Benzoni, Italian traveller (1518/19-1570); a native of Milan. After extensive travels throughout Europe, Benzoni decided to sail for the New World and seek his fortune as a soldier of the Spanish army. In 1541 he embarked at Sanlúcar de Barrameda for Gran Canaria, from where he sailed for the West Indies, subsequently visiting the Antilles, Venezuela, the isthmus of Panama and the western coast of South America. He arrived in the north of Peru in 1547 and spent the next three years in the country. Benzoni then proceeded to Nicaragua, where he lived for a further four years, and spent two months in Guatemala”.

€ 3.450

Bernacchi, Louis Charles

Saga of the “Discovery”

London and Glasgow, Blackie & Son 1938 first edition

8vo, original dark blue cloth, spine lettered in gilt, dust wrapper, plates and maps (2 folding). Dustwrapper rubbed and soiled, chipping and wear to extrems. with some slight losses, price-clipped.

Bernacchi served as physicist on Scott's first expedition in the Discovery. The present book follows the life of the vessel, first as Scott's ship, then as a British Government whale research ship and later as the ship used by Sir Douglas Mawson for the British-Australian-New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition in 1929.

€ 170


Bidlingmaier, Friedrich

Zu den Wundern des Südpols. Erlebnisse auf der Deutschen Südpolar-Expedition 1901-1903

Stuttgart, Sterinkopf 1916 second edition

8vo, brown paper covered boards. 157 pages plus ad., frontispiece portrait and 22 illustrations. Very good.

A first person account by a member of the German "Gauss" expedition under Drygalski. Rosove 42: “This virtually unknown book is the young man’s narrative account, with his diary entries. The second edition (...) is about as rare as the first” dated 1905.

€ 220



Blanc, Henry

Onze gevangenschap in Abessinië: met eene schets van koning Theodorus, zijn land en zijn volk

Zwolle, Van Hoogstraten & Gorter 1869

8vo, 14x22cm, half cloth with lithographed front cover. Spine with repairs, new label, cover rubbed. 357, v pages.

Translation into Dutch of "A narrative of captivity in Abyssinia. With some account of the late emperor Theodore, his country and people".

€ 140 



Blanc, Vincent Le

De Vermaarde Reizen Van de Heer Vincent le Blanc Van Marsilien

Amsterdam, Ian Hendriksz. en Ian Rieuwertsz 1654 first Dutch edition

“Die hy sedert d'ouderdom van veertien jaren, tot aan die van zestig, in de vier delen des Werrelts, gedaan heeft; Te weten In Oost- en Westindien, in Persien, Arabien, Pegu, en in meest alle de Landen van Oostindien; in de Koninkrijken van Fez en Marokko, in Guinea, en in't geheel innerlijk deel van Afrika, van de Kaap de Bone Esperance af, tot in Alexandria, deur de Landen van Monomotapa, Abissyna, en Egypten; in Spanjen, Frankrijk, Italien en Nederlandt, en in veel vermaarde Eilanden van de Werrelt.”

4to, contemporary vellum with soiling. 2 parts in 1 volume, (4), 152, 116 pages with an engraved title and 7 plates. Very good with a little worming, front board bit warped.

Much of Le Blanc's life was spent traveling, and he eventually circumnavigated the world. This work is divided into three parts covering Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. He claims to have made more exact descriptions than his predecessors, and his account is embellished with much historical background and details of the mercantile activities in the various cities where he stopped. The third part has accounts of Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the West Indies.” Translation of "Voyages fameux".

€ 1.450



Bligh, William

The voyage of the Bounty’s launch, as related in William Bligh’s despatch to the Admiralty and the journal of John Fryer
London, Golden Cockerel Press 1934

Slender folio. Original cloth, gilt titling on spine, t.e.g. others uncut. With wood engravings by Robert Gibbings. 300 copies printed on Arnold’s all rag paper, this being nr 277.

Bligh's famous story published in the Golden Cockerel series. After the mutiny on the Bounty Bligh undertook the seemingly impossible 3,618-nautical-mile voyage to Timor, the nearest European settlement. Bligh succeeded in reaching Timor after a 47-day voyage, the only casualty being the crewman killed on Tofua

€ 750



Bligh, William

The Dangerous voyage of Captain Bligh in an open boat
Dublin, Courtney 1820
"over 1200 leagues of the ocean; in the year 1789: with an appendix, containing an account of Otaheite, and of some productions of that island".

12mo, original paper wrappers, worn. Later Dublin reprint of Bligh’s account. 179 pages with 7 wood engravings. Rare collector’s item.

After the mutiny on the Bounty Bligh undertook the seemingly impossible 3,618-nautical-mile voyage to Timor, the nearest European settlement. Bligh succeeded in reaching Timor after a 47-day voyage, the only casualty being the crewman killed on Tofua.
€ 850



Bogaert, A.

A. Bogaerts historische Reizen door d'oostersche deelen van Asia

Amsterdam, Nicolaas van Hoorn 1711 first edition

“zynde eene historische beschryving dier koninkryken en landschappen, door hem bezocht en doorwandelt ... : mitsgaders een omstandig verhaal van den Bantamschen inlandschen oorlog, het verdryven der Francoizen uit het Koninkryk Siam, en 't geen aan Kaap de goede Hoop in den jaare 1706 is voorgevallen, tot aan het opontbod des gouverneurs Willem Adriaan van der Stel.”

4to, modern half vellum with manuscript spine title. 6, 604, 4 pages and 10 (of 17) plates. Some waterstaining in margins, some plates with a bit childish colouring. Rare.

Contemporary account of the VOC, the war in Bantam and formost the situation at Cape of Good Hope in 1706 during the tyranny of Governor Van der Stel. “For this period of Cape history his work is of great value”. See Mendelssohn.

€ 470



Boissevain, Charles

Leven en streven van L.R. Koolemans Beynen

Haarlem, H.D. Tjeenk Willink 1880 first edition

8vo, original gilt-lettered cloth. 258 pages with a frontispiece portrait. Nice copy with presentation ticket from the author. Scarce.

Biography of the Dutch naval officer L.R. Koolemans Beynen (1852-1879) who took part in the expedition against Aceh in 1874. Later he took part in two expeditions towards the North Pole, on the British ship Pandora (1875) and on the Dutch ship Willem Bartentsz (1876).

€ 120



Bolingbroke, H.

Voyage to the Demerary
London, Richard Phillips [1807] first edition
“Containing a statistical account of the settlements there, and those of the Essequebo, the Berbice and other contiguous rivers of Guyana.”

4to, contemporary half calf with restaurations, new label. (12), 400 pages and a folding map (map browned and soiled).

An account of a voyage to the north coast of South America. Bolingbroke remained there for six years as deputy vendue master at Surinam and gives an important revue of the geography, natural history, agriculture (cotton and sugar), the Dutch plantations, the practice of slavery, the culture of the Creole, and other local customs of Guiana and the surrounding area.

€ 1.100



Borchgrevink, Carsten
First on the Antarctic Continent, Being an Account of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1898 - 1900

London George Newnes 1901 first edition

8vo, red orange cloth with gilt titling on front and spine. xvi, 333 pages and 31 pages ads. With portraits, 186 illustrations and 3 maps at end of the volume: Robertson Bay, Track of the Southern Cross over "Wilkes Land " and Coast of Victoria Land. Some wear to the covers, spine ends repaired.

A Rosove 45.A1b copy: orange cloth in stead of blue and "lacking the illustration on the front cover ... Presumably a secundary binding and considerably scarcer than the former".




Bougainville, L. A. de
Voyage autour du monde, par la frégate du roi "La Boudeuse" et la flûte "L'Etoile", en 1766, 1767, 1768 & 1769

Paris, Saillant & Nyon 1772 second enlarged edition 2 volumes

8vo, contemporary full calf, gilt to spine with some rubbing and bumping, marbled edges and end papers. (4), xliii, 336; 453, (3) pages complete with 21 folded engraved maps and 3 copper engravings. Title leaves with cut-out and faint stamp erasure.

In 1766 Bougainville received from Louis XV permission to circumnavigate the globe. He would become the 14th navigator, and the first Frenchman, to sail around the world. This was a large expedition, with a crew of 214 aboard Boudeuse and 116 aboard Étoile. The book describes the geography, biology and anthropology of Argentina (then a Spanish colony), Patagonia, Tahiti and Indonesia (then a Dutch colony). The book was a sensation, especially the description of Tahitian society. Bougainville described it as an earthly paradise where men and women lived in blissful innocence, far from the corruption of civilisation. Bougainville's descriptions powerfully expressed the concept of the noble savage, influencing the utopian thoughts of philosophers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau before the advent of the French Revolution. Aboard -disguised as a man- was a French woman called Jeanne Baré or Jeanne Baret and she was the first of her sexe who circumnavigated the world.

€ 1.650



Boyd, Alexander

From the Niger to the Nile

London, Edward Arnold 1907 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, publisher's decorated cloth. xv, 358; xi, 420, 16 pages. Frontispiece in each volume, 48 plates and numerous text illustrations, 3 coloured folding maps. Good copies with normal traces of use. Exlibris Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson, an English painter of still-life, landscape and portraits.

Lieutenant Alexander was a member of an expedition which travelled across Africa from the Niger to the Nile, exploring the Lake Chad area.  

€  180



Brau de Saint-Pol Lias, Xavier

La cote du poivre. Voyage à Sumatra

Paris, Lecène Oudin 1891 first edition

8vo, original decorated boards. 239 pages plus index with 17 illustrations. Traces of use. Good.

In 1880-81 a second exploration tour was made under command of governor Van der Heyden during which they obtained some tin concessions in Malaya. His tour in Atcheen yielded no results as the Dutch East Indian government thought the situation at that time too precarious. He continued his explorations in these regions up to 1885.

€ 190



Brett, Rev. W. H.

The Indian Tribes of Guiana; Their Condition and Habits

London, Bell and Daldy 1868 first edition

“With researches into their past history, superstitions, legends,antiquities, languages, & c.”

8vo, publisher’s green cloth with traces of use. xiii, 500 pages with a folding map, 8 striking hand-coloured lithographs and 11 plain plates, title-vignette and a few illustrations in the text. Errata slip present. Hinges reinforced. Bath Public Reference Library’s bookplate stating that the book is a gift of M. Oppenheim (pioneer naval historian) in 1919 with their scattered blind stamps, and a stamp of the East London Institute for Home and Foreign Missions. Uncommon.

Reverent Brett spent almost forty years as a missionary to the native peoples of Surinam and the Guiana’s -  the Pomeroon, Arawaks, Caribs, Acawoios, Waraus, Waramuri, Mahaiconi - and retired in 1879.

€ 220



Brodie, Walter

Pitcairn's island and the islanders in 1850

London, Whittaker & co 1851 second edition

8vo 14x21 cm, original green blind stamped cloth over boards with paper label affixed to spine. Spine ends chipped, joints repaired. Scattered foxing. Frontispiece of Brodie, iv, (5)-260 pages with illustrations, subscriber's list and a complete list of all the inhabitants of Pitcairn's Island in 1850. Good copy.

Very scarce book about the mutineers of the Bounty and their life on Pitcairn's Island. Plate of John Adams (Alexander Smith), the last living mutineer! With the popularity of this title when initially released, two immediate prints were produced in the same year. This is the first reprint, made from the first edition plates. Subscribers could buy more copies than 1, the others being sent to the Pitcairn Islanders to sell for themselves. Peculiar: Tipped in is a sheet Brodie asking the subscribers to pay him.

€ 490



Brown, R.N.R. and others

The Voyage of the “Scotia” Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration in Antarctic Seas by Three of the staff

Edinburgh & London, William Blackwood 1906 first edition

8vo, original grey cloth, spine and front board decorated and lettered in white and black, the usual attrition of the spine lettering, top edge gilt, others uncut, deep blue endpapers. 375 pages, large coloured folding map, 2 other maps, 59 plates, foxing and traces of use. Scarce primary binding. Good.

The 'official' narrative of the ill-financed Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902 - 1904 that nonetheless made important contributions to the scientific exploration of the Antarctic, undertaking the first oceanographic exploration of the Weddell Sea and charting the northern part of the Caird Coast. Brown was the expedition botanist. Rosove 50.A1a

€ 600



Browne, W.G.

Travels in Africa, Egypt, and Syria from the year 1792 to 1798

London, Cadell and Davies 1799 first edition

4to, contemporary calf, rubbed, rebacked and corners repaired. xxxviii, 496 pages, steel engraved frontispiece, 2 folding maps (repaired tears), 1 engraved plan, tables. Frontispiece and inner margin of title stained, otherwise very good.

Browne, who contributed important information on the course of the Nile, underwent considerable hardships whilst accompanying the Sudan Caravan to Darfur in 1793, a country not previously visited by Europeans. He gives ample information on Darfur where, as the first European visitor, he was detained by the Sultan after crossing the desert from Egypt with the annual Caravan. He travelled through Syria and Asia Minor to Constantinople.

€ 880



Bruce, James

Travels to discover the Source of the Nile in the Years 1768 [to] 1773

Edinburgh, J. Ballantyne 1804-05 8 volumes (text and atlas) second edition

8vo and 4to (30,3 x 23,3 cm). Text volumes in contemporary tree calf, atlas in contemporary half calf, gilt spines, atlas with leather lettering piece on spine (all sympathetically rebacked with original spines preserved, new lettering pieces on text volume, some extremities rubbed). Atlas with half-title, engraved portrait, 3 folding engraved maps and 78 plates and plans (foxing as usual in the atlas volume). Second enlarged edition.

Intent on reaching the source of the Nile River, Bruce left Cairo on an arduous journey by way of the Nile, Aswān, the Red Sea, and Mitsiwa (now Massawa, Eritrea), eventually reaching the Ethiopian capital of Gonder on Feb. 14, 1770. Despite serious political unrest in Ethiopia, Bruce continued his expedition and reached Lake Tana, where the Blue Nile rises, on November 14. The journey homeward was one of extreme hardship. This vivid account of his travels is considered one of the epics of African adventure literature.

€ 2.200



[Bruce, W.S. / Scottish National Antarctic Expedition]

Life in the Antarctic

London, Gowans & Gray 1907 first edition third printing may 1907

“Sixty photographs by members of the Scottish national Antarctic expedition”.

8vo, original colour illustrated parchment paper around stiff wrappers, 10x14,5cm. [8] (advertising), 67, [5] (advertising). 60 full-page photographs, Scarce.

A charming chapbook issued as Cowan's Nature Books No. 10. Photos show whales, penguins, seals, shags, skuas etc. 4 photos show members of the expedition, one photo shows the Scotia in the background and one photo shows an emperor penguin on board the Scotia. Small portion of the back cover missing but with the illustrated front wrapper largely intact.

€ 450 



Bry, J.D. and J.I. de
Orientalische Indien parts
4to, contemporary leather, rebacked, worn. Inside traces of use, browning, tears and soiling.

Vierdter Theil der orientalischen Indien, in welchen erstlich gehandelt wirt, von allerley Thiern, Früchten, Obs und Bäumen ; item von allerhand Würtz, Specereyen und Materialien ... so in gemeldten Indien gefunden werden / Beschrieben durch Johann Hugen von Lintschotten, und andere

Oppenheim bey Hieronymo Gallern 1617

Title vignet worn and laid down, [3], [3], 121 pages, [2nd title], 21 engravings + text. Pages 114-121 relate in short Jacob van Neck’s “ letzte Reise der Holländer in die Ost-Indien, welche aussgefahren im Früling dess 1598. Jahrs, vnd mit 4. Schiffen widerumb glücklich anheim gelanget, im Monat Julio dess 1599. Jahrs, auss niderländischer Sprach in die Hocteutsche versetzt” .


Fünffter Theil der Orientalischen Indien, eygentlicher Bericht vnd warhafftige Beschreibung der gantzen volkommenen Reyse oder Schiffart, so die Holländer ... in die Orientalische Indien, sonderlich aber in die Javanische vnd Molukische Inseln, als Bantam, Banda, vnd Ternate, &c. gethan haben

Frankfurt : J.F. Weiss, 1623

Title vignet, 58 pages title included, [2nd title], 20 engravings + text. The voyage of Van Neck and Van Warwijck, first published in Dutch by Claesz. 


Sechster Theil der orientalischen Indien, warhafftige historische Beschreibung dess gewaltigen goldreichen Königreichs Guinea, sonst das Goldgestad von Mina genandt, so in Africa gelegen, sampt derselben gantzen Beschaffenheit, auch Religion unnd Opinion, Sitten unnd Sprachen, Handel unnd Wandel der Eynwohner daselbst ….

Frankfurt, Wilhelm Fitzers 1630

Title vignet, 114 pages including vignet, blank leave, 21 engravings + text. German translation of Pieter de Marees “Beschrijvinghe ende historische verhael van het Gout Koninckrijck van Gunea”, first published in Dutch by Claesz.


Siebender Theil der Orientalischen Indien, darinnen zwo ... Schiffarten begrieffen. Erstlich eine dreyjährige Reyse Georgii von Spielbergen ... auss Seeland nach den Orientalischen Indien ... Zum andern ein neunjärige Reyse eines Venetianischen Jubilirers, Casparus Balby genannt, sampt allem, was jme auff derselben ... begegnet ... neben Anweisung aller zöllen, Gewichten ... deren man sich von Alleppo auss biss ins Königreich Pegu zu gebrauchen

Frankfurt, Matthias  Beckern 1605

Title vignet, 2 pages preface with vignet, 52 pages, 2 pages register. 134 pages, 2 pages register, [2nd title], 22 engravings + text. Contains the first voyage of Joris van Spilbergen and the voyage of Balbi.

€ 8.800 



Burckhardt, J. L.
Travels in Nubia
John Murray, London 1822 second edition

4to, rebound in half calf with marbled boards.
(4), xcviii, 498 pages with engraved frontispiece portrait, 3 engraved maps of which 2 are folding. Maps with browning.

The travels described here took place in 1813 and 1814. Burckhardt left Aleppo in 1812 and made his way to Cairo; he then carried out two journeys: one along the upper Nile and the other through the Nubian desert. These travels were edited from Burckhardt"s journals by Leake; he also wrote the biographical memoir which is prefaced to the travels. This was the first of Burckhardt's works to be published and was followed by Travels in Syria, 1822.

€ 1.280



Burdo, A.
Stanley. Zijn jeugd, leven, avonturen en reizen
Arnhem, Cohen 1891 first Dutch edition
8vo, half cloth with marbled boards. With 24 illustrations and a map.

A bio of the famous explorer, issued shortly after his Emin Pasha expedition. An uncommon critical book on Stanley. Very good copy. Casada 1569.



Buren Schele, A.D. van

Keur van gedenkwaardigheden uit de Geschiedenis der Nederlandsche Oost en West-Indische bezittingen

Nijmegen Arnhem, Gebr. E & M Cohen 1892 second (enlarged) edition

"in boeienden verhaaltrant voor jongelieden bewerkt ".

8vo, 14x20 cm, red pictorial cloth. 280 pages with 4 lithographed plates. On the back cover the blindstamp of J.S. de Haas, boekbinderij, Amsterdam. In very good condition.

A history of the Dutch Indies, written for young readers.

€ 50



Burnaby, Fred

On Horseback Through Asia Minor

London, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington 1877 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, original publisher’s cloth. xxxii, 352 pages with a folding map, errata, list of publications; xix, [1], 399 pages with two folding maps. Mounted Woodburytype portrait frontispiece. Very good.

Burnaby spent five months on a tour of Asia Minor and Armenia, travelling more than 1,000 miles across some of the cruellest winter landscape in the world, to try to ascertain Russian intentions in this remote corner of the Great Game battlefield.

€ 480



Burton, Sir Richard Francis
Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El Medinah and Meccah

London, Longman 1857 second edition 2 volumes

8vo, half morocco by Zaehnsdorf, front joint volume 1 repaired, gilt edges. xiv, 418; v, 422 pages with 2 chromo-lithographed frontispieces, 11 tinted or choromolithographed plates and 3 folding maps. Very good, slightly browned in places.

Disguising himself as a Pathān, an Afghanistani Muslim, in 1853 he went to Cairo, Suez, and Medina, then travelled the bandit-ridden route to the sacred city of Meccah, where at great risk he measured and sketched the mosque and holy Muslim shrine, the Kaʿbah.

€ 1.250



Burton, Richard Francis
The Lake Regions of Central Equatorial Africa
London, Longman Green Longman and Roberts 1860 2 volumes first edition

8vo, original red cloth, some light soiling and discolouration on covers, gilt spine lettering rubbed.
xvii, 412; vii, 468 pages with 12 tinted wood engraved plates and folding engraved map. Half-titles present. Marginal browning on some plates. Bequeathed in 1884 by the ref. Henry, library stamps on (half-)titles.

First edition, in the second issue bound in red cloth, of the narrative of the 2-year expedition undertaken by Burton and Speke to find the source of the Nile, which culminated in an acrimonious feud. Strained relations between them worsened after Speke discovered Lake Victoria (which he correctly believed to be the source) while Burton lay ill. Reaching England first and announcing his discovery independently of Burton, Speke was chosen by the Royal Geographical Society to lead a return expedition without him. His findings continued to be disputed by Burton and others as unsatisfactorily proven.
€ 4.200



[Burton, Richard F.]

Wanderings in West Africa, from Liverpool to Fernando Po. By A F.R.G.S.

London, Tinsley Brothers 1863 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, original dark purple cloth, spines titled in gilt, only little rubbed. viii, [2], 303; [6], 295 pages. With folding map in volume I; wood engraved frontispiece in volume II. A very good copy.

“It was Burton's intention to entirely suppress his name from this work and, in a roundabout way, to demonstrate his pique with the R.G.S. over having appointed Speke to lead the second expedition to Central Africa. The publishers did, however, print Burton's name on the spines of the first edition”. “The Preface is dated December, 1862 and so this is treated as his first West African book on his first consular posting. His reports on journeys into Sierra Leone and Nigeria to track stories of gold and gold mining are credited with drawing public and corporate attention to mining prospects in a region not more unhealthy than the East or West Indies”. 

€ 2.200



Burton, Richard F.

A Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome

London, Tinsley Bros 1864 second edition 2 volumes

“With Notices of the so called "Amazons", the Grand Customs, the Yearly Customs, the Human Sacrifices, the Present State of the Slave Trade, and the Negro's Place in Nature”.   8vo, recent green half morocco with new endpapers. xvii, 382; vi, 413 pages with 2 engraved frontispieces. Very good, only the first frontispiece with marginal foxing, the rest clean.

This second edition has the same date, publisher and collation as the first edition, with the addition of “Second Edition” to the title-page. “In 1863 Burton led a mission to Dahomey, traditional enemies of the Egba at Abeokuta. The object was to order the cessation of slave raiding and human sacrifice. King Gele was unmoved, although the early signs were good when Burton presented the king with pictures of three naked women. Diplomatic failure did not prevent Burton from amassing a wealth of detail presented in this work.”

€ 650



Burton, Richard Francis

Zanzibar; City, Island, and Coast
Tinsley Brothers 1872 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, contemporary half calf, edges marbled.  xii, [2], 503, [1]; vi, [2], 519, [1] pages. Illustrated with 14 plates, including frontispieces and three plans (lacks frontispiece map, but copy present), no half titles. Scattered marginal foxing.

The book was written while Burton and John Hanning Speke were making preparations for their expedition to solve one of the major geographical mysteries of the nineteenth century the location of the source of the Nile. The pair arrived in Zanzibar in December 1856, and Burton made detailed notes on his surroundings which were developed into Volume 1, which focuses on 'The City and the Island', including Burton's journey preparations and arrival. He discusses the significance of the 'Nile question'. The manuscript on which the book is based, entrusted to an East India Company official for dispatch to the Royal Geographical Society, was initially misplaced, thus delaying publication by twelve years, but enabling Burton to add a chapter on Speke's achievement and untimely death.

€ 2.400 



Burton R. F. Captain / Lacerda e Almeida

The Lands of Cazembe. Lacerda’s Journey to Cazembe in 1798

London, John Murray 1873 first edition

“Also Journey of the Pombeiros, P.J. Baptista and Amaro José, Across from Angola to Tette on the Zambeze” and “résumé of the Journey of Mm. Monteiro and Gamitto”.

8vo, original blue cloth. vii, [1], 271, [1] pages with a large folding map. Very good.

In 1798, Lacerda led a Portuguese expedition to the Kazembe region of Zambia. After his death on this mission, the group was led by Francisco Pinto.

€ 220



Burton, Richard Francis

The gold-mines of Midian and the ruined Midianite cities

London, C. Kegan Paul & Co 1878 second edition

8vo, publishers' (first edition!) binding, rebacked retaining original cloth. xvi, 395, [5], 30 pages, ads, [2]. New endpapers, 2/3 of the folding map disappeared, supplied in copy. Spine sunned/discoloured.

Burton was hopeful he could find gold in NW Arabia for the Khedive of Egypt. This short trip led to a longer exploration the next year, and the two volume work, The Land of Midian. Unfortunately, no gold was found, but this remains a sequel to his first Arabia venture, Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah. This edition is published the same year as the first and textually nearly identical.

€ 350 



Byron, John

A Voyage Round the World, in his Majesty's Ship The Dolphin + The Narrative of the Honourable John Byron
London, Newberry 1767 second edition and London S. Baker etc 1768 second edition
8vo, contemporary tree calf, rubbed, marbled end papers. (2), 186, (2); (6), 258, (2) pages. The first work with the famous frontipiece of the Patagonian giants and two engraved plates. The second with an engraved frontispiece. Very good interior.

The 2 famous works of John Byron bound together. “A Voyage Round the World, in his Majesty's Ship The Dolphin, Commanded by the Honourable Commodore Byron” and “The Narrative of the Honourable John Byron... Containing an Account of the Great Distress Suffered by Himself and his Companions on the Coast of Patagonia, from the Year 1740, till their Arrival in England, 1746... Also a Relation of the Loss of the Wager ship of War, one of Admiral Anson’s Squadron”.
€ 1.380



Byron, John
Byron's Narrative of the loss of the Wager

London, Henry Leggatt & co 1832

"With an Account of the Great Distresses Suffered by Himself and his Companions on the Coast of Patagonia from the year 1740".

12mo, beautiful full calf, raised bands and spine with gilt decorations. xvi, 219 pages, catalogue. Very good condition.

The Wager was one of the ships in Anson's fleet. "Byron was a midshipman aboard the Wager, which was wrecked on an island off the Chilean coast. He describes the privations endured by the survivors who remained with Captain David Cheap. They were made prisoners by the Indians and turned over to the Spanish authorities. This narrative supplied his grandson, Lord Byron, the poet, with many particulars for the shipwreck in Canto II of Don Juan. Byron, known as "foul weather Jack" commanded a voyage round the world in the Dolphin from 1764-1766. He was later governor of Newfoundland and became an admiral in 1775."

€ 280



Cameron, Verney Lovett

Across Africa

London, Daldy Isbister and Co 1877 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, contemporary half calf, rubbed and marked, marbled edges. xvi, 389; xii, 366 pages with numerous wood engraved plates, 4 facsimile letters (3 folding), folding map, folding map in pocket at rear of volume 1, minor spots. A nice set.

Cameron's experience in Africa led to his being selected to command an expedition sent by the Royal Geographical Society in 1873, to assist Dr Livingstone. He was also instructed to make independent explorations, guided by Livingstone's advice. Soon after the departure of the expedition from Zanzibar, Livingstone's servants were met bearing the dead body of their master. He reached Ujiji, on Lake Tanganyika, in February 1874, where he found and sent to England Livingstone's papers.  Cameron determined the true form of the south part of the lake, and solved the question of its outlet by the discovery of the Lukuga river. From Tanganyika he struck westward to the Lualaba. This river Cameron rightly believed to be the main stream of the Congo. He then turned south-west. After tracing the Congo-Zambezi watershed for hundreds of miles he reached Bihe and finally arrived at the coast on November 28, 1875, being the first European to cross equatorial Africa from sea to sea.

€ 490



Campe, J.H.

Belangrijke reisverhalen

Amsterdam, Westerman en zoon (1830) second Dutch edition

8vo, original boards. Title, 249 pages with 3 plates and one of Patagonians on title page. Rare.

Contains accounts of the voyages of Byron and Wallis.

€ 350



Casas, B[artolomé] de Las

Relation des Voyages et des Decouvertes Que les Espagnols ont fait dans les Indes Occidentales

Amsterdam, J. Louis de Lorme 1698

"Avec la Relation Curieuse des Voyages du Sieur de Montauban, Captaine des Filbustiers, en Guinee l'an 1695". Bound with, as usual: [Chevremont, J.B. de] L'Art de Voyager Utilement.

12mo, full calf with later rebacking. [x], [1]-[358], [2] blank, [359]-402, [2] ads, [2] blank leaf; [iv], 51, [1] pages. Engraved frontispiece by B. Picart.

Second Edition of the abbreviated French translation by J.B. Morvan de Bellegarde of parts of Las Casas' famous Nine Tracts, relating to Indian rights and Spanish cruelties in the West Indies and South America. The pirate Montauban's Relation, describing a voyage along the African coast, has its own title but continuous pagination and signatures.

€ 840



Casati, Major Gaetano

Ten Years in Equatoria and the Return with Emin Pasha

London and New York, Frederick Warne and Co 1891 first English edition 2 volumes

“Translated from the Original Italian Manuscript by The Hon. Mrs. J. Randolph Clay assisted by Mr. I. Walter Savage Landor.”

8vo 23,5x15 cm, beautiful pictorial cloth, spine ends with little shelf wear. xi, 376; xvi, 347 pages with 60 full page illustrations (some tinted/coloured), 90 in text and 4 folding maps loosely inserted in the rear pockets. A little foxing. Very good.

From 1880 Casati travelled in the Bahr-el-Ghasal area. In 1887 he discovered Ruwenzoni just 4 months before Stanley. He became Emin Pasha's companion and actively assisted him in his scientific work supplying most of the information about the Unyoro and Lower Welle. An important first-hand account of Stanley's ill-fated Relief Expedition.

€ 390



Casati, C.

Zehn Jahre in Äquatoria und die Rückkehr mit Emin Pascha

Bamberg, Buchnerische Verlagsbuchhandlung 1891 first German edition 2 volumes

8vo, 15x23 cm, beautiful pictorial cloth. Hinges volume 2 cracking, otherwise in perfect condition. viii, 340; 365 pages with 150 illustrations -some coloured- and 4 maps loosely inserted in the back of volume 2.

From 1880 Casati travelled in the Bahr-el-Ghasal area. In 1887 he discovered Ruwenzoni just 4 months before Stanley. He became Emin Pasha's companion and actively assisted him in his scientific work supplying most of the information about the Unyoro and Lower Welle. An important first-hand account of Stanley's ill-fated Relief Expedition.

€ 170



Chaillu, Paul B. du

A Journey to Ashango-land; and further penetration into Equatorial Africa

New York, Appleton 1867 first US edition

8vo, original red cloth gilt, rebacked with original spine relaid.  xxiv, 501, 2 ads pages. Numerous woodcut illustrations and a folding map.

The account of Du Chaillu's second African expedition. "In 1863 Du Chaillu returned to Gabon, did a little trading, assembled a caravan well equipped with scientific instruments and cameras and hired seventy porters and a few guides. He met with Massangou people (in what he called Ashango) 200 miles southeast of the Gabon River and visited a pygmy settlement nearby. When one of his men accidentally shot two Massangous, his party was forced to abandon many supplies and flee for their lives. He was wounded by two poisoned arrows. Fortunately, he saved his extensive notebooks. Back in England in 1865, Du Chaillu prepared 'A journey to Ashango-Land' for publication in 1867. Many readers disputed his sensational descriptions of pygmies until later explorers asserted that they were substantially accurate".

€ 250



Chapman, F.S.

Northern lights

London, Chatto and Windus 1932 first edition

8vo, blue cloth with a gilt-lettered, gilt-framed cloth label on the spine. xv, [i], 304 pages with 64 plates including frontispiece and portraits from photos, 5 maps including 4 folding (3 coloured). In very good condition.

Chapman was attached as "ski expert and naturalist" to Gino Watkins' 1930–31 British Arctic Air Route Expedition, a privately funded expedition to the east coast and interior of the island of Greenland to do work on a probably air route from America to Europe over the North Pole, concentrating on Greenland ice shelf. The expedition travelled to Greenland aboard the Quest, a historic sealing vessel previously used by Ernest Shackleton in 1921-1922 and was led by Gino Watkins. They explored East Greenland in 1930-1931.

€ 120



Chappe d'Auteroche

Reize naar Siberië, op bevel des Konings van Vrankryk ondernomen in 1761

Deventer, Lucas Leemhorst 1771 1772 first Dutch edition 2 volumes

"door den abt Chappe d'Auteroche, behelzende deszelfs waarnemingen nopens de Zeden, Gewoonten, Regeering, Godsdienst, Krygs- en burger-staat, Koophandel, Luchts- en grondsgesteldheid, Landbeschryving, Natuurlyke historie, enz"

8vo, full calf, rubbed and marked, marbled endpapers. xiv, (2), 331 (1); (2), 327, (1) pages with a coloured folding map "Kaart van Rusland en Noord-Tartaryë", 7 plates and 8 tables. Not in Tiele.

Chappe travelled to Tobolsk in Siberia to observe the transit of Venus expected for 6 June 1761. The trip was arduous and Chappe arrived in Tobolsk with little time to spare, but he was able to observe the lunar eclipse. The spring floods of the Tobol and Irtysh rivers had been particularly severe that year, and some of the local peasants blamed the foreigner with his strange equipment who was "messing with the Sun": Chappe had to be protected by a cordon of armed Cossacks to make his observations.

€ 950



Charcot, Jean

Le "Français" au Pole Sud. Journal de l’Expedition Antarctique Français 1903-1905
Paris, Flammarion 1906 first edition
"Préface de l'amiral Fournier,ouvrage contenant 300 illustrations et une carte hors-texte"

8vo, 26 x 17 cm, Publisher's half calf with the original wrappers bound in, marbled endpapers. Half title, portrait frontispiece, title, dedication, préface, photo, xxxvii, 486, (4) with 6 maps (1 folding), 4 full-page, illustrations, some full-page. Very good clean copy.

Jean-Baptiste Charcot was appointed leader of the French Antarctic Expedition with the ship Français exploring the west coast of Graham Land from 1904 until 1907. The expedition reached Adelaide Island in 1905 and took pictures of the Palmer Archipelago and Loubet Coast.




Charcot, Jean

Le "Français" au Pole Sud. Journal de l’Expedition Antarctique Français 1903-1905
Paris, Flammarion 1906 first edition
"Préface de l'amiral Fournier,ouvrage contenant 300 illustrations et une carte hors-texte"

8vo, 26 x 17 cm, half vellum, marbled endpapers. Blank, half title, portrait frontispiece, title, dedication, préface, photo, xxxvii, 486, (6) with 6 maps, 1 folding, 4 full-page, illustrations, some full-page. Light foxing.

Jean-Baptiste Charcot was appointed leader of the French Antarctic Expedition with the ship Français exploring the west coast of Graham Land from 1904 until 1907. The expedition reached Adelaide Island in 1905 and took pictures of the Palmer Archipelago and Loubet Coast.

€ 680 



Charcot, Jean

Le Pourquoi Pas? dans l’Antarctique. Journal de la deuxième expédition au Pôle Sud 1908-1910

Paris, Flammarion 1910 first edition

Large 8vo, original half morocco with marbled boards, top edge gilt, original wrappers bound in. viii, 428 pages with 3 maps and 300 photos. "Rectification" tipped in. Very nice copy.

From 1908 until 1910, Charcot’s second expedition followed with the ship Pourquoi-Pas, exploring the Bellingshausen Sea and the Amundsen Sea and discovering Loubet Land, Marguerite Bay and Charcot Island, which was named after his father, Jean-Martin Charcot.

€ 450



Charcot, Jean 

Dans la mer du Groenland. Les croisières du Pourquoi Pas?

Bruges, Librairie de l'Ouvre Saint-Charles [1938]

“Par le commandant J.B. Charcot. Complété par une notice biographique de l’auteur et le récit du naufrage du Pourquoi Pas? par José Gers”

Large 8vo 26x17 cm, bound in original wrappers with portrait photo tipped in. vii, 208 pages with many photos and 3 maps. Excellent copy.

An account of the voyages in 1926/1927 of this famous French naval vessel and its search for Amundsen and his companions following the Italia disaster in 1928, also chapters on eskimo’s etc. This edition was published shortly after Charcot died in the shipwreck of the Pourquoi pas? in 1936 and was enlarged with a bio and the account of the shipwreck.

€ 100



Chardin, Jean
Voyages de Mr. le Chevalier Chardin, en Perse, et autres lieux de l'Orient
Amsterdam, Chez Jean Louis de Lorne 1711 10 volumes
“Enrichi d'un grand nombre de belles figures en taille-douce, representant les antiquitez, les choses remarquables du pais.”

12mo, half calf, rebacked, corners repaired. Titles in red and black with engraved vignette, engraved portrait, folding map and 77 folding plates, some light waterstaining to volume 6. Excellent set.

Chardin travelled with a Lyon merchant to Persia and India in 1665. At Efahān, Persia, he enjoyed the patronage of the shah, ʿAbbās II. On returning to France (1670), he published an account of the coronation of Soleymān. In August 1671 he again set out for Persia. Traveling through Turkey, Crimea, and the Caucasus, he reached Efahān nearly two years later. He remained in Persia for four years, revisited India, and returned to France (1677) via the Cape of Good Hope.

€ 3.800



Cherry-Garrard, Apsley

The Worst Journey in the World, Antarctic 1910-1913

London, Constable and Company 1929 2 volumes  second edition

8vo, original blue cloth gilt, used and rubbed. lxiv, 300, [4]; viii, 301-585, many illustrations, many in colour by Dr. Edward A. Wilson and other members of the expedition. Includes 5 maps including one panoramic folding map. Volume 1 lacks front free endpaper, scattered foxing and traces of use. Good.

“Cherry-Garrard’s book has often been referred to as the finest polar book ever written. Scott’s diary left many facets of the expedition and the experiences of its men untold: it was Cherry-Garrard who pulled the entire story of the main party together.” Already in 1935 the early editions were becoming expensive and increasingly difficult to procure.

€ 980



Clapperton, Commander Hugh 

Journal of a Second Expedition into the Interior of Africa

London, John Murray 1829 first edition

"from the Bight of Benin to Soccatoo. To which is added, the journal of Richard Lander from Kano to the sea-coast, partly by a more eastern route with a portrait of captain Clapperton, and a map of the route, chiefly laid down from actual observations for latitude and longitude"

4to, old papered boards, repairs. xxiii, [iv], 355, portrait frontispiece, folding map and engraved plan.

Clapperton was sent out in 1825 for a second expedition to Africa, the sultan Bello of Sokoto having professed his eagerness to open up trade with the west coast. He landed at Badagry in the Bight of Benin, and started overland for the Niger and, passing through the Yoruba country, in January 1826 he crossed the Niger at Bussa, the spot where Mungo Park had died twenty years before. In July, Clapperton arrived at Kano and thence the Fulani capital Sokoto, intending to continue to Bornu. However, the Fulani were now at war with al-Kaneimi, and Sultan Bello refused him permission to leave. After many months' detention, afflicted by malaria, depression, and dysentery, Clapperton died, leaving his servant Richard Lander the only survivor of the expedition.

€ 450



Coillard, Francois

On the Threshold of Central Africa. A Record of Twenty Years Pioneering Among the Barotsi of the upper Zambesi

London, Hodder and Stoughton 1897 first edition

8vo, pictorial cloth. xxxiv, 646 pages, ads. with 44 illustrations (1 photo in copy), including frontispiece portrait of author with tissue-guard, and portrait of author's wife. Folding map of Southern Africa to rear with repaired tears.

English translation of "Sur le Haut-Zambèze: Voyages et travaux de Mission." This book was translated by the author's niece Catherine Winkworth Mackintosh, yet precedes the first French edition by one year. "Mr. Coillard appears to have been a tactful and resourceful man, and his accounts of the customs of the natives, and of the political questions affecting the countries in which he resided, make the volume very useful as a reference work."

€ 150



Cole, William

Life in the Niger, or, the Journal of an African Trader

London, Saunders, Otley, and Co 1862 first edition

8to, publisher's pebbled cloth, rubbed and soiling. 208 (8 ads) pages. Good copy of a rarely found book.

William Coles journal records his experiences in the highly challenging circumstances of a trading expedition to Africa. The journal tells of the barbarity and cruelty he witnessed, alongside occasional acts of kindness or amusing situations. Describing his life in Africa as a mixture of smiles and tears, Cole paints a vivid picture of a European in Africa during the mid-nineteenth century.

€ 180



Colonial office

Correspondence on the subject of the removal of inhabitants of Pitcairn's Island to Norfolk Island
London, Printed by G.E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode 1857

And “ Further papers on the subject of removal of inhabitants of Pitcairn's Island to Norfolk Island, pts. 1-2”

Folio, modern half cloth binding with paper boards. 3 parts in 1 volume, 40; 9,(1); 11,(1) pages. Binding and contents in Fine condition.

Rare Bounty – Pitcairn item, only 2 copies in OCLC. British Parliamentary Paper, containing letters and despatches presented to the House of Parliament concerning the emigration of the Pitcairn islanders to Norfolk etc. In 1855 the elders of Pitcairn, finding it increasingly difficult to support the population, wrote to Queen Victoria, humbly begging for help. The islanders were offered Norfolk Island which was being abandoned as a penal establishment. Initially thirty four islanders declined the offer, but finally, on May 3rd 1856 the entire Pitcairn community sailed for Norfolk Island on the Morayshire. Account of the ressettlement.
€ 760



Commelin, I.
Begin ende Voortgang Vande Vereenigde Neederlandtsche Geoctroyeerde Oost-Indische Compagnie
Amsterdam, Facsimile Uitgaven Nederland 1969 4 volumes
Oblong 4to, in original wooden display!

The voyages described are: Candish and Drake; Raleigh and Keymis; De Veer; Houtman; Van Neck and Warwijck; De Weert; Van Noort; Both and Van Caerden; Van Neck (2nd voyage); Van der Hagen; Harmansz; Spilbergen and Le Maire, Warwijck and De Weert; Van der Hagen (2nd voyage); Matelief; Van Caerden; Verhoeff; Van den Broecke; Van Twist; Spilbergen (1st voyage); L’Hermite; Schram and Van Rechteren.
€ 390


Cook, Dr. Frederick A.

My Attainment of the Pole
New York, Polar Publishing 1911 first US edition
“Being the Record of the Expedition that First Reached the Boreal Center 1907-1909 with the Final Summary of the Polar Controversy”.

4to, publisher’s brown pictorial cloth with the profiles of Cook and his two Eskimo companions on the front board. Titles lettered in gilt. 604 pages. With portrait frontispiece and 49 other photographic illustrations and with a profusion of other illustrations, charts, and drawings.

Cook achieved fame as an explorer serving as surgeon on Peary’s first Arctic expedition (1891–92) and leading others to explore and climb Denali (Mount McKinley; 1903–06). Cook’s claim that he had reached the North Pole on an expedition in 1908 was immediately disputed by Peary. Cook’s Inuit companions on his journey later asserted that he had stopped short hundreds of miles south of the Pole, and that the photographs of his expedition were actually shot at locations far distant from the North Pole.

€ 360



Cook, Captain James / Anderson, George William

A New, Authentic, and Complete Collection of Voyages around the World

London, Alexander Hogg  [1784-86]

"undertaken and performed by Royal Authority, Containing an authentic, entertaining, full and complete history of Captain Cook's First, Second, Third and Last Voyages, undertaken by Order of His Present Majesty ..". "The present edition, by being published in only eighty six-penny numbers, (making, when completed, either one or two very large handsome volumes in folio)".

Large folio, contemporary calf-backed boards, rubbed. Only occasional marks and minor marginal soiling. This one being volume I (of 2) only, text complete in itself with 71 (of ?) full-page folio engravings and maps. Contains the first and second voyage of Cook and the stories of Byron, Wallis, Carteret, Phipps, Anson and Drake.  

€ 1.800



Cook, James

Reis naar de Zuidpool en rondom de Weereld

Utrecht/Amsterdam, G.T. van Paddenburg en Zoon/ M. Schalekamp, 1793 second Dutch much enlarged edition

"Gedaan, op Bevel van zijne Brittanische Majesteit, met de Schepen De Resolution en de Adventure, In de jaren 1772, 1773, 1774 en 1775 (...). Waarbij gevoegt is Kaptein Furneaux's Verslag van deszelfs Reize met het Schip de Adventure, na dat het zelve van de Resolution was afgeraakt. Uit het Engelsch vertaald (...); Verrijkt met eene Lofrede over James Cook, door den Heer P.L. Paris".

4to, contemporary half calf, gilt spine with morocco letterpiece and gilt lettered owner's initials "W.H.L." on foot of spine. xii, 72, 498 pages, engraved frontispiece and 2 folding portraits of Cook and Omai (with repaired tear). Upper cover with modern pastedown end paper. Very good. Scarce.

€ 1.250



Cook, James

Reize rondom de waereld
Leyden, Amsterdam & 's Haage, Honkoop, Allart & Van Cleef 1795-1809 14 Volumes

8vo, contemporary gilt half calf, rubbed and spine ends repaired. Complete –as called for in the index volume- with engraved titles, portrait of Cook, 52 (folding) maps (incl. the large folding worldmap & map of the Southern Hemisphere) and 134 fine numbered (folding) views and plates by J.S. Klauber generally in very good condition. Small blind stamps on half titles.

First complete edition in Dutch of Cook's voyages. Rare complete set.

Captain James Cook FRS was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer and captain in the Royal Navy. He made three voyages to the Pacific Ocean, during which he achieved the first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, and the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand. In three voyages, Cook sailed thousands of miles across largely uncharted areas of the globe. He mapped lands from New Zealand to Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean in greater detail and on a scale not previously achieved. Cook was attacked and killed in 1779 during his third exploratory voyage in the Pacific while attempting to kidnap Hawaiian chief Kalaniʻōpuʻu in order to reclaim a cutter stolen from one of his ships. He left a legacy of scientific and geographical knowledge which influenced his successors well into the 20th century.
€ 7.250



Cramp, W.B.

Narrative of a voyage to India; of a shipwreck on board the Lady Castlereagh and a description of New South Wales

London, printed by G. Sidney for R. Phillips and Co 1823 first edition

8vo, contemporary half morocco, rebacked with old title. 112 pages with an aquatint view of Taormina. Good copy from the libraries of Boudewijn Büch and James Edge Partington (was an authority on the material culture of the Pacific, and at one time was the owner of a very extensive collection of objects from the South Seas, which included many rarities), with his bookplate on upper pastedown. Rare.

"From 1815-1817, Cramp sailed on board the Princess Charlotte to India and visited Madras, Bombay, and Bengal. After returning to England, he voyaged to Australia in the convict ship Lady Castlereagh, where he arrived in April of 1818. He gives a description of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). The ship then travelled to Madras and took on cargo; a terrific storm blew up, causing great damage to the ship. Having obtained his acquittal from the Lady Castlereagh. Cramp journeyed overland, giving geographical descriptions and observations on native life, religion, and customs. At Bombay, he joined the ship Marquis of Huntly as captain's clerk, and traveled to Calcutta, Canton, Macao, Malaya, and St. Helena; he returned to England in 1821." (Hill). Also containing Recollections of Sicily by Count de Forbin on pages 44-112.

€ 450



Cunningham, Peter

Two years in New South Wales

London, Henry Colburn 1827 2 volumes second edition revised and enlarged

“comprising sketches of the actual state of society in that colony; of its peculiar advantages to emigrants; of its topography, natural history, &c. &c.”

8vo, contemporary rebacked half green calf with gilt lettered title on spine. xvi, 346 (2 ads); viii, 336 pages. Map with browning, else very good.

The author had made four voyages as surgeon-superintendent of convict-ships. Published in the same year as the first edition. With the very interesting map “Map of the colony of New South Wales, reduced by permission from Cross's large map". London. Henry Colburn. 1827. Hand-coloured engraved map by Sid Hall, from Sally Point in the north to Green Cape in the south. Inset maps of Australia, section of the Country from Bathurst to Cugee-gang River etc.

€ 450

Damberger, Christian  Frederick
Travels In The Interior Of Africa, From The Cape of Good Hope To Morocco
London, Longman and Rees, 1801 first edition

"From The years 1781 to 1797; Through Caffraria, The Kingdoms Of Mataman, Angola, Massi, Monoemugi, Muschanko, & c. Likewise Across The Great Desert Of Sahara, And The Northern Parts Of Barbary" 8vo, contemporary tree calf, rebacked with new title. [xvi], 222; [1], 299, [4] pages. Illustrated with 3 finely executed handcoloured plates and a large folding map. "One of the cleverest volumes of fabricated travel ever produced. The details are so circumstantial, and the mixture of fact and fiction is accomplished with so much skill, that it is not uncommon to find people who do not know that the account of the travels is nothing more than a well-contrived literary deception" (Mendelssohn).

€ 350 


Dampier, W. / Wafer, L.

Nieuwe reistogt rondom de wereld (...), volume 3

Nieuwe reistogt en beschryving van de landengte van America volume 4.

Nijmegen, I. van Campen 1772

8vo, 2 (of 4) parts in 1 volume, half calf. (5), 80,(3); (4),92 pages, 1 engraved folding map of Africa, Europe and Asia, 1 map of central America and 17 (folding) plates. Several plates/text leaves frayed etc; paper over covers lacking; spine damaged.

Dutch translation by W. Sewel. Two parts only, but complete in themselves. "Dampier was the best known, and probably the most intelligent of the famous group of buccaneers that tormented the Spaniards in the South Sea from 1680 to 1720. His industry in taking notes of all he saw was equalled by his pains in preserving them from destruction".

€ 850



Dapper, Olfert

Gedenkwaerdig bedryf der Nederlandtsche Oost- Indische Maetschappye, op de Kuste en in het Keizerrijk van Taising of Sina

Amsterdam, Jacob van Meurs 1670  first edition

“behelzende het tweede gezandschap aen den onder-koning Singlamong en veldheer Taising Lipoui; door Jan van Kampen en Konstantyn Nobel: vier en zestig, op de kuste van Sina, en ontrent d'eilanden Tayowan, Formosa vervolgt met een verhael van het voorgevallen des jaers zestien hondert drie en, Ay en Quemuy, onder 't gezag van Balthasar Bort: en het derde gezandschap aen Konchy, Tartarsche keizer van Sina en Oost-Tartarye: onder beleit van zijne ed. Pieter van Hoorn: beneffens een beschryving van geheel Sina”

Large 4to, full calf, rubbed etc. with raised bands, richly decorated gilt back, upper part of first free endpaper torn off, margins waterstained in places, a bit browned/foxed. Complete with engraved frontispiece, double page map, 38 plates (most are double-page or folding) and 57 half-page illustrations. 

€ 5.600



Dapper, O.

Naukeurige Beschrijvinge der Afrikaensche Gewesten

Amsterdam, Jacob van Meurs 1676 second revised edition

“van Egypten, Barbaryen, Libyen, Biledulgerid, Negroslant, Guinea, Ethiopien, Abyssinie: Vertoont In de Benamingen, Grenspalen, Revieren, Steden, Gewassen, Dieren, Zeeden, Drachten, Talen, Rijkdommen, Godsdiensten en Heerschappyen./ Naukeurige Beschrijvinge der Afrikaensche Eylanden: als Madagaskar, of Sant Laurens, Sant Thomee, d'eilanden van Kanarien, Kaep de Verd, Malta, en andere”.

4to, contemporary blind stamped vellum with manuscript title, restorations, new ties and endpapers. Frontispiece with marginal loss laid down, title, Aen den Lezer (3), Privilegie, 428; 349,(17); (2),121,(4) pages. With 14 double-page maps, 28 double-page views/ plates and many in text engravings. Good copy with scattered soiling and marginal water staining.

An English translation was published as “Africa: being an accurate description” by John Ogilby. “important gathering of European knowledge of the African continent, with a striking array of illustrations … and a significant series of maps”. Attention is given to many explorers.

€ 7.500



Dapper, Olfert

Naukeurige Beschryving van Asie

Amsterdam, Jacob van Meurs 1680

"Behelsende De Gewesten van Mesopotamie, Babylonie, Assyrie, Anatolie, Of Klein Asie: Beneffens Eene volkome Beschrijving van gansch Gelukkigh, Woest, en Petreesch of Steenigh Arabie."

Folio. Modern blindstamped sheep in antique style, new marbled endpapers. [8], 357, [3], 324, [4] pages, including engraved additional title. Complete with 12 double-page engraved plates, 3 double-page maps and 23 text illustrations. Very good copy with scattered some browning and spotting..

Olfert Dapper (1636-1689), Dutch physician and scholar, devoted most of his life to geographical studies without ever leaving his home town of Amsterdam. Using the most reliable eye-witness accounts and his own extensive library of travel books he composed authoratitive works on Asia, Africa and America.  

€ 3.800



Davis, John
Tracks of McKinlay and Party across Australia

London, Sampson Low, Son & Co 1863 first edition
“By John Davis, one of the expedition. Edited from Mr. Davis's Manuscript Journal; with an Introductory View of the Recent Australian Explorations of McDoualI Stuart, Burke and Wills, Landsborough, Etc., by William Westgarth, Author of ''Victoria and the Australian Gold Mines,'' Etc. With Map and Illustrations.”

8vo, original green cloth, a little rubbed and marked. xvi, 408, 16 pages with a tinted lithograph frontispiece (foxed) and 13 tinted lithograph plates, some with original tissue guard. Large folding map loose in the endpocket.

First edition of this elaborate and substantial work: the only London publication relating to the expedition, it was based on the papers of John Davis, a member of MeKinlay's expedition. Davis's papers were edited and arranged by the noted Victorian pioneer, business man and historian, William Westgarth, who also provided an introductory account of recent Australian exploration. Davis' book is, by default, the 'formal' journal of this important expedition.
€ 650



Davis, Rear Admiral C. H. 

Narrative of the North Polar Expedition. U. S. Ship Polaris, Captain Charles Francis Hall Commanding

Washington, Government Printing Office 1876 first edition

4to, publisher’s green cloth gilt, rubbed. 696 pages with 2 steel engraved plates, 35 wood engraved plates, 6 maps, 2 photolithographs and several wood engraved text illustrations. Front endpapers a bit damaged, text block clean.

The work is a well-illustrated account of the expedition, the sledge and boat journeys, scientific activities, the death of Hall on the expedition, with an extended review of his work, the attempted voyage south, drift of the ice-floe party to the Labrador coast, and the rescue of both parties and the subsequent inquiry.

€ 350



Delegorgue, L.A.J.
Voyage dans l'Afrique Australe notamment dans le territoire de Natal

Paris, A. René et Ce 1847, first edition 2 volumes signed presentation

"dans celui des Cafres Amazoulous et Makatisses et jusqu'au tropique du Capricorne Durant les années 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843 et 1844".

8vo, quarter black leather gilt, rubbed, edges gilt. 580, 622 pages, 2 folding maps, frontispiece portrait of the author, 8 tinted lithographic plates. Some light foxing. There is a presentation inscription signed by the author in each volume but the name of the person to whom the book was presented has been removed. It reads: 'Offert par Delegorgue a son ami C......... le 26 aout 1847.'

"An important work on Natal and Zululand in the nineteenth century. The author arrived in Cape Town in 1838 and describes the affairs of the Cape in detail and then travelled to Zululand where he witnessed the wars between the Zulu and Boer...."
€ 650


Denham, Major Dixon / Clapperton, Hugh / Oudney

Narrative of travels and discoveries in Northern and Central Africa, in the years 1822, 1823, and 1824

London, Murray 1826 first edition
Large 4to, calf with original spine neatly rebacked. x
lviii, 335; (2), 269 (1) pages with 37 (1 coloured) plates and a large folging map. Map with foxing, plates mainly in the margins.

The authors crossed the Sahara from Tripoli and reached Lake Chad in 1823. Denham discovered River Benue. Oudney died in January 1824. At Sokoto, Clapperton learnt that River Niger's outlet was in the Gulf of Guinea.

€ 1.250



Dixon, James

Narrative of a voyage to New South Wales, and Van Dieman's Land, the ship Skelton, during the Year 1820

Edinburgh, printed by Hay Gall & Co for J. Anderson 1822 first edition

“With observations on the state of these colonies, and a variety of information, calculated to be useful to emigrants. with an appendix containing governor McQuarle's report regarding Van Dieman's Land, tables of the population, list of articles suitable for exportation, &c. &c.”

8vo, modern panelled leather with gilt lettered spine. Without the frontispiece and the 4 advertorial pages at the end. Title backed with thin paper, first leaves with worming, a few scattered faint library stamps of the Victoria Public Library 1887. From the library of Boudewijn Buch.

“A notable and much-prized rarity: but lacks the frontispiece portrait of Cobawn Wogy that is frequently missing. This is one of the earliest accounts of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land by a private individual and one of very few accounts of the colonies under the enlightenend administration of Governor Lachlan Macquarie. The long appendix contains Macquarie's report on Van Diemen's Land.”

€ 1.800


Dumont d'Urville, M. (J.S.C.)

Voyage pittoresque autour du monde. Resumé général des voyages de découvertes

Paris, Furne et Cie. 1839 2 volumes

de Magellan , Tasman , Dampier , Anson , Byron , Wallis , Carteret , Bougainville , Cook , Laperouse , G.Bligh , Vancouver , d'Entrecasteaux , Wilson , Baudin , Flinders , Krusenstern , Porter , Kotzebue , Freycinet , Bellinghausen , Basil Hall , Duperrey , Paulding , Beechey , Dumont D'Urville , Lutke , Dillon , Laplace” etc etc.

4to, contemporary half gilt morocco with restauration. viii, 576; 584 pages with 2 steel engraved frontispieces and 142 wood engraved plates (incl. 6 folding maps). Volume 1 bookblock bound upside down.

€ 390



Duse, S.A.

Unter Pinguinen und Seehunden. Erinnerungen von der Schwedischen Sudpolexpedition 1901-1903

Berlin, Verlag Wilhelm Baenich 1905 first edition

8to, original cloth rubbed. (viii), 262 pages with 80 plates, clean interior.

Despite its end and the great hardships endured, the expedition would be considered a scientific success, with the parties having explored much of the eastern coast of Graham Land. The expedition, which also recovered valuable geological samples and samples of marine animals, earned Nordenskjöld lasting fame at home, but its huge cost left him greatly in debt.”

€ 290



Dijk, Jan van
Lotgevallen van een Nederlandschen Kolonist in de binnenlanden van Zuid-Afrika

Rotterdam, Nijgh 1858 first edition

"bewerkt met gebruikmaking van de werken van de werken van Cumming, Anderson, Gerard, Livingston, en anderen”.

8vo, cloth worn.  380 pages with many illustrations. Fair. Rare.

Tiele 344 writes that Van Dijk really existed..... A second edtion appeared in 1881.

€ 190



Earl, G. Windsor

Enterprise in Tropical Australia

London, Madden and Malcolm 1846 first edition

8o, original cloth. 177 pages plus the publisher’s catalogue of new books for Jan, 1 1846, with two folding maps (one handcoloured in outline).

First edition: first issue, of this very scarce account of the second attempted settlement of Port Essington on the Cobourg Peninsula from 1838 to 1849. Eye witness information on the settlement garrison. Information on the success and failures of Melville Island settlement, the troubles with settlement at Raffles Bay, the loss of the Lady Nelson and the Stedcombe and the shipping movements in and around Torres strait. Nice folding map at the front of south east Asia into Australia and another of the Cobourg Peninsula. Windsor Earl was linguist to the North Australian Expedition and Commissioner of Crown Lands for Port Essington.

€ 450



Eilerts de Haan, J.G.W.J.

Verslag van de Expeditie naar de Suriname-Rivier (30 Juni - 20 November 1908)

Leiden, KNAG E.J. Brill 1910

8vo, modern dark blue wrappers. Complete with 127 pages, 2 folding maps, folding sketch and photos.

In 1908 Eilerts de Haan led an expedition in Suriname to the source of the Suriname River. During the expedition a river was discovered on October 16, which he called the Lucie River. Extracted from “Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap”.

€ 140



Ellis, Henrik

Reize naar de baai van Hudson, ter ontdekkinge van eenen Noord-Wester doortogt

Leiden, Elias Luzac 1750 first Dutch edition

"gedaan in de jaaren 1746 en 1747 met de schepen de Dobbs-Galley en de California [...]. Opgeheldert met kopere plaaten en een nieuwe en verbeeterde kaart van de Baai van Hudson en de aangrenzende landstreeken".

8vo, 14x23cm, half calf with marbled boards, uncut. Spine and marbled papers worn, lacking free endpaper, rebacked preserving most of the spine. xxxii, 440 pages with a map and 9 plates in excellent condition.

"Ellis joined this expedition, consisting of the vessels Dobbs and California, which left Gravesend in May, 1746 under Captains Moor and Smith. They stopped at Yarmouth and then crossed the ocean; passing through Hudson's Straits they were finally forced by bad weather to winter in Hayes River, about three miles above Fort York. In the spring of 1747, when the ice broke up, they reprovisioned at the Fort and started on their way. The results of the expedition were limited, but they did put an end to the theory that the North West Passage lay through Hudson's Bay. The ships returned to England in 1747 and Ellis published this work the following year."

€ 1.350



Ellis, Henry

Voyage en Chine, ou journal de la derniere ambassade anglais a la cour du Pekin

Paris, Delaunay 1818 first French edition 2 volumes

8vo, 13x21 cm, contemporary half leather bindings with marbled paper boards and gilt decoration. One vignette with damage, one of the spine ends expertly restored. viii, 340; 398 pages with engraved portrait and 7 engraved plates (views) plus 3 folding maps. Textpages clean except for a scattered spot. Maps and plates sometimes with light spotting.

The maps include one very large (42x55 cm) foldout map of East China, also showing the Yellow Sea and Formosa. The first English edition appeared a year earlier with the title "Journal of the proceedings of the late Embassy to China". Account of the events and adventures surrounding the embassy of Earl Amherst's to China in 1816, sent out by King George III to protest ill-treatment of British subjects. Sir Henry Ellis, a noted diplomat and historian, served as the third commissioner. Amherst and his retinue were sent home in disgrace after he refused to "kow-tow" (nine strikings of the forehead on the ground) at his presentation to the Emperor Khien Lung in Peking. As if this humiliation was not enough, their ship, the Alceste, was wrecked off the coast of Sumatra on the return voyage. On the return voyage the ship stopped at St. Helena; included in the text is Sir Henry's interview with Napoleon Bonaparte. 

€ 950



Ellis, William

Polynesian Researches, during a Residence of Nearly Six Years in the South Sea Islands

London, Fisher Son & Jackson 1829 first edition

8vo, original cloth rebacked, rubbed. xvi, 536; viii, 576 pages. Engraved frontispieces, 2 maps (1 folding) and 7 plates, plates and titles discoloured due to tissue guards, offsetting. New endpapers.

"One of the most important books on the history and ethnology of the Society Islands by one of the most perceptive of the missionary travellers in the Pacific". Ellis stayed at Tahiti from 1817-1822, during which time he took notes on all kinds of subjects concerning the South Sea islands. Throughout the text Ellis refers and compares between the Tahitian and Hawaiian islands.

€ 470



Elmslie, W. A.

Among the Wild Ngoni. Being some chapters in the history of the Livingstonia Mission in British Central Africa

Edinburgh and London, Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier 1899 first edition

8vo, original decorated covers. 320pages, large coloured folding map and 14 photographs. Very good copy of a scarce title. "The sphere chosen by the Livingstonia Mission [named after Dr Livingstone] was the west shore of Lake Nyasa, an inland sea some 400 miles long, discovered by Livingstone and Dr Stewart, and in 1875 the 'Ilala', bearing the pioneers of the mission, Dr Laws and his helpers, steamed into the Lake and took possession for Christ."

€ 150



Elphinstone Mountstuart

Tableau du royaume de Caboul et de ses dependances dans la Perse, la Tartarie et l'Inde

Paris, Nepveu 1817 first French edition

"offrant les moeurs, usages et costumes de cet empire, traduit et abrege de l'anglais par M. Breton".

12mo, 13x9 cm, recent marbled wrappers in original style, 3 parts in 1 volume: xliv, 189 (3); (4), 222, (2); (4), 223, (1) pages with 14 handcoloured costume plates. Some traces of use, but overall very good.

Mountstuart was appointed the first British envoy to the court of Kabul, Afghanistan with the object of securing a friendly alliance with the Afghans against Napoleon's planned advance on India. However this proved of little value, because Shah Shuja was driven from the throne by his brother before it could be ratified.

€ 1.150



Elton, J. Frederick

Travels and Researches among The Lakes and Mountains of Eastern & Central Africa

London, John Murray 1879 first edition

“edited and completed by H.B. Cotterill”

8vo publisher’s decorated cloth, minor traces of use. xxii, 418 pages, 3 folding maps, 14 plates and 33 in text.

As British consul to Mozambique he set off in 1877 to visit the British mission stations on Lake Nyassa, explore the lake and surrounding country and ascertain the possibility of a route from the north end of the lake to Quiloa, at which seaport he proposed to embark in a steamer for Zanzibar. His mission to the chiefs and the circumnavigation of the lake were successfully accomplished, but with the land journey he encountered difficulties. The country was devastated by wars among the different tribes and Elton was compelled to travel by a circuitous route to the north. There he collapsed from malaria and died. His journals were arranged, edited and completed by his hunting companion, H.B. Cotterill.

€ 550



Fennekol, F.W.
Proeve over de kust van Guinea

's Gravenhage, J. Immerzeel 1831 first edition
“houdende eene poging tot onderzoek, hoe, en in hoeverre, dat land tot eene ware volkplanting zou kunnen gevormd worden.”

8vo, original boards with wear. 154, (2) pages, partly unopened.

Fennekol was Dutch official on the Gold Coast, where he planted a cotton plantation in 1766, born in Elmina on the coast of Guinea in 1761 and was in 1795 among the provisional representatives of Holland.
€ 250



Fermin, Philippe
Description generale, historique, geographique, et physique de la colonie de Surinam

Amsterdam, Chez E. van Harrevelt 1769 first edition 2 volumes

“Contenant Ce qu'il y a de plus Curieux de plus Remarquable, touchant sa Situation, ses Rivieres, ses Fortresses: son Gouvernement & sa Police; avec les moeurs & les usages des Habitants Naturels du pais & des Europeens qui y sont etablis; ainsi que des Eclaircissements sur l'oeconomie generale des Esclaves Negres, sur les plantations & leurs Produits, les Arbres Fruitiers, les Plantes Medecinales, & toutes les diverses Especes d'animaux qu'on y trouve, & c. Enrichie de Figures, & d'une Carte Topographique du pais.”

8vo, contemporary mottled calf, spine gilt in compartments, a couple of worm-tracks, extremities rubbed. xxiv, 252; (4) 352 pages. Half-titles present, folding engraved map (with marginal repair), 3 folding engraved plates. Exlibris Franz Pollack-Parnau. Very good.
€ 1.600



Fiala, Anthony

Fighting the Polar Ice

London, Hodder & Stoughton 1907 first edition

8vo, original decorated boards, rubbed. xxii, 296 pages. With coloured folding map and over a 100 illustrations from photographs and sketches by the author, 7 blue-tinted plates and a full colour plate from paintings in colour by members of the expedition. The book has an old library plate inside the front board and there are small discreet stamps on every plate margin.

First UK edition (identical in content, but arguably scarcer than the first US edition of 1906). From 1903 to 1905, Fiala was in command of the Ziegler Polar Expedition, sent out by Ziegler from Tromsö in July 1903. The party reached 82° 4' N, and surveyed the Franz Joseph Archipelago, but lost their ship America in Teplitz Bay and failed to reach the pole. A relief party sent out under William S. Champ found Fiala and his men at Cape Dillon in July 1905, and brought them home.

€ 170



Figueroa, García de Silva
L’Ambassade de D. Garcias de Silva Figueroa en Perse
Paris, chez Jean du Puis 1667 first French edition

“ contenant la politique de ce grand empire, les moeurs du Roy Schach Abbas, & une relation exacte de tous les lieux de Perse & des Indes, ou cét Ambassadeur a esté l?espace de huit anées qu'il y a demeuré.”

4to, 19 x 25 cm, contemporary calf, spines gilt. Corners and binding somewhat worn. Title, 10 pages (Preface); 506 numbered pages; 30 pages (Table Générale des Matières), 2 pages blank. Scattered a little foxing/browning, mainly title and first leaves. Rare!

Don García de Silva Figueroa was a Spanish diplomat, and the first Western traveller to correctly identify the ruins of Takht-e Jamshid in Persia as the location of Persepolis, the ancient capital of the Achaemenid Empire and one of the great cities of antiquity. In 1614, Philip III chose Figueroa as his ambassador to the court of Shah Abbas, the Safavid monarch. Before he could reach Persia, however, Figueroa was detained in Goa; he did not arrive at his destination until October 1617. During his stay, Figueroa dealt with various diplomatic issues. He travelled extensively throughout Persia, visiting the cities of Shiraz, Qom and Isfahan. He wrote a full account of his travels under the title Totius legationis suae et Indicarum rerum Persidisque commentarii. It was translated into French by the Dutchman Abraham de Wicquefort in 1667. The original manuscript is preserved today in the National Museum in Madrid.Figueroa's memoirs contain a great deal of detailed information relating to Persian geography, history and culture. He described, among many other things, the funerary practices of the Zoroastrians, the sport of organized bull-fighting in Persian towns, and the cultivation of date palms in southern Iran. His narrative is now regarded as a valuable source document on early 17th-century Persia.

€ 3.800


Filchner, Wilhelm

Zum sechsten Erdteil

Berlin, Im Verlag Ullstein 1922 first (de luxe) edition

Large 8vo 27x19cm, de luxe edition printed on special paper and in original blue gilt cloth. xix, 410 pages with 2 folding maps and many (in text) illustrations. Errata slip tipped in. Fine copy in deluxe variant.

The expedition entered with their ship Deutschland the Weddell Sea and discovered Luitpold Coast and the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf. They were the first expedition to enter further into Weddell Sea than James Weddell some 80 years before. The ship overwintered in the pack ice after attempts to set up a base on the ice shelf had failed because of an iceberg calving. It was not until September 1912 that the Deutschland was free again and could return. Rosove 124.A2

€ 280



Filippi, Filippo de
Ruwenzori: An Account of the Expedition of H.R.H. Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy

London, Archibald Constable and Co 1908

4to, publisher’s cloth, wear and discolouring of back cover. 408 pages, plates, maps and –very large- folding views. Prince Amadeo’s compliment slip with signature tipped-in. Loosely inserted is an interesting letter from expedition member Roccati to Haldane in French. The lather was Collector at Fort Portal, where the expedition stayed for a while. Amadeo’s compliments and the ALS suggest that this book belonged to Haldane.

In 1906, inspired by Henry Morton Stanley's last wishes, the Duke led an expedition to the Ruwenzori Range (5,125 m) in Uganda. He scaled sixteen summits in the range, including the six principal peaks. One of them, Mount Luigi di Savoia, bears his name. The highest peak was reached on 18 June 1906.
€ 990



Fisher, Alexander

Dagboek eener ontdekkingsreis naar de noorderpoolstreken, met de schepen... Hecla en Griper, in de jaren 1819 en 1820

Dordrecht, Blusse en van Braam 1822 first Dutch edition

“Uit het Engelsch naar den vierden verbeterden druk, door J. Lehman de Lehnsfeld”

8vo, original printer’s stiff papered wrappers, spine with restaurations, later label. (2), 363, (1 ad) pages with a folding map and 2 woodcuts in text. Slightly water stained on first leaves, traces of use, but a very good copy of a rare book.

Translation of  "A journal of a voyage of discovery to the Arctic regions" 1821. Diary of the first voyage commanded by William Edward Parry. On this expedition, Fisher was assistant surgeon aboard the Hecla. He gives an account of the voyage through Lancaster Sound to Melville Island in the western part of the Parry Archipelago, in search of the Northwest Passage. Not in Tiele, Muller 3334, only a few copies in OCLC.

€ 750



Forbes, F.E

Five Years in China; from 1842 to 1847

London, Richard Bentley 1848 first edition

"with an Account of the Occupation of the Islands of Labuan and Borneo by her Majesty's Forces".

8vo, original blind-stamped cloth gilt, small repairs to spine ends. x, 406 pages. Coloured lithographed frontispiece of the empress of China, 21 wood engravings to text, one of which is a full page chart of the island Labuan. Some minor spotting of prelims.

An interesting survey of Chinese life in the aftermath of the First China War. But the most interesting aspect is the account of the cession of Labuan to the British by the Sultan of Brunei, Forbes' being probably the only published eyewitness account. Forbes had charge of the boats of the Wolf and attended the audience with Omar Ali.

€ 460



Forrest, Thomas

Voyage aux Moluques et à la Nouvelle Guinée

Paris, Hotel de Thou 1780 first French edition

"fait sur la galère la Tartare en 1774, 1775 & 1776, par ordre de la Compagnie Anglaise".

4to, contemporary tree calf, decorative gilt borders with gilt coat-of-arms of Louis Napoleon, king of Holland on covers, rebacked preserving most of contemporary backstrip (darkened), marbled endpapers. Half-title, (woodcut vignette on) title, (2), 471 pages with a folding engraved map, 28 plates and maps, some folding, 2 printed catalogue descriptions on front pastedown.

From the library of Louis Napoleon, King of the Netherlands 1805-1810. Pasted to the inside front cover is a manuscript note by one John Gooch, explaining his purchase of this copy from the Sotheby's sale of the library of Louis Napoleon in London. There is also an A.L.S., newspaper clipping and other ink inscriptions from and relating to subsequent purchasers on a preliminary blank fly and on the half-title. Unique and in Fine condition!
€ 3.800



Francken, Jacob

Rampspoedige Reize van het O.I. schip de Naarstigheid

Haarlem, J. Bosch 1761 first edition

“in de terugreize van Batavia over Bengale naar Holland ... waar in vervat is een korte beschryving der Bengaalsche Kust ... verblyf van 26 maanden op Rio de la Goa, de oostkust van Africa of het land der kaffers etc.”.

4to, marbled paper covers. iv (of viii, title and dedication missing, but present in copy), 101, iii [contents and ad J. Bosch] pages with 2 full page engravings. Rare.

Account of the shipwreck and the castaways on the eastern coast of Africa.' “Op 9 april 1757 raakt de "Naarstigheid" ter hoogte van Madagascar (28°45'ZB 69°52') in zwaar weer. Na veel rondhout te hebben verloren dobbert het schip op de Indische oceaan. Er wordt een poging ondernomen de Kaap das Corintas te bereiken, echter door een inschattings fout komen ze 1°29' zuidelijker uit. Op 15/05/1757 33°13'ZB 53°27' is er een ontmoeting met een engels schip; daarbij werd een brief gepost aan Delft en rondhout geruild tegen enkele zeilen. In juni 1757 bereikte het schip de Baai van Delagoa in een erg deplorabele toestand. Daar is de bemanning van boord gegaan.” 

€ 380



Franklin, Sir John

Narrative of a journey to the shores of the Polar sea in 1819-20-21-22

London, John Murray  1824  second edition 2 volumes

8vo, half calf over original boards, used and rubbed. xix, 370 [1]; iv, [1], 399 pages. With 4 folding maps (The four maps are the same as those that appear in the first edition of the previous year, except the dates are changed). Both volumes have scattered small worm damage, age toning, mild foxing, browning to pages, maps have small tears and are creased. Good set.

“In 1819, Captain Franklin was appointed to command an expedition to explore by land the North American Arctic and to clarify current notions about its geography...They reached the Arctic Ocean by way of the Great Slave Lake and the Coppermine River in the summer of 1821. After exploring Coronation Gulf, which Franklin named, the expedition returned to York Factory, having experienced extreme hardship and the loss of several members of the party. Franklin’s narrative is of interest not only as a document of human courage and endurance, but also for its depiction of the Indians".

€ 540



Franklin, John
Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the Years 1825, 1826, and 1827

London, John Murray 1828 first edition

4to, publisher’s cloth with wear. xxiv, [xxi]-xxiv, 320, clvii, [1], [1 leaf] errata. 31 engraved plates (plate 8 bound as frontispiece), 6 engraved folding maps (1 hand-coloured in outline), spotting, contents and advertisement leaves bound before frontispiece. Marginal foxing. Rare in the original binding.

"Franklin's second overland expedition made its departure from Fort Franklin on the Great Bear Lake. He traced the North American coast from the Mackenzie River to longitude 149 degrees 37' W.; while John Richardson's party explored the coast between the mouths of the Mackenzie and the Coppermine. The two expeditions together added 1,200 miles of coast to the knowledge of the American continent. The views of Arctic scenery are of extreme beauty. Franklin, the great arctic explorer, was governor of Tasmania from 1834-45. On his last expedition, in search of the Northwest Passage in 1845, the members all died from the terrible conditions they encountered."
€ 2.200



Franssen Herderschee, A.

Verslag van de Gonini-expeditie

Leiden, E.J. Brill 1905

8vo, modern dark blue wrappers. 174 pages with a large coloured folding map and many illustrations. Very good.

Extracted from Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap (tweede serie deel XXII). Dutch expedition in Surinam.

€ 100



Franssen Herderschee, A.

Verslag van de Tapanahoni-expeditie

Leiden, E.J. Brill 1905

8vo, boards. 186 pages with folding map and many illustrations.

In a complete issue of Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap (tweede serie deel XXII) with more articles. Dutch expedition in Surinam.

€ 120



French-Sheldon, M. (Bebe-Bwana)

Sultan to Sultan: Adventures Among the Masai and Other Tribes of East Africa

Boston, Arena Publishing 1892 first edition

8vo, original decorated boards with discolourings. [viii], 435 pages with frontispiece, one map and 25 full page plates (from photos) and many illustrations in the text.

In 1891, inspired by the activities of Henry Morton Stanley , who was a family friend, she left London for Africa. She was unaccompanied, and sought assistance amongst the African peoples as she explored around Lake Chala. She returned with ethnographic materials and wrote on her experience.

€ 120



Freuchen, Peter

Arctic adventure. My life in the frozen north

New York Toronto, Farrar & Rinehart 1935 first edition

8vo, publisher’s cloth with dust jacket, endpapers with maps. xi, (1), 467 pages illustrated with many photographs and maps. Boards lightly damp stained, dust jacket with traces of use and small repairs.

In 1910, Freuchen and his close friend, the famed arctic explorer Knud Rasmussen, founded a settlement and trading post among the Greenland Inuit at Thule, only 800 miles from the North Pole. Freuchen lived there for fifteen years, adopting native ways of life, and married an Inuit woman and had two children. He went on many expeditions, surviving frostbite, snowblindness, and starvation. This is his autobiography.

€ 120



Frezier, Amadee Francois
A Voyage to the South-Sea, and Along the Coasts of Chili and Peru, in the Years 1712, 1713, and 1714
London, Jonah Bowyer 1717 first English edition

“With a Postscript by Dr. Edmund Halley ... And an Account of the Settlement, Commerce, and Riches of the Jesuites in Paraguay”.

4to, modern red morocco, new endpapers. Title printed in red and black, [xii], [i, directions for binder], 335, [ix, index] pages, 37 engraved maps, charts and plates (18 folding), by J. Senex, J.B. Scotin, N. Guerard and others after Frézier, woodcut initials and head and tail-piece. Some light staining and soiling, partly a worm track in the margin, first map repaired with slight loss to image.

Frézier's voyage was made on the orders of Louis XIV, to obtain military intelligence for a possible operation against the Spanish colonies on the Pacific coast. He surveyed the Le Maire Strait and the west coast of Tierra de Fuego, and produced on of the most accurate descriptions of South America to date. This English translation is particularly valued for its postcript by Edmund Halley, Professor of Geometry at Oxford University, which corrects a few of Frézier's geographical errors.

€ 1.850



Galton, Francis

The art of travel

John Murray, London 1860 third edition

8vo, 18x13cm, red original cloth. 298 pages. In very good condition.

This volume is intended as a manual to all who may have to "rough it", whether they be travellers, missionaries, emigrants, or soldiers. Contains much valuable information on which medicines, surveying instruments, clothing and bedding, guns and rifles one should take. Also there is a useful chapter on the handling of savages. "third edition, which is far fuller of information", "indebted to hints from nearly every modern British traveller of eminence".

€ 190



Garnier, Francis

Voyage d’exploration en Indo-Chine 1866-1867-1868

Paris, Hachette 1870/1873

4to, modern wrappers. 416 pages with 3 maps, profusely illustrated with wood engravings. Magazine articles -complete set- published in “Le Tour du monde”. Scattered foxing as usual.

Precedes the book edition in 1873. The Mekong expedition of 1866–1868 was a French governmental naval exploration and scientific expedition of the Mekong River on behalf of the French colonial authorities of Cochinchina. Its primary objective was an assessment of the river's navigability in order to link the delta region and the port of Saigon with the riches of southern China and upper Siam. Garnier received high awards for his work.

€ 250



Gerlache, A. de

Voyage de la Belgica. Quinze mois dans l'antarctique

Brussels, C.H. Bulens 1902 first edition troisième mille

8vo, half cloth with marbled boards, original wrappers bound in.  (2), vi, 302, (2) pages. Frontispiece portrait, folding map and 106 illustrations. Nice clean copy.

In January 1898 the Belgica with Amundsen on board arrived at the coast of Grahamland. After mapping and naming of some islands, the expedition crossed the Antarctic Circle on February 15, 1898. On 28 February 1898 the ship was caught in the ice, the crew members realized that they should spend the winter on Antarctica. Finally almost a year later, on February 15, 1899, they were able to enter the ship into a small channel that they had dug the weeks before. It took nearly a month to cover about eleven kilometers. On 14 March they left the ice behind and on 5 November the ship returned to Antwerp.

€ 390



Gerlache, A. de

Le Premier Hivernage dans les Glaces Antarctiques, Relation Anecdotique Sommaire du Voyage de la Belgica

Bruxelles, C.H. Bulens 1902 first edition

8vo, original half cloth with marbled boards. 94 pages illustrations plus a map.

First publication from the Belgian expedition led by de Gerlache during 1897-1899, extracted from his official narrative "Voyage de la Belgica" and rushed into print to inform an eager national public of his adventures.

€ 230



Gevers Deynoot, W.T.

Aanteekeningen op eene reis door de Vereenigde Staten van Noord Amerika en Canada in 1859

's Gravenhage, Marinus Nijhoff 1860 first edition

8vo, modern half calf with original front cover bound in, new endpapers. [10], 256 pages (of 264) and 2 (of 9 on 6 leaves) lithos. Good but incomplete copy of this rare title. Text itself complete, but lacks appendices 4-9. Lacking plates and appendices supplied in copy.

€ 220



Gilder, William H.

Ice-pack and Tundra, an Account of the Search for the Jeanette and a Sledge Journey Through Siberia
London, Sampson Low Marston Searle and Rivington 1883 first edition

8to, blue gilt embossed leather prize binding (Grosvenor School Nottingham), rubbed and shaved. Gilt titles and decoration to 5 band spine. Aeg. xii, 344, 32 (ads) pages with frontispiece, 47 illustrations (12 full-page), 3 maps (1 folding).

An account of the search for the Jeannette and a sledge journey through Siberia. The Jeannette was a steamer lost in the Arctic Ocean in 1881. Gilder, a journalist, travelled aboard the rescue ship USS Rodgers.

€ 350



Gill, W.
Gems from the coral islands

London, Ward and Co 1855-1856 first editions 2 volumes
“or incidents of contrast between savage and Christian life of the South Sea islanders.”

8vo, original blind stamped cloth with gilt, rubbed. 240; 320 pages, wear and soiling. With 28 illustrations including 3 maps. Good condition.

Volume 1 “Western Polynesia comprising The New Hebrides Group, The Loyalty Group, New Caledonia Group” and the 1856 volume 2 “Eastern Polynesia comprising The Raratonga Group, Penrhyn Islands and Savage Island”.
€ 280



Goeje, C.H. de

Verslag der Toemoekhoemak-expeditie (Tumuc-Humac-expeditie)

Leiden, E.J. Brill 1908

8vo, original wrappers, 225 pages with folding map and 37 illustrations.

In a issue of Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap (tweede serie deel XXV no. 5). Dutch expedition in Surinam.

€ 120



Gonzalez de Mendoza

Dell’ historia della China

Genova,  Bartoli 1586

4to, full limp vellum. [24] pages including title leaf, indices etc., 280 pages. Lower blank margin of title cut away without loss of imprint. Title written on, browning throughout. Rare.

This work was issued in various locations and by various publishers in the same year. Gonzalez de Mendoza (1545-1618) was an Augustinian monk at the court of Rome. Pope Gregory XIII ordered him to collect all that was known at the time about China. Mendoza's "Historia" may have been the first book-length work on China published in Europe since the days of Marco Polo. Also  "It contains an itinerary of the New World occupying several chapters, in which are accounts of Cuba, Mexico, and New Mexico, given by various missionaries who had visited those places."

€ 1.850



Graaf, Nikolas de (de Graaff)
Voyages de Nicolas de Graaf aux Indes orientales

Amsterdam, Chez Jean Frederic Bernard 1719 first French edition
"et en d'autres lieux de l'Asie. Avec une relation curieuse de la ville de Batavia et des moeurs, & du commerce des Hollandois établis dans les Indes."

12mo, full calf rebacked, spine decorated gilt, edges dyed red. 358 pages (final page misnumbered 308), large folding map as frontispiece, 4 folding plates, contents crisp. Scarce.

French translation of "Reisen …na de vier gedeeltens des werelds" 1701. Describes his several adventures from 1639 till 1687. As the son of a sailor, he joined the VOC in Hoorn in 1639 and made sixteen journeys all over the world. He wrote a humorous account that appeared posthumously in 1701.  
€ 1.350



Gram, Johan

Door Afrika’s wildernissen - Dr. Carl Peters’ tocht

Leiden, A.W. Sijthoff [1891] 3 volumes in 1

8vo, half morocco gilt. 191, 188, 199 pages, complete with numerous engravings. Covers rubbed etc. Good copy. Scarce.

Peters began in 1888 an expedition from the east coast of Africa, avowedly for the relief of Emin Pasha, actually to extend the area of German influence in Uganda and Equatoria. This expedition was not sanctioned by the German government and was regarded by the British authorities as a filibuster (in the 19th century sense of the word). Reaching Uganda during early 1890, Peters concluded a treaty with Kabaka Mwanga II of Buganda in favour of Germany. The titles of the volumes are: 1)Van Zanzibar naar Kikuyu.  2)Van Kikuyu naar Uganda.  3) Van Uganda naar het Vaderland.

€ 170 



Greely, Adolphus W.

Three Years of Arctic Service

New York, Charles Scribner's Sons  1886 first edition 2 volumes

"An Account of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition of 1881-1884 and the Attainment of the Farthest North".

8vo, original pictorial cloth, some repaired damage at foot of Volume I. xxv, 428; xii, 444 pages. Illustrated with nearly 100 illustrations made from photographs taken by the party and with the official maps and charts (many of the maps are folding). Very large folding chart of the Arctic Ocean in pocket inside rear board of Volume II. Nice set with the golden compass in stead of silver.

A veteran of the US Civil War, Greely launched the Lady Franklin Bay expedition to find the North Pole in 1881. Stranded on Ellesmere Island, Northern Canada, 21 of his 27-man crew perished before Greely and the survivors were rescued in 1884.

€ 280



Grenfell, Sir Wilfred

Adrift on an ice-pan

London, Jarrolds  [1930] first edition DJ

8vo with dust jacket. 92 page on thick paper with illustrations. Apart from a little wear and some minor creases in the DJ in fine condition.

"The story of a marvellous escape from death after being trapped on an ice-floe whilst journeying on an errand of mercy" in Labrador.

€ 50



Hall, Charles Francis

Narrative of the Second Arctic Expedition

Government Printing Office of Washington 1879 first edition

4to, original green cloth, slightly bumped, with gold gilt pictorial design on front cover of ice formations and dog sledge. Gilt lettering on the outside spine. 944 pages, maps, steel engravings, photo-engravings, heliotypes and sketches, many with tissue paper guards. Linen-backed map in the back pocket size 65x82 cm, titled "Map of the North Polar region" in excellent condition. Very good copy.

During the course of 1863 Hall planned a second expedition to seek more clues on the fate of Franklin, including efforts to find any of the rumoured survivors or their written records. In July 1864 the expedition departed in the whaler Monticello. During this second expedition to King William Island, he found remains and artifacts from the Franklin expedition, and made more inquiries about their fate from natives living there. Hall eventually realized that the stories of survivors were unreliable. He also became disillusioned with the Inuit by the discovery that the remnants of Franklin's expedition had deliberately been left to starve. He failed to consider that it would have been impossible for the local population to support such a large group of supernumeraries.

€ 640



Hayes, I.I.

The Open Polar Sea, a Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery Towards the North Pole in the Schooner United States

New York, Hurd & Houghton 1867 first edition

8vo half calf, marbled edges and endpapers. xxiv, 454 pages with an engraved frontispiece, 6 other plates and 3 tinted maps, 30 text illustrations, tail-pieces. Very good copy.

Narrative of the Hayes Arctic Exploring Expedition to extend northward the exploration of the Second Grinnell Expedition and to make scientific observations and collections. It describes the voyage along the coasts of Greenland and Ellesmere Island to Smith Sound, sledge journeys to 82 degrees and the native peoples.

€ 250



Hellwald, F. von / Berg, J.C. van den

De Werelddeelen. Europa en de Poolgewesten/Azië en Afrika/Amerika en Australië

Haarlem, J.M. Schalekamp en G. v. den Berg 1879/1881/1884 3 volumes

4to, almost identical uniform decorated cloth. (6), 385; (6), 473; (6), 531 pages with 43 plates. Good used copy.

Dutch adaptation of Die Erde und ihre Völker.

€ 170



Hille, J. W. van

Reizen in West-Nieuw-Guinea / Aanteekeningen omtrent de afdeeling West-Nieuw-Guinea

Leiden, E.J. Brill 1905

8vo, modern dark blue wrappers. 276 pages with 4 (large) folding maps and an illustration. Added: “Aanteekeningen omtrent de afdeeling West-Nieuw-Guinea, ontleend aan officieele verslagen”, 6 pages with 2 folding maps. Very good.

4 articles, complete, extracted from Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap 1905/1907. Only publication of the travels in New Guinea by the temporary assistent-resident of that territory in october 1903 till march 1904.

€ 190



Holub, Emil
Von der Capstadt ins Land der Maschukulumbe. Reisen im sudlichen Afrika in den Jahren 1883-1887
Vienna, Wilfred Holder 1890 first edition 2 volumes
original half brown leather, marbled paper sides, leather is rubbed and chafed. 560; 564 pages with 205 illustrations and 2 folding maps, 1 large folding at the end of volume II.

In 1883 Holub set out to do what no one had done before: explore the entire length of Africa from Cape Town all the way to Egypt. However, the expedition was troubled by illness and the uncooperative Ila tribesmen and Holub's team was forced to turn back in 1886.  
€ 390



Huc, P.

Reisherinneringen uit Tartarije,Thibet en China

Leiden, J.W. van Leeuwen [1862] second Dutch edition

8vo, original gilt cloth. xvi, 394 pages (prize for Th.Smits van Oyen, 1873).

Translation of  “Souvenirs d'un voyage dans la Tartarie, le Thibet et la Chine pendant les années 1844, 1845 et 1846.” Huc was a French missionary Catholic priest and traveller, Since the travels of the Englishman Thomas Manning in Tibet no European had visited Lhasa. Huc stimulated European interest in Central Asia and blazed a trail for Asian studies.   

€ 220



Hutchinson, T.J. 

Ten Years' Wanderings Among the Ethiopians

London, Hurst and Blackett 1861 first edition

“With Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the Civilized and Uncivilized Tribes, from Senegal to Gaboon.”

8vo, original cloth, gilt faded, recased with new endpapers. xx, 329, (1), 14 adverts pages, tinted lithographed frontispiece, foxed due to flimsy.

Hutchinson (1820–85) was an Anglo-Irish explorer, born at Stonyford County Kilkenny Ireland. He studied medicine. After a trip to West Africa in 1851, he was chief surgeon on the Niger expedition (1854–55). After two years as English Consul at the Bight of Biafra and Fernando Po, he became governor of the latter place (1857) and in 1861 was transferred to the consulate at Rosario in Argentina.

€ 250 



Ides, Evert Ysbrants

Three Years Travels from Moscow over-land to China

London, Printed for W. Freeman J. Walthor T. Newborough J. Nicholson and R. Parker 1706 first English edition

“thro' Great Ustiga, Siriania, Permia, Sibiria, Daour, Great Tartary; &c. to Peking.” “To which is Annex'd an Accurate Description of China, done Originally by a Chinese Author.” Additional second title before page 115: “A Short Description of the vast Empire of China by Dionysius Kao, a Native of that Country"

4to, contemporary panelled calf, rebacked. [14], 110, [4], 115-210 pages with engraved title (dated 1705), folding map, and 30 plates as called for. Ex libris of Philip Monoux Baronet. A good sound copy, text somewhat browned.

"This was no easy journey in those days. Ides, who was a Dane in the service of Peter the Great, set out from Moscow March 14, 1692. (...) He composed his journal for the information and satisfaction of Peter the Great who was well pleased with the results and rewarded the author with the post of Privy Councillor. (...) The expedition added considerable geographical knowledge to the little that was known about Northern Manchuria and China."

€ 2.900



Inglis, Rev. John

In the New Hebrides.  Reminiscences of Missionary Life and Work, Especially on the Island of Aneityum From 1850 Till 1877

London, T. Nelson and Sons 1887 first edition

8vo, original blue cloth. xvi, 352 pages with tipped-in photograph and map. Owner inscription of Robert Pettigrew, his nephew. Binding with a little wear.

June 1852, John and Jessie Inglis set sail aboard Bishop G. A. Selwyn's Border Maid for Aname, on the northern side of Aneityum, where they were to spend the next 24 years.

€ 130



Isert, Paul Erdmann

Reize van Koppenhagen naar Guinea

Amsterdam, v.d. Burgh 1797

"en van daar naar de Westindiën en de Caribische eilanden, in Amerika."

8to, half calf, rubbed and marked, worm holes, edges sprinkled red. viii, 418, (1) pages and 2 engravings, lacking free endpapers. Interior in very good condition. Rare.

Account of the Danish surgeon Isert to the Danish settlements in Africa and his journey on a slave ship to the Caraibian. Isert's book is an important contemporary account of West Africa and the slave trade. He was sympathetic toward Africans, going out of his way to dispel myths and commenting quite favorably toward their manners and customs. He had harsh words for European actions in Africa.

€ 1.100



Ives, Edward

Reize naar Oost-Indië en Persië, en de daar omliggende landen. Ondernomen langs een' ongewoonen weg

Amsterdam, de Compagnie 1779 first edition 2 volumes

4to, printer’s boards backed with modern handmade marbled paper. (16), 324; (4), 379, (1) pages, uncut and complete with the half-titles, 2 large folding engraved maps of India / Middle East and 9 engravings. Light age toning and some worming in places, new back endpapers in first volume and new labels. Very good. Rare.

Ives travelled to India as surgeon of the Kent, the flagship of Vice-Admiral Charles Watson, commander-in-chief in the East Indies. His return journey was by way of Basra, Baghdad, Mosul, Diarbekir, Bir, Aleppo, Latichea, Cyprus and Leghorn. Tiele 522: second issue of “Reize van Engeland naar Indië” 1776, a translation of “A Voyage from England to India” 1773.

€ 1.350



Jackson, Frederick George

The Great Frozen Land (Bolshaia Zemelskija Tundra): Narrative of a Winter Journey Across the Tundras and a Sojourn Among the Samoyads

London, Macmillan and Co 1895 first Edition

8vo, publisher's blue pictorial gilt cloth. [xviii], 297, [ii, ads] pages, frontispiece with tissue guard, numerous illustrations from photos and drawings including full-page, 3 foldout coloured maps, Index. Good copy, binding with some wear and traces of use.

The journey had two purposes, the first was to test equipment for the coming Jackson-Harmsworth Polar Expedition, and the second, "which was to visit and, for some months, to live with that primitive group of the human family, the Samoyads of the Great Frozen Tundra of Arctic Russia."

€ 120



Jameson, James S.

Story Of The Rear Column Of The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition

London, Porter 1890 first edition

8vo, original publisher’s cloth, rubbed and little edge wear. xxxii, (2), 455 pages with portrait of the author as frontispiece (with light margin stain), folding map and numerous illustrations. Errata slip present. Very good.

This is the story of Henry Morton Stanley"s ill-fated rear guard and one of the last trips in the 19th century to the interior of Africa by a European power. It is compiled from letters and diaries from James S. Jameson, the expedition"s naturalist, who reputedly paid $5,000 to join the venture. He died at Bangala of fever.

€ 350



Johansen, Hjalmar

With Nansen in the North: a record of the Fram Expedition in 1893-96

London, Ward Lock and Co 1899 first edition

8vo, publisher’s blue glit cloth. viii, 351 pages [8 pages publishers advertisements] with illustrations. Good used copy.

Johansen was a Norwegian polar explorer. He participated on the first and third Fram expeditions. He shipped out with the Fridtjof Nansen expedition in 1893–1896, and accompanied Nansen to notch a new Farthest North record near the North Pole. Johansen also participated in the expedition of Roald Amundsen to the South Pole in 1910–1912. This is his story as a member of Nansen's Fram expedition, "so eager to take part in the expedition, as no other post could be found for him, he accepted that of stoker".

€ 120


Jukes, Joseph Beete

Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of H.M.S. Fly

London, T. & W. Boone,  1847, first edition 2 volumes

"commanded by Capt. F.P. Blackwood, R.N. in Torres Strait, New Guinea, and other islands of the Eastern Archipelago, during the years 1842-1846: together with an excursion into the interior of the eastern part of Java".

8vo, 14x22 cm, modern paper covered binding with blindstamps (Bolton Public Libraries) inside on text and plates. xii, [2], 423; v, [3], advertisement slip, 362 pages, 2 folding maps and 19 plates (4 lithographs, 14 uncoloured aquatints, and one wood engraving) plus a number of wood engraved illustrations in the text. Except the library flaws in very good condition.

Narrative of a very important voyage by the naturalist to the expedition, undertaken for the purpose of surveying the lesser-known parts of the coast of northeastern Australia and the islands of Torres Straits and the Great Barrier Reef. New Guinea was also visited and the Fly River discovered. Also included are accounts of Timor and its aborigines, Dutch Java, Sandalwood Island, Singapore, and Malacca. Jukes was the naturalist on the expedition and his chapter on the natural history of the Barrier Reef is of great importance, his observations strongly supporting Darwin's theory of the formation of coral reefs. 

€ 1.700



Junker, Dr Wilhelm

Travels in Africa during the years 1875-1878 [and] 1879-1883 [and] 1882-1886

London, Chapman and Hall 1890 first English edition 3 volumes

8vo, original pictorial cloth, discolourings, rubbed, minor wear to spine ends. viii, 582; viii, 477, [ii, ads]; viii, 586 pages with 3 folding colour maps (small repairs), profusely illustrated throughout, interior allmost clean, overall a good set.

Junker charted the course of the Congo and its tributaries during his decade in Central Africa. Born of German parents in Moscow, he was influenced in his desire to explore Africa by Schweinfurth who drew his attention to the lands south of the Libyan desert, "a region at that time ... still shrouded in the veil of an awe-inspiring mystery". His fascination with the region led him to make three expeditions over a period of eleven years and he is recognised as one of the great African explorers.
€ 1.100



Kampen, N.G. van

Afrika en deszelfs bewoners, volgens de nieuwste ontdekkingen

Haarlem, Erven François Bohn 1828/1829 first edition 3 volumes

"een werk ter bevordering der kennis van landen en volken en van derzelver voortbrengsels en handel".

8vo, original marbled boards with cloth spine. xvi, 348; x, 406; xii, 406 pages with 7 engravings and a map. "Voorberigt" and "Inhoud" misbound. Very nice.

€ 330



Kane, Elisha Kent

The United States Grinnell Expedition in search of Sir John Franklin a personal narrative

Philadelphia, Childs & Peterson 1857 new edition

8vo, publisher’s brown cloth with wear and repairs, front hinge cracked. xix, 552 pages. Engraved frontispiece of Franklin, folding map and numerous illustrations. Good used copy.

Kanes first voyage to the Arctic as surgeon on Edwin DeHavens Advance (1850-51). The expedition spent an uncomfortable winter in the pack ice of Wellington Channel, eventually drifting back out into Davis Strait. It also includes the drift in ice in that region, Sept. 1850 to June 1851. According to a presentation by Kane the original edition of 1853 is excessively scarce, that supposedly only 20 or so copies survived a warehouse fire.

€ 190



Kane, Elisha Kent

Arctic explorations: the second Grinnell expedition in search of Sir John Franklin 1853, '54, '55

Childs & Peterson, Philadelphia 1856 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, decorative embossed cloth boards with vignette at front board, gilt stamping. 464, 467 pages, frontispiece, 2 title pages each volume, profusely illustrated with 300 steel and wood engravings, full page and vignettes, maps/fold-out. Pages clean, a few tissue guards with small amt foxing and some foxing on map, former owner's name on front free endpapers and title page, light soiling to boards, edgewear, corners bumped, Volume I front outside hinge mended professionally and also small abrasion to cloth upper spine mended, Volume II has horizontal closed tear to cloth under title at spine (mended).

A remarkable set, one of the few earliest copies as "Kane's Sea" (now Kane Basin) had not been added to the folding map. According to William Elder's biography of Kane in 1859 an important backer of Kane felt the explorer should be honored by the naming of a geographical region for him. He convinced the publisher to engrave "Kane's Sea" across an unnamed expanse of the ocean on the folding map in volume one. A few copies had been released during the first month of publication prior to this addition which appeared in all subsequent copies. The map in this set is of the first state without this addition. Doctor Kane was the ship's surgeon on the First Grinnell Expedition of 1850 and upon that mission's unsuccessful return he immediately set out in command of the Second. That mission was, financed by Grinnell, also a failure in that no trace of the lost Franklin Party was found.

€ 750



Kane, Elisha Kent
Kane, de Noordpoolvaarder: togten en ontdekkingen van de tweede Grinnell-expeditie

Leyden, Sythoff 1861 first Dutch edition
“ter opsporing van Sir John Franklin, in de jaren 1853, 1854 en 1855 onder bevel van Elisha Kent Kane”.

8vo, original cloth gilt. Xiv, 288, (8) pages with many wood engravings. Very good.

Dutch abridged version of Arctic Explorations.
€ 250



Kappler, A.
Holländisch-Guiana. Erlebnisse Und Erfahrungen Während Eines 43 jährigen Aufenthalts in Der Kolonie Surinam
Stuttgart, W. Kohlhammer 1881 first edition
8vo, original front wrappers affixed to 3/4 cloth with marbled boards, slightly chipped on the spine edges. xii, 495 pages, frontispiece and folded maps.

August Kappler was a German researcher, naturalist and explorer. He is credited as the founder of Albina, Suriname. From 1836, Kappler was stationed in Suriname as a soldier and member of the Dutch colonial service. Here he had the opportunity to explore the country, and amass a large collection of insects and plants. After his military duties were finished, he spent the years 1842 to 1846 based in Paramaribo, from where he sold butterflies that were collected locally. In the latter part of 1846 he had earned enough money to purchase a plot of land near the Marowijne River. Here he would spend the next 33 years of his life, working as a trader, farmer, postal official, et al. He called his homestead "Albina", after his fiancé Albina Josefine Liezenmaier. Within the decade, Albina would become a small settlement with a handful of European settlers. 
€ 230



Keate, George

Beschryving van de Pelew eilanden

Rotterdam, Arrenberg 1789 first Dutch edition

"Gelegen in het westlyk gedeelte van den Stillen Oceaan, opgesteld uit de dagverhalen en mondelinge berigten van den kapitein Henry Wilson en sommige van zijn officieren, welke in augustus 1783 aan dezelven schipbreuk geleden hebben met de Antilope....".

4to, half leather with marbled boards, upper spine chipped, joints rubbed. xxxii, 366, (4) pages with some scattered brown spotting. Engraved frontispiece, folding map and 6 (folding) plates.

Dutch translation of this popular story about a shipwreck, the nice treatment by the natives etc. They took Lee Boo, the son of Abba Thulle, King of the Pelew Islands, with them to England where he made a very good impression. Unfortunately, he soon died of smallpox.

€ 780



Kerr, Robert
A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, arranged in systematic order

Edinburgh, William Blackwood 1811--1816--1824 18 volumes
"forming a Complete History of the Origin and Progress of Navigation, Discovery and Commerce, by Sea and Land, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time."

8vo, full calf bindings, rubbed with restorations. 17 engraved maps (7 folding), folding-table.

"The distinguishing feature of this collection is that it is devoted to voyages and travels of discovery, wherein the boundaries of geographical knowledge were enlarged. It consequently contains all the early expeditions to America and the Pacific in extenso. The eighteenth volume is a history of the progress of maritime and inland discovery, with a bibliographical catalogue of voyages and travels, by William Stevenson; which is a work of great value, and being published at a later time is frequently wanted.”
€ 2.250



Kessel, O. van

Ontmoetingen in het Himmalaya-gebergte en andere reis- en jagtavonturen voor de jeugd

Leiden , D. Noothoven van Goor [1863]

8vo, original gilt decorated cloth, 18,5 x 12,5 cm. 112 unnumbered pages with 14 handcoloured lithographs. Rare.

The main story, on hunting in the Himalayas, is adapted from the English account by Frederic Markham. Two other hunting accounts are added, one on geese in Northern Europe and the other on ostriches in the Sahara. The two last travel stories are situated in Cape Town, South Africa, and in Algiers respectively.

€ 130



Kingsley, Mary H.

Travels in West Africa. Congo Français, Corisco and Cameroons

London, Macmillan and Co 1897 first edition

8vo, original gilt buckram. xvi, 743, (1), 8 pages ads, 2 lithographed plates of fish, 16 full-page plates and many illustrations in text. Near fine.

"Mary Kingsley (1862-1900) made two travels to West Africa to study the primitive religions of the tribes. This narrative written with a great sense of humour describes her first adventurous journey. She traveled through wild countries, away from civilization and any European influence, and undertook important research work between the rivers Ogowé and Rembwé"

€ 490



Knox, Robert

Relation ou voyage de l'Isle de Ceylan dans les Indes Orientales

Amsterdam, Paul Marret 1693 first edition in French

"contenant une description exacte de cette Ile, la forme de son gouvernement, le commerce, les moeurs, les coutûmes, la religion de ses habitants: avec un récit de la captivité de l'auteur et de divers autres Anglois, et de sa délivrance après vingt années d'esclavage."

Large 12mo, 10x16 cm, vellum. 2 volumes in 1. (22), 218, (6), 180 (28) pages. Engraved frontispiece (frayed), a folding engraved map of Ceylan (36x27cm) with large repaired tear, 17 engraved plates (13 folding, 3 with repaired tears, creases). 2 small private stamps. Good condition.

Knox was the son of Robert Knox, a sea-captain in the service of the English East India Company. In 1659 Robert senior was returning home from his post with the Company at Fort St George (Madras), accompanied by his son, when a storm forced their ship, the 'Ann', into Cottier Bay, Ceylon. They were taken prisoner with the rest of the crew by the Sultan of Ceylon. After twenty years he escaped with one companion in 1679 and reached Arippu, a Dutch settlement on the north-west coast of the island. In 1681 Knox wrote an account of his experiences, 'An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon, in the East-Indies', accompanied by engravings showing the inhabitants, their customs and agricultural techniques. First English report of "ganga": Indian hemp or cannabis.

€ 580



Koldewey, Captain

The German Arctic Expedition of 1869-70, and Narrative of the Wreck of the "Hansa" in the Ice

London, Sampson Low 1874 first English edition

8vo, later buckram binding. viii, 590 pages with 4 chromolithographs, 2 maps (1 large folding) and 31 engravings. Apart from a few library marks a very good copy.

Account of an Arctic expedition, written by the commander of the expedition. The backers of this expedition built and outfitted a steamer with the aim of exploring the central Arctic region, using the east coast of Greenland as a base of operations. The goal of the expedition was not just nautical, but to acquire a range of scientific data. This book provides a fascinating narrative of the accomplishments, activities and hardships of the expedition, and describes the wreck of the ship Hansa.

€ 380



Kolbe, Peter

Naauwkeurige en uitvoerige beschryving van Kaap de Goede Hoop

Amsterdam, Balthazar Lakeman 1727 2 parts in 2 volumes

"Behelzende een zeer omstandig verhaal van den tegenwoordigen toestant van dat vermaarde gewest, deszelfs gelegenheit, haven, sterkte, Tegerings-vorm, uitgestrektheit, en onlangs ontdekte aanleggende landen; nevens een geleerde beschryving van het klimaat en aart van dat landschap; van deszelfs dieren, visschen, vogelen, planten, kruiden, mitsgaders verscheide wonderen der natuur, daar te lande ontdekt; waar by nog komt, een zeer nette en uit eige ondervinding opgemaakte beschryving van den oorsprong der Hottentotten."
Folio, modern half calf with gilt decorated spine and marbled boards.
(16), 529, (2); (4), 449, (87) pages. Engraved allegorical frontispiece by J.C. Philips, engraved portrait of the author by J. Houbraken, 5 (of 6) folding engraved maps, a small folding plan, and 46 full page engraved views and plates of costumes, animals and scenes of daily life, including double page view of the Cape of Good Hope, by J.C. Philips, J. Wandelaar, A. Zeeman, etc.  Fine large-paper copy of the first Dutch edition of this famous description of South Africa. Apart from 2 plates with soiling in excellent condition. Lacking is -as nearly always- the map "Nieuwe Caarte van Kaap de Goede Hoop en't Zuyderdeel van Africa".

Peter Kolbe had been sent to the Cape of Good Hope with letters of introduction from Nicolas Witsen, Burgomaster of Amsterdam, for the purpose of compiling the present all-round descritpion of South Africa and for astronomical and surveying research, and he lived and worked at the Cape from 1705 till 1713. Kolbe gives an exact and detailed account of all aspects of life at the Cape, including its geography, climate, flora and fauna, followed by a highly interesting and religion, manner of living, singular traditions, customs, marriage ceremonies, circumcisions, education, etc. The account of the condition of the colony of the Dutch inhabitants is also full of interesting observations not to be found in any other description of the country. Kolbe's account was first published in German in Nuremberg, 1719. The present Dutch edition is the best and most richly illustrated edition.

€ 3.400



Kolff, D.H.

Voyage of the Dutch Brig of War Dourga through the southern and little known parts of the Moluccan Archipelago

London, James Madden & co 1840 first English edition

"and along the previously unknown coast of New Guinea during the year 1825 and 1826".

8vo, rebound in half leather with marbled boards. xxiv, 365 pages with 2 maps and one leaf of publisher's adds at end.

Originally published in the Dutch language in 1828. This expedition led by Kolff was sent out by the Dutch to investigate the massacre of British supply ships in 1824. Kolff explored much of the Moluccan Islands and the Java Sea and his descriptions of these exotic places are fascinating. Kolff writes with refreshing honesty and frankness about the people he meets on the voyage along with descriptions of the fruits and vegetables his crew encounters along the way.

€ 650



Kotzebue, O. von
Voyage of Discovery in the South Sea, and to Behring's Straits, in Search of a North-east Passage; Undertaken in the Years 1815, 16, 17, and 18, in the
Ship Rurick
London, Richard Phillips [1821]

8vo, very good condition in original paper wrappers, complete in two parts. 110, second title, 111-220 pages with 4 folding maps and 9 (in stead of 8) engravings and aquatints on plates, one of which is in colour.

The second Russian expedition into the Pacific for scientific exploration, sponsored by Count Romanzoff, was commanded by Lieutenant Kotzebue, and also included the famous artist Ludovik Choris. Kotzebue had also sailed with Captain Kruzenshtern in 1803-1806. Leaving Kronstadt in 1815, the Rurik rounded Cape Horn and visited Chile, Easter Island, and the Marshall Islands. Kotzebue explored the North American coast and Hawaii and searched unsuccessfully for a passage to the Arctic Ocean. The description of the northwest coast of America is a most important contribution.
€ 1.400



Krapf, Johann Ludwig
Travels, researches, and missionary labours during an eighteen years' residence in Eastern Africa
London, Trubner & Co 1860 first English edition
“Together with Journeys to Jagga, Usambara, Ukambani, Shoa, Abessini, and Khartum, and a Coasting Voyage from Mombaz to Cape Delgado”
8vo, contemporary full prize calf gilt, rubbed etc, spine restored with wear, gilt edges. li, (2), 566, (2) pages, no half title. Portrait frontispiece, marginal light staining, 2 folding maps, 12 coloured lithographs.
Krapf (1810 – 1881) was a German missionary in East Africa, as well as an explorer, linguist, and traveler. Krapf played an important role in exploring East Africa with Johannes Rebmann. They were the first Europeans to see Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. Krapf also played a key role in exploring the East African coastline.
€ 950



Kumm, H.Karl W

From Hausaland to Egypt, through the Sudan

London, Constable 1910 first English edition SIGNED presentation copy

8vo, original pictorial cloth, rubbed. xiv, 324 pages with 6 colour plates of butterflies, over 70 illustrations, portrait and folding map. 1 text leave with tape repair, little foxing. Very good.

Kumm went in missionary service to Upper Egypt and in 1900 participated in the founding of the Sudan Pioneer Mission. Together with his wife, he founded the Sudan United Mission in 1904 with the aim of expanding the mission within Muslim regions in northern and central Africa. Political resistance to his mission, which came partly from Europe, forced Kumm to devise new routes for his ventures within the Sudan Belt. To this end, he undertook extensive expeditions on the Niger and the Nile.

€ 240



Labillardiere, J.J.H. de

Voyage in Search of La Perouse Performed ... during the Years 1791, 1792, 1793, and 1794

London, John Stockdale 1800 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, contemporary calf, rebacked. xxxii, 33-487; 344, 105, (6) ads pages. Engraved folding map, 45 engraved plates, a few trimmed within plate margin, occasional browning, bookplate and ink signature. Frontispiece offset onto title. Nice copy.

After three years without news of La Perouse, an expedition under D'Entrecasteaux set out with the joint purpose of discovering his fate and scientific and commercial exploration. No trace was found of the missing explorer in a journey which encompassed the Cape of Good Hope, Tasmania, southwest Australia, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands, the Admiralty Islands, and Tonga. D'Entrecasteaux died of scurvy in 1793, and Labillardiere, one of the botanists on board, completed the present account of the expedition. The plates include numerous portraits of natives of several islands, as well as botanical and ornithological views. 14 of the botanical plates in this volume were engraved after drawings by Pierre Joseph Redoute. Some of the ornithological plates are from drawings by Audebert.

€ 2.450



Lachambre, Henri / Machuron, Alexis

Andree's balloon expedition in search of the North Pole

New York, Frederick A. Stokes Company 1898 first English edition

12mo, blue decorative cloth, rubbed and wear. 306 pages with over 50 illustrations.

"By Andree's assistants in the preparation, equipment and departure of the balloon." On the 11th of July 1897 the balloon Ornen left Spitzbergen, July the 13th a pigeon brought the message "All goes well on board", but since then untill they found the diaries and the bodies in 1930 Andree's fate was a mystery. Translated from the French.

Added: 2 1898 McCure's magazine articles, 15 pages illustrated.

€ 130



La Condamine, Charles Marie de
Relation Abrege d'un Voyage fait dans L'Interieure De L'Amerique Meridionale

Maestricht, Jean-Edme Dufour & Philippe Roux  1778

"Depuis la Cote de la Mer du Sud, jusqu' aux Cotes du Bresil & de la Guyane, en descendant La Riviere des Amazones. Avec une Carte du Maragnon ou de la Riviere des Amazones levee par le meme. Nouvelle Edition. Augmentie de la Relation de l'Emeute populaire de Cuenca au Perou."

8vo, original wrappers, worn and spine repaired, in a modern cloth drop-back box. Folding frontispiece, (4), xvi, 379 pages, folding map of the Amazon aeria. Uncut, some browning.

New augmented edition, containing 60 pages of previously unpublished material, including the important letter from Godin to La Condamine. According to Borba de Moraes this Maastricht edition is more difficult to find than the Paris first edition of 1745. This mission became famous not only for its scientific findings, but also for a series of tragic and picturesque circumstances which attended it, some attributable to chance and others to the conflicting temperaments of the participants . La Condamine's «Relation» is of great importance, because for the first time the long course of the Amazon was traversed by a man of science capable of making astronomic observations, and determining longitudes.

€ 750



Laird, Macgregor / Oldfield, R. A. K.

Narrative of an expedition into the interior of Africa, by the River Niger, in the steam-vessels Quorra and Alburkah, in 1832, 1833, and 1834

London, Bentley 1837 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, original boards, with cloth rebacked/restored, morocco title labels, traces of use. xvi, 452; viii, 448 pages, complete with a lithographed map, 2 frontispieces and 4 plates in aquatint. Plates slightly toned. Good copy.

In 1832 Laird accompanied his Liverpool shipbuilding firm’s expedition, commanded by Richard Lander, to the delta of the Niger River. The expedition proved that the lower Niger could be navigated by oceangoing ships. Laird ascended the Niger to a place 880 km from the sea and its principal eastern tributary, the Benue, 130 km above the confluence. Of the expedition’s 48 European members, all but 9 died from fever or wounds, and Laird never fully recovered from the many hardships of the expedition.

€ 890



Lamartine, A. de

Herinneringen, indrukken, gedachten en tafereelen, opgedaan gedurende eene reize naar het Oosten (1832-1833)

Breda Amsterdam, Sterk en Bakkenes 1835-1836 first Dutch edition 4 volumes

8vo, original wrappers, used and browned. I: half title, title, (xii), 294, (2) pages, 2 folding maps. II: half title, title, 370, (2) pages. III: half title, title, 344 pages. IV: (2), half title, frontispiece portrait, title, (2), 338 pages, folding table. Scattered foxing. Good complete copy of a scarce title.

In 1832 Lamartine, the famous French poet, left for the Holy Land with his wife and daughter. Lamartine had in that period, after all, dropped off from overly formal Catholicism and tended to the ideas of Lamennais. The journey to Palestine was thus intended to deepen his loyalty to the Church. However, the trip did not have the expected result. By visiting the Holy Sepulcher and the death of his daughter Julia in Beirut, Lamartine completely gave up religious practice. Translation of “Voyage en Orient” (1835).

€ 290



Lamie, L. A. H.

De Nederlandsche Poolexpeditie in de Kara-zee

Amsterdam Brinkman, Utrecht Beijers 1884

8vo, modern dark blue wrappers. Complete with 101 pages, a folding plate and a folding map.

A scientific expedition that would visit Port Dikson in Siberia as part of the first International Polar Year. Due to heavy ice, the expedition led by Dr. Maurits Snellen failed to reach Dikson, but sightings were made on the frozen Kara Sea. After the expedition ship sank, the crew members managed to reach the mainland with sleds and sloops across the ice. Lamie was member of the expedition. Years later in 1886 a book was published by Snellen: “De Nederlandsche pool-expeditie”. Extracted from “Tijdschrift van het Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap”.

€ 120



Lander, Richard and John
Journal of an Expedition to explore the Course and Termination of the Niger
London, John Murray 1832 first edition 3 volumes
“with a Narrative of a Voyage down that River to its Termination”.

8vo, blue calf, rubbed. 3 volumes, lxiv, 272; vii, 321; vii, 354 pages with engraved frontispiece portraits of Richard and John Lander in volumes I & II, frontispiece of The Eboe Canoe in volume III, 4 other engraved plates, 2 maps, 1 large folding of the Course of the Quorra (Niger), other engravings in the text. Very good.

“Prior to setting out on this mission Richard Lander was already one of the most experienced British African explorers of his time. He had been the sole survivor of Clapperton's second expedition and had made an impressive solo trek to return to the coast with the expedition's papers and journals. The earlier French Geographic expedition under Caillie's leadership had still left one major blank in West African geography - the lower course and termination of the Niger.”
€ 650



La Perouse, J. F. G. de

A Voyage Round The World in the Years 1785, 1786, 1787 & 1788
London, Johnson 1799 second edition 3 volumes

8vo, 13x21 cm, modern half calf, fine. x, 532; x, 498; 446, 60 pages. Folding map, engraved portrait frontispiece and 43 (folding) maps and plates. Interior with browning and foxing of the plates, no half-titles..

Three publishers hurried in 1798 to publish the first English translation. This is the scarce second 1799 edition with more plates by Johnson. Not in Sabin, Cox etc. "The narrative of the enterprising but ill-fated Pérouse, is full of interest in all portions, but his relations of the peculiarities he observed in the natives of the northwest coast of North America, are especially valuable. The mysterious fate of this distinguished navigator has never been satisfactorily cleared up. The above account was transmitted from Botany Bay, after leaving this place the expedition was never heard of again".

€ 2.300



Latrobe, C.J.
Dagboek eener reize door Zuid-Afrika

Amsterdam, Ten Brink en De Vries 1823 first Dutch edition
“benevens eenige berigten over de broedergemeente te Groenekloof en Genadendal aan de Kaap de Goede Hoop door C.J. Latrobe; uit het Engelsch vertaald, met zeer belangrijke aanmerkingen en bijvoegzels vermeerderd door F. Hesse; uit het Hoogduitsch”.

8vo, contemporary half calf, covers with later paper. xii, 418 pages, etched frontispiece. Very nice copy.

Translation of “Journal of a visit to South-Africa in 1815 and 1816”. Latrobe was an English clergyman, musician and composer. In 1815 he voyaged to the Cape to visit Mamre and Genadendal, two Moravian mission stations. While in South Africa, he journeyed from Genadendal to George, Uitenhage and the Great Fish River. He planned the founding of a new mission station called Enon on the Witrivier near Kirkwood.
€ 450



Lecointe, Georges

Au pays des manchots. Récit du voyage de la "Belgica"

Bruxelles, Société Belge de Librairie Oscar Schepens 1904 first edition

8vo, red cloth with original publisher's pictorial stiff wrappers bound in, a bit soiling and small split in hinges. 368 pages, photographic frontispiece, 93 photographic illustrations in text, 5 folding maps. Very good.

Lecointe was the second-in-command, under Adrien de Gerlache de Gomery, on the Belgica expedition 1897-99. The Belgica reached Antarctic waters in January 1898, immediately being "hit by severe gale which, despite the heroic efforts of Lecointe, caused the death by drowning of [a] twenty-two-year-old sailor", the crew subsequently being severely affected by scurvy and madness. Despite this, the expedition scientists brought back a substantial quantity of material. Rosove 199 A1.

€ 370



Le Maire, H.

Schoonheden uit de voornaamste reistogten

Amsterdam, Naylor & Co 1842 second edition

8vo, half cloth, rubbed. 250 pages with 12 engravings. A few leaves dampstained, scattered foxing. Rare.

Dutch translation of Beautés de l'histoire des voyages les plus fameux. The first Dutch edition was published in 1824. Not in the usual reference works. Lemaire is especially known for his Robinsonades. "Dit Werkje, zal, vertrouwen wij, onder de menigvuldige Leesboeken, welke voor de Jeugd reeds vervaardigd zijn, eene goede plaats innemen. Hetzelve bevat veel belangrijks uit de Reizen naar Afrika, Azië, en Amerika, in de Poollanden, en op de onderscheidene Zeeën."

€ 170



Le Vaillant, Francois

Voyage dans l'intérieur de l'Afrique, par le Cap de Bonne-Espérance. Dans les années 1780, 81, 82, 83, 84 & 85

Paris, Leroy 1790 first -4to- edition

4to, 21x26 cm, 2 parts in 1 volume, 19th century quarter leather, all edges gilt and in almost impeccable condition. xvi, 400 pages, second title after page 194.  Complete with frontispiece and 11 engravings, including the suppressed plate of the female Hottentot (mounted, from another edition). Scarce 4to edition. Very good with only minor foxing and browning.

Le Vaillant went to the Cape of Good Hope in 1780 for the Dutch East India Company. He made three journeys, one around Cape Town and Saldanha Bay, one eastwards from the Cape and the third to the Orange River and into Great Namaqualand. During the first expedition his collection was on the Middelburg which was attacked and sunk by the English in Saldanha bay. "This work was attacked when published, and some of the incidents related were declared to be either exaggerated or altogether invented".

€ 1.600



Le Vaillant, Francois

Reize in de binnenlanden van Afrika, langs de Kaap de Goede Hoop, in de jaaren 1780-1785

Leyden & Amsterdam, Honkoop & Allart  1791-1798 5 volumes

8vo, 13x23 cm, half calf with marbled boards, 2 of the title labels renewed, rubbed. xxxiii, 352; 360; xxxii, 332; 374 (1); 392 (2) pages, half titles present. With a large folding engraved map and 34 (folding) engraved plates. Text and plates very good.

Le Vaillant went to the Cape of Good Hope in 1780 for the Dutch East India Company. He made three journeys, one around Cape Town and Saldanha Bay, one eastwards from the Cape and the third to the Orange River and into Great Namaqualand. During the first expedition his collection was on the Middelburg which was attacked and sunk by the English in Saldanha bay. "This work was attacked when published, and some of the incidents related were declared to be either exaggerated or altogether invented". "Interesting as an account of South Africa at a time when comparatively little was known regarding its natural history and the Dutch settlers".

€ 1.750



Lichtenstein, H.
Reizen in het zuidelijk gedeelte van Afrika in de jaren 1803-1806

Dordrecht, Blussé & Van Braam 1818
8vo, simple old boards. x, (2), 331 pages plus ads, with 5 plates. Used copy with scattered dampstaining. Rare.

Dutch –abridged- translation of “Reisen im südlichen Afrika in den Jahren 1803, 1804, 1805 und 1806”. This abridged translation includes an account of Governor General Janssens' travels to Kaffaria, and of subsequent journeys through the western and northern parts of the colony and much information respecting the wild animals and natural features of the country traversed … particulars of the return journey from Graaff-Reinet, together with extracts from General Janssens' journal, and accounts of further journeys to Zwellendam, and the countries inhabited by the "Bosjemans, Corans, and the Beetjuans," and concludes with a narrative of the capture of the colony by the British.
€ 280



Linschoten, Jan Huygen van                       
Histoire de la navigation de Jean Hugues de Linscot Hollandois et de son voyage es Indes Orientales

Amstelredam, 1610 first French edition



"contenante diuerses descriptions des pays, costes, haures, riuieres, caps & autres lieux iusques à present descouuerts par les Portugais ... / avec annotations de Bernard Palvdanus ... ; a qvoy sont adiovstees qvelqves avtres descriptions tant du pays de Guinee & autres costes d’Ethiopie que des nauigations des Hollandois vers le nord au Vaygat & en la nouuelle Zembla ; le tout recveilli et descript par le mesme de Linscot en bas Alleman & nouuellement traduict en François".

Small folio. Contemporary mottled calf repaired, gilt. Complete as indicated in the text with Title-vignet, 3 folding maps/plan (2 handcoloured), 2 double-page maps, 1 half-page map, 2 double-page plates, 1 full-page plate and 55 large plates.

OCLC states only a few copies of this very scarce book. All known copies have the imprint of publisher Theodore Pierre or Henri Laurent. Our copy only states Amsterdam without the publisher's name (misprint?).

€ 36.500



Linschoten, Jan Huygen van                       
Histoire de la navigation

Amsterdam, Evert Cloppenburgh 1638 3 parts in one, third French edition

“ aux Indes Orientales Contenant diverses Descriptions des lieux jusques a present descouverts par les Portugais….” The second part: “ Le Grand Routier de Mer... Continant une instruction des routes & cours qu'il convient tenir en la Navigation des Indes Orientales & au voyage de la coste du Bresil, des Antilles, & du Cap de Lopo Gonsalves” and the third part: “Description de l'Amerique & des parties d'icelle, comme de la Nouvelle France, Floride, des Antilles, Iucaya, Cuba, Jamaica, &c.”

Folio. Contemporary full calf gilt, front cover expertly renewed, new endpapers. 3 letterpress titles [2 within engraved surrounds, the third with engraved vignette], portrait of Linschoten, lacking the 6 maps, 31 of 36 engraved plates/plans present.  Pages 171/178 and 55/58 (part 3) appear to be from another copy. Generally in very good condition.
€ 5.300



Livingstone, David

Missionary travels and researches in South Africa: incl. a sketch of sixteen years' residence in the interior of Africa

London, John Murray 1857 first edition

8vo, original blind tooled brown cloth, skilfully rebacked with new end papers. Copy with publishers list dated 1-11-1857 and index (Bradlow variant 8). x, 711, 8 ads pages with folding frontispiece (the Victoria Falls), numerous illustrations and 2 folding maps (1 in rear-pocket), some foxing, otherwise a very good copy.

Livingstone’s famous first South African expedition during which "he explored vast regions of central Africa, many of which had never been seen by white men before. He first discovered the Zambesi River at Secheke and followed it northwards, eventually reaching the west coast of Africa at Luanda, Angola and the east coast at Quelimane, Mozambique. In 1855 he discovered the great falls of the Zambesi and named them the Victoria Falls. He explored the Zambesi, Shire and Ruyuma rivers and found the salt lake Chilwa and Lake Nyasa. During his travels Livingstone was appalled at what he saw of the terrible effects of the slave trade (mainly carried on by Arabs) on African life. He followed the principles of Wilberforce and became a protagonist in the fight to abolish slavery. The geographical results of his journeys were of supreme importance, and made it possible to fill in great stretches of the maps of Central Africa which hitherto had been blank."

€ 450



Livingstone, David

Missionary travels and researches in South Africa: incl. a sketch of sixteen years' residence in the interior of Africa

London, John Murray 1857 first edition

8vo, contemporary calf school prize binding with marbled endpapers and edges, gilt spine with red morocco label to spine, gilt motif of Harrow School to upper board. Early copy  without publishers list and without the index (Bradlow variant 7). x, 688, (2) pages with folding frontispiece (the Victoria Falls), numerous illustrations and 2 folding maps, some foxing and rubbing, otherwise a beautiful bound copy.

Livingstone’s famous first South African expedition during which "he explored vast regions of central Africa, many of which had never been seen by white men before. He first discovered the Zambesi River at Secheke and followed it northwards, eventually reaching the west coast of Africa at Luanda, Angola, and the east coast at Quelimane, Mozambique. In 1855 he discovered the great falls of the Zambesi and named them the Victoria Falls. He explored the Zambesi, Shire and Ruyuma rivers and found the salt lake Chilwa and Lake Nyasa. During his travels Livingstone was appalled at what he saw of the terrible effects of the slave trade (mainly carried on by Arabs) on African life. He followed the principles of Wilberforce and became a protagonist in the fight to abolish slavery. The geographical results of his journeys were of supreme importance, and made it possible to fill in great stretches of the maps of Central Africa which hitherto had been blank."

€ 650



Livingstone, David

Ontdekkingsreizen in de binnenlanden van Afrika
Rotterdam, Bolle [1861] first Dutch edition

“in schetsen uit de bekendste oudere en nieuwere reizen, vooral met betrekking tot de groote ontdekkingen in Zuid-Afrika, gedurende de jaren 1840-1856” translated by H.M.C. van Oosterzee.

8vo, original wrappers. viii, 386 pages with many wood engravings. Title page and back cover damaged in margins by worms(?) without loss of text. Scarce.

Translation of “Livingstone, der missionär” 1859. This first version in Dutch being the only contemporary translation in Dutch of the Missionary travels –reprinted by Sythoff in 1863- is “a compilation drawing primarily on Livingstone’s own writings. There is also material on other missionary work in Africa” (Casada 156).
€ 350



Livingstone, David and Charles

Narrative of an expedition to the Zambesi and its tributaries and of the discovery of the lakes Shirwa and Nyassa 1858-1864

London, John Murray 1865 first edition

"and of the discovery of the lakes Shirwa and Nyassa 1858-1864"

8vo, original publisher's cloth, rubbed and used, spine ends with repairs. xiv, (2), 608 pages. With folding frontispiece and illustrated title page. 34 (full page) illustrations, folding map (repaired). Interior clean. Good.

Livingstone’s second expedition to chart the course of the Zambesi and investigate the agricultural potential and natural resources of the region. In private Livingstone had hoped that the expedition would ultimately lead to the founding of an English colony in Central Africa. The expedition was plagued by supply problems, internal disputes, sickness (Mary Livingstone died) and problems arising from the unsuitability of the steamship and inspite of all of this, Livingstone reached Murchison Falls, Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa and the Victoria Falls.

€ 350



Livingstone, David

The last journals of David Livingstone in Cental Africa

London, John Murray 1874 first edition 2 volumes

"from 1865 to his death, continued by a narrative of his last moments and sufferings, obtained from his faithful servants Chuma and Susi, by Horace Waller".

8vo, 14 x 22cm, original maroon cloth, gilt illustration on the front covers, gilt spine lettering and decorations, brown coated endpapers. Covers rubbed and used, spines damaged with repairs. Volume 1: xvi, 360, 6 pages book adverts, large folding map in rear pocket, 7 full-page plates and 18 text illustrations; Volume 2: viii, 346, 20 pages book adverts, folding coloured map, 14 full page plates and 6 text illustrations. Interior generally clean.

Third and last account of Livingstone's explorations in Africa and his search for the source of the Nile River. 'These journals include "a series of travels and scientific geographical records of the most extraordinary character....of seven years' continuous work and new discovery," in the course of which “no break whatever occurs….from the time of Livingstone’s departure from Zanzibar in the beginning of 1866 to the day when his note-book dropped from his hand in the village of Ilala at the end of April 1873.” ….The last explorations were conducted in the vicinity of Lake Bangwelo, where, thoroughly broken down and worn out, the greatest traveller of modern times died on May 1, 1873, at Chitambo. His faithful servants, Susi, Chuma and Jacob Wainwright, preserved his body and papers, and brought them safely back to England, where his remains were interred in Westminster Abbey, on April 18, 1874.’

€ 420



(Livingstone, David) / (J. S. Roberts)

The life and explorations of David Livingstone

London, Walter Scott ~1880 

4to, original red decorative cloth gilt, edges gilt. 632 pages with 12 colour lithographs, light sporadic foxing.

Extensive compilation of Livingstone's life and travels, largely based on his own writings. Cassada (Livingstone's bibliographer) No. 660: "the work is lavishly illustrated." Richly decorated binding with a gilded Livingstone that tells a liberated slave about the Bible, the 3 sides of the book block with gilded cuts. This book has been published in various versions - in terms of size, quality illustrations and binding - this is one of the most beautiful.

€ 240



(Livingstone, David) / (J. S. Roberts)

The life and explorations of David Livingstone

London, Adam & co ~1880 

4to, contemporary half calf with grey cloth boards, age wear and small repairs. 973 pages with 85 tinted lithographs and a map, light scattered soiling.

Extensive compilation of Livingstone's life and travels, largely based on his own writings. Cassada (Livingstone's bibliographer) No. 660: "the work is lavishly illustrated." This book has been published in various versions in terms of size, quality illustrations and binding.

€ 240



(Livingstone, David) / (J. S. Roberts)

The life and explorations of David Livingstone

London, Adam & co ~1880 2 volumes

4to, contemporary half calf with marbled boards, age wear and repaired joints. 973 pages with 85 tinted lithographs and a map, light scattered foxing.

Extensive compilation of Livingstone's life and travels, largely based on his own writings. Cassada (Livingstone's bibliographer) No. 660: "the work is lavishly illustrated." This book has been published in various versions in terms of size, quality illustrations and binding.

€ 240



Long, Emma de

The voyage of the Jeannette

Boston, Houghton, Mifflin and Company 1884 first edition second issue 2 volumes

8vo, publisher's copper coloured cloth, pictorally stamped and titled in gilt, black and blind. Some minor rubbing, hinges and spine ends mended. 911 pages. Two steel plate portraits, tinted lithograph mounted with some damage, 13 full page wood engravings and numerous text illustrations. 24 maps, diagrams and charts including two folding maps. Edited by Emma de Long.  Light and bright set with virtually no rubbing to front panel and spine images.

The Jeannette sailed from San Francisco July 8, 1879. After clearing the Bering Sea and visiting Cape Serdze Kamen, the Jeannette went adrift in the ice near Herald Island in November of that year. The ship and her crew drifted for nineteen months until the ship was crushed and finally sank on June 12, 1881. Thirty-three men left the ship, twenty-five of whom reached the Lena delta, where Captain de Long and eleven others perished. The text is taken from de Long's personal journals, recollections and notes of his wife as well as public and private testimony from survivors.

€ 570



Lyon, Captain George Francis

A Brief Narrative Of An Unsuccessful Attempt To Reach Repulse Bay
London, John Murray 1825 first edition

"Through Sir Thomas Rowe's Welcome, In His Majesty's Ship Griper, In The Year MDCCCXXIV"

8vo, half leather with marbled boards and edges. xvi, 198 (2) pages, folding map and 7 plates. A few light traces of dampstaining and foxing.

In 1821-1823 Lyon was captain of the Hecla, the second ship on an expedition from William Edward Parry to northern Canada. The expedition investigated the northern part of the Hudson Bay (the Foxe Basin), and Fury and Hecla Strait was discovered. In 1824 Lyon was again sent to this area, now as leader of an expedition. He had to try to sail westward through Fury and Hecla Strait. He sailed south of Southampton Island, and wanted to reach via Roe's Welcome Sound Repulse Bay. His ship, the Griper, however, was severely damaged in Roe's Welcome Sound by tides and wind, which made him decide to turn around and return to England.

€ 450



Maffei, Giovanno Pietro

Le historie delle Indie Orientali

Venice, Damian Zenaro 1589 Second or third edition in Italian

"Tradotte di latino in lingua toscana da M. Francesco Serdonati fiorentino. Con una scielta di lettere scritte delle Indie fra le quali ve ne sono molte non piu stampate tradotte dal medesimo. Con due indici copiosissimi".

4to, 18th century vellum. 30 leaves including title and contents, 416 leaves. Woodcut device on title, woodcut initials and headpieces. Title defective at foot with partial loss of imprint, expertly repaired.

The work contains a full history of India with missionary epistles from Persia, China, India and Japan, and also treats of the West Indies, and gives an account of Columbus’s discovery of the New World, the voyages of Americus Vespuccius, and other expeditions to America”.

€ 1.450



Mallaga, Adrianus

Rampspoedige Reistocht van Kapitein Adrianus Mallaga

Rotterdam, A. Bothall 1761 first edition

“voerende het Fregatschip, De Johanna, Lambert, en Kristina van Rotterdam. Waar van in de Jaarboeken des voorleden Jaars, in de maand' November, een korte beschryving gegeven is. Alles volgens het Origineel Journaal van den Kapitein, in een Historischen styl beschreven.”

4to, recent marbled paper covers, 33, iii [poem & errata] pages. Authorisation in ink 'Bothall' verso title. Good copy, rare.

Relates the shipwreck on the coast of the island Gose de Kandia (now Crete).

€ 330



Marree, J.A. de
Reizen op en beschrijving van de Goudkust van Guinea

's Gravenhage Amsterdam, Gebr. van Cleef 1817-1818 2 volumes first edition

“voorzien met de noodige ophelderingen, journalen, kaart, platen en bewijzen : gedurende een lang verblijf aldaar opgezameld en grootendeels zelve gezien, ondervonden en bijeen gebragt”

8vo, half cloth, marbled covers. [4]-viii-[4]-289-[2-1 bl.], [8]-313-[2-1 bl.] pages. Illustrated with a folding map titled "Kaart der goudkust van Guinea" and 4 engraved plates (3 folding) by A.L. Zeelander, depicting a.o. St. George D'Elmina. Rare.

First edition of an account of the country and the customs of the natives of West Africa including descriptions of the Dutch, English and Danish forts. Marree served twice in the Dutch administration on the Gold Coast, as Secretary and Fiscal in 1802-04 and then as General Secretary and Linguist in 1810-16; his account of the country merits comparison with Bosman.
€ 900



Martin, K.

Nederlandsche expeditie naar de West-Indische eilanden en Suriname 1884-1885

Amsterdam Utrecht, Brinkman Beijers 1885

8vo original printed wrappers, 102 pages with 9 illustrations. In 3 issues bound together of Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap (tweede serie deel II no. 6-7, 8, 9-10).

Dutch expedition in Surinam.

€ 100



Mawson, Sir Douglas

The home of the blizzard

London, Heinemann 1915  first edition 2 volumes

8vo, 18x25cm, original blue publisher's cloth with only minimal wear.  xxx, 349; xiii, 338 pages with photogravure frontispiece in each, numerous plates (18 coloured, 9 folding panoramas), and 3 folding maps in an end-pocket. Interior very good as well. An attractive set of this scarce title.

Mawson was a prominent Australian polar explorer whose first visit of the Antarctic was with the crew of Shackleton. A contemporary of Scott, he decided to run his own Antarctic expedition, starting in December 1911. On one occasion, during a trek to base camp, Mawson lost his 2 companions and most of his supplies when, firstly, a sledge fell down a crevasse and later his remaining companion died of poisoning/malnutrition. He miraculously survived by having to sacrifice the remaining dogs as food in order to sustain himself over the final 100 miles.

€ 1.500



McClintock, F.L.

The Voyage of the 'Fox' in the Arctic Seas. A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and his Companions

London, John Murray 1859 first UK Edition

8vo, contemporary half calf and marbled boards, marbled page edges, spine richly gilt, light rubbing and wear to marbled board tips, marbled endpapers. [xxvii], [i], 403pages, [1]ads. 4 folding maps (2 on a single folding sheet), folding facsimile letter and 14 engraved plates.

After the return of John Rae, McClintock commanded the private expedition sponsored by Lady Franklin in 1857 to search for her husband and his crew, missing since 1845. This account details his thorough search of the area between the Boothia Peninsula and King William Island, and the final discovery of the Franklin relics, including the sole written record of the ill-fated expedition. McClintock returned to England in 1859 with the evidence of Franklin's death and the fate of the ships and their crew - this guaranteed his knighthood in the following year.

€ 550



M'Dougall, George Frederick

The Eventful Voyage of H.M. Discovery Ship "Resolute" to the Arctic Regions in Search of Sir John Franklin

London, Longman Brown 1857 first edition

"and the missing crew of H.M. discovery ships "Erebus" and "Terror" 1852, 1853, 1854. To which is added an account of her being fallen in with by an American Whaler after her abandonment in Barrow Straits, and of her presentation to Queen Victoria by the Government of the United States".

8vo, publisher's cloth, a bit discoloured. xl, [1], 530 pages with a folding map, 8 beautifull tinted lithographed plates. Occasional dampstaining to plate edges and versos, a little worm damage.

The Resolute, commanded by Captain Henry Kellett, formed part of the five-ship search force sent out under the overall command of Rear Admiral Edward Belcher. Due primarily to Belcher, the entire squadron of ships was abandoned in May 1854, while the crews returned south to safety. The Resolute drifted a thousand miles before being recovered and ultimately being presented to Queen Victoria". The wellknown M'Clintock was captain of one of the ships, M'Clure's expedition party was rescued during their stay.

€ 1.100



Melville, George

In the Lena Delta

Boston, Houghton Mifflin 1885 first edition

"A Narrative of the Search for Lieut.-Commander DeLong and His Companions, Followed by an Account of the Greely Relief Expedition, and a Proposed Method of Reaching the North Pole."

8vo, publisher’s cloth with minimal wear. xiii, (3), 497 pages with ads. 4 maps and 16 plates. Contents clean (unread). Very good.

The ship Jeannette was to be used in an Arctic Expedition attempt to establish a "farthest north" with the ultimate goal of reaching the elusive North Pole. Lt. DeLong was to command the expedition and Lt. George W. Melville was to act as his engineer. The Jeannette encountered the ice beyond the Bering Straits and was eventually carried westward across the top of the European Continent until the ship floundered and was deserted by her crew in the area north of the Lena Delta. Most of the crew perished attempting to reach civilization, however a small party of survivors were eventually saved and Melville was one of these. Melville went on in his naval career and was on board the relief ship that recovered the Greely Expedition to Lady Franklin Bay.




Miani, Giovanni

manuscript copy of a letter addressed to Roderick Murchison

Vienna?, 1863

7 pages of hand writing in French. With title “L’arbre Miani retrouvé dans l’Afrique Centrale par mess. Speke & Grant." Adressed “A mons. Roderick Murchinson, Président de la Société de Geographie de Londres”.

The letter starts with his opinion that he cannot believe the fact that Speke and Grant found the Tamarind tree with his name inscribed. The description of the surroundings differ and also the more northern latitude. He then relates the story of his voyage in detail and concludes that Speke took a different track and did not discover the sources of the true Nile, nor does Lake Niger exist. He states that he is supported by a.o. Petermann and Malte-Brun. The Emperor of Austria is willing to help him organize a new expedition, assisted by Ismael Pasha, to solve “cette grande question” definitely. Giovanni Miani (1810-1872) was an Italian explorer of the Nile. See for comments on this letter Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society 1863 and Petermann’s Mitteilungen 1863.

€ 850



Mikkelsen, Ejnar

Lost in the Arctic

London, William Heinemann 1913 first edition

"being the story of the Alabama expedition, 1909-1912", "with numerous illustrations and a map".

8vo 19x25 cm, variant blindstamped cloth cover. xviii, 400 pages with a folding map and numerous illustrations. Very good condition with just a little foxing and a few small private owner's stamps.

Mikkelsen set out on a grueling three year journey to find and retrieve the diary accounts of Mylius Erichsen and Haeg Hagen who perished along with Jorgen Bronlund during their Danish expedition two years earlier (1907). Their expedition successfully mapped the Northeast coast of Greenland, so it became important to the Danish that their bodies, and especially their diary accounts, be located. Mikkelsen set out in the refitted ‘Alabama’ with only a six man crew and a relatively small ship (later to be broken down for wood). Their story of a three year survival that followed became a true testament to human survival instinct, perseverance and intelligence.

€ 330



M'Leod, John

Voyage of His Majesty's Ship Alceste, Along the Coast of Corea, to the Island of Lewchew; with an Account of Her Subsequent Shipwreck

London, John Murray 1818  second edition

8vo, later 19th century half calf gilt. Frontispiece portrait, title, dedication, advertisement, directions for placing the plates, 323 pages. Engraved portrait and 5 hand-coloured aquatint plates, frontispiece and title browned, some light foxing.

Relates the journey of Lord Amhert's embassy to China and the exploration of the Chinese South Sea. They shipwrecked in the Java Sea. This book also tells the story of their horrifying adventures and salvation.

€ 580



Moffat, Robert

Missionary labours and scenes in Southern Africa

London, John Snow 1842 first edition first printing

8vo, 14x22 cm, half calf, rubbed. xv, 624, (2) pages with a hand-coloured engraved frontispiece, engraved title, folding map, 8 plates and illustrations in text. Plate margins and title with some discolourings. Good copy.

He and Mrs. Moffat, who shared his labors and dangers, were pioneers in South African mission work, and stanch friends of the natives, while he proved himself a skilful organizer, teacher, and translator. Father-in-law since 1844 of David Livingstone.

€ 590



Mollien, G.
Travels in Africa to the Sources of the Senegal and Gambia in 1818

London, Phillips 1820 first English octavo edition

8vo, modern cloth. x, 128 pages with folding map (some browning) and 4 engravings. Page ix of the preface supplied in facsimile. This is the first 8vo edition, with different title and fewer plates than the same-year 4to edition published by Colburn and Co. Scarce.  

"It was at first my intention, when I set out for the interior of Western Africa, to explore anew the countries which Mungo Park had visited; but … I resolved to strike out a new track; and after penetrating into the continent, I followed a line parallel to the meridian. The regions which I had to traverse in pursuing this direction, were almost unknown, and afforded scope for observations equally numerous and interesting.”

€ 490



Montanus, Arnoldus

Gedenkwaerdige Gesantschappen der Oost-Indische Maetschappy

Amsterdam, Jacob Meurs 1669 first edition

"in 't Vereenigde Nederland, aen de Kaisaren van Japan: vervattende wonderlijke voorvallen op de togt der Nederlandsche gesanten etc"

Folio, contemporary calf, spine renewed. (6), 456, (16) pages with engraved title, 24 (4 folded) double-page plates, folded engraved map (closed tears with small loss) and numerous engravings. A few leaves with scribblings in margins. Some leaves at the beginning and end with restaurated margins. Upper margin partly water spotted.

The plates of this work represent a high-water mark book illustrations of the 17th century. Apart from these, this book remains one of the most curious of the numerous works of travel in the Orient during the 17th century. Among the subjects discussed are the following: Murder in Japan, Japanese wrestlers, Japanese bath, jugglers and necromancers, burning of widows, women-raping by baboons, blood-bath, Japanese tortures, boiling waters of Singok gardens, Japanese wines, whaling in Japan, etc." Rare first account of Japan.

€ 4.800



Mounteney-Jephson, A. J.

Emin Pasha and the Rebellion at the Equator. A Story of Nine Months' Experiences in the Last of the Sudan Provinces

London, Sampson Low Marston Searle & Rivington 1890 first edition

8vo, original pictorial decorated cloth gilt, a little rubbed. xxiv, 490, (2) pages with frontispiece portrait, folding map and numerous illustrations. Nice copy with some minor spotting.

Jephson joined Stanley's expedition for the relief of Emin Pasha in 1887. Stanley and he travelled up the Congo, and left the ill-fated rear-guard at Yambuya on the Aruwimi. Jephson accompanied Stanley on the difficult journey through the forests to Lake Albert, and in April 1888 he was despatched over the lake to find Emin. He brought Emin to Stanley at the end of the month. With Emin, at Stanley's and the Pasha's request, he travelled through Emin's equatorial province, and offered to guide all inhabitants who wished to follow Emin and himself out of the province.

€ 230



Nachenius, B.
Herinneringen uit Abyssinië en Nubië

Amsterdam, C.F. Stemler 1878 first edition signed
8vo, original pictorial cloth gilt with a little wear and spine ends repaired, a.e.g. xi, (1), 292 pages with 3 mounted lithographs and folding map. Scattered some foxing. With autograph signed dedication "Present Exemplaar aangeboden aan den Heer B.J. Nachenius door den Schrijver [signed]. Amsterdam 3 November 1877". Rare.

Nachenius travelled in the years 1873-1874 from Alexandria to the countries around the Upper Nile, mainly by steamer and camel. Purpose was attaining knowledge of the region and investigating possibilities of trade with the people there.
€ 300



Nansen, Fridtjof

The First Crossing of Greenland

London, Longman Green and Co 1893 new edition

8vo, beautiful prize binding, burr walnut, later rebacked with original title label tipped in on last leave, 5 raised bands, gilt decoration on spine and on front board, marbled endpapers and edges, rubbed and some wear. xii, 452 pages with numerous illustrations and map. Presentation from "The Edinburgh Angus Club" within their motive. Also present is the bookplate awarded to one Miss Jeanie C.C. Read for maths and signed by the president. Some scattered foxing.

In 1888 Fridtjof Nansen, together with five companions, became the first to cross Greenland’s inland. They spent six weeks skiing across the ice cap from east to west and had to spend the winter 1888-89 at Godthaab (Nuuk) on the west coast before they could get a ship back to Norway.

€ 180



Nansen, Fridtjof

Fram öfver Polarhafvet den Norska Polarfärden 1893-96

Kristiania (Oslo), H. Aschehoug 1897 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, original pictorial cloth, just a little wear. [12], 526; [8], 553 pages with 3 folding coloured maps and numerous illustrations, appears unused. Very nice copy.

First original Norwegian edition, translated as “Farthest North”, of the famous Fram expedition. The account of a highly important journey to prove that a drift-current sets across the polar regions from the Bering Strait and the neighbourhood of the New Siberia Islands towards the east coast of Greenland.

€ 330



Nansen, Fridtjof

Farthest North - The Voyage & Exploration of the "Fram" 1893-96 & The Fifteen Months Sledge Expedition

Westminster, Archibalt Constable and Company 1897 2 volumes first English edition

8vo, original turquoise blue cloth with a little wear. xvi, 510; xvi, 672 pages. Profusely illustrated with etched frontispiece portrait, 16 colour plates from Nansen's own sketches, over 120 plates and illustrations in text and 4 folding maps at rear. Near very good with some foxing and slightly dampstained in margin of frontispiece volume I.

The account of a highly important journey to prove that a drift-current sets across the polar regions from the Bering Strait and the neighborhood of the New Siberia Islands towards the east coast of Greenland. Nansen's theory was based on a number of indications, not the least of which was the discovery of portions of the wreck of the "Jeannette" which had been lost off the New Siberia Islands in 1881, but which were found on drift ice off the south-west coast of Greeenland. His ship, the "Fram" was specially built of extraordinarily strong materials and of a design to be lifted by rather than crushed by the ice. The success of the theory, the expedition and the trek made northward over the ice on foot to a point farthest north is related in these two fine volumes. 

Added: The geographical journal, january 1893 with a.o. an article by Nansen, The Sketch 28-6-1893 article "BON VOYAGE TO DR. FRIDTJOF NANSEN", it features text and 4 photos from this upcoming Arctic expedition.
€ 460



Nansen, Fridtjof

In nacht en ijs De Noorsche Poolexpeditie 1893-1896

Leiden, A.W. Sijthoff 1897 first Dutch edition 2 volumes

8vo, original pictorial cloth, xi, 511; viii, 486 pages with 211 illustrations, 8 chromo’s and 5 maps. Covers a bit rubbed and soiled.

The account of a highly important journey to prove that a drift-current sets across the polar regions from the Bering Strait and the neighborhood of the New Siberia Islands towards the east coast of Greenland. Nansen's theory was based on a number of indications, not the least of which was the discovery of portions of the wreck of the "Jeannette" which had been lost off the New Siberia Islands in 1881, but which were found on drift ice off the south-west coast of Greeenland.

€ 140



Niebuhr, C.

Reize naar Arabië en andere omliggende landen

Amsterdam, by S.J. Baalde /  Utrecht, by J. van Schoonhoven & Comp 1776/80 first Dutch edition 2 volumes

4to, contemporary half calf with marbled boards, spine restored. viii, (6), 484; (16), 455, (1) pages with 2 engraved title-vignets, 1 large folding map handcoloured in outline, 2 folding maps, 6 folding plans, 25 full-page maps/plans, 37 folding plates, 47 full-page plates, 5 folding facsimiles & 2 full-page facsimiles. Interior very good and clean.

The expedition sailed in January 1761 to Cairo and Sinai, before traversing the Red Sea via Jiddah to Yemen, which was their main destination. In Sana the remaining members of the expedition had an audience with the Imam of Yemen al-Mahdi Abbas. From Mocha the expedition continued to Bombay. Niebuhr was now the only surviving member. He stayed in Bombay for fourteen months and then returned home by way of Muscat, Bushire, Shiraz and Persepolis. His copies of the cuneiform inscriptions at Persepolis proved to be a key turning-point in the decipherment of cuneiform, and the birth of Assyriology. He also visited the ruins of Babylon, Baghdad, Mosul and Aleppo. He seems also to have visited the Behistun Inscription. After a visit to Cyprus he made a tour through Palestine, crossed the Taurus Mountains to Bursa, reached Constantinople in February 1767 and finally arrived in Copenhagen in the following November.

€ 3.850



Nieuhof, J.
Johan Nieuhofs gedenkweerdige Brasiliaense zee- en lantreize / Zee en lantreize, door verscheide gewesten van Oostindien
t'Amsterdam, Voor de Weduwe van Jacob van Meurs 1682

“behelzende al hetgeen op dezelve is voorgevallen : beneffens een bondige beschrijving van gantsch Neerlants Brasil, zoo van lantschappen, steden, dieren, gewassen, als draghten, zeden en godsdienst der inwoonders : en inzonderheit een wijtloopig verhael der merkwaardigste voorvallen en geschiedenissen, die zich, geduurende zijn negenjarigh verblijf in Brasil, in d'oorlogen en opstant der Portugesen tegen d'onzen, zich sedert het jaer 1640 tot 1649 hebben toegedragen. - Doorgaens verc̜iert met verscheide afbeeldingen, na 't leven aldaer getekent” and the second part “Bevat tevens: Joan Nieuhofs Zee en lantreize, door verscheide gewesten van Oostindien, behelzende veele zeltzaame en wonderlijke voorvallen en geschiedenissen : beneffens een beschrijving van lantschappen, steden, dieren, gewassen, draghten, zeden en godsdienst der inwoonders : en inzonderheit een wijtloopig verhael der stad Batavia. - Verciert doorgaens met verscheide koopere platen”.

Folio, contemporary full gilt calf, spine restored. (8), 240, (2); (4), 308, (4) pages, complete.  Part 1 with frontispiece, portrait of the author, dedication plate, folding map of Brasil, double-page plate of fruits ("Papayen, Brasielse peeper, kathou", etc.), 2 full-page plates ("Negers speelende op kalabassen", "Een Brasiliaen") and 9 half-page maps and illustrations. Part 2 with 26 double-page plates showing plants, fishes, cityviews as "Amboyna", De stadt Palembang" etc., 3 double-page maps ("Cabo de Bona Esperanca", Malabar, Batavia), 16 full-page plates ("nagel-boom, een Amboneese soldaat", etc.) and 24 half-page maps, views and illustrations. Some soiling and repairs.

“The author lived nine years (1640--49) in Brazil in the service of the Dutch West India Company. The account of Brazil contains many precious documents, and includes the history of Brazil from its first discovery by the Portuguese, both civil and ecclesiastical.” "“Nieuhof, who was in the service of the Dutch East India Company, gives detailed and explicit news of the unsettled condition of the districts of the Malabar coast. He characterises the inhabitants of that region as " either merchants or pirates". The lower castes inhabiting the Malabar towns he shows to have been living under horrible conditions".
€ 11.500



Nordenskiöld, Otto

The Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe; with a historical review of previous journeys along the north coast of the old world

London, Macmillan and Co 1881 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, original publishers cloth.  xxv, [1], 524; xvii, [3], 482 pages and [1] ad. Illustrated with 5 steel engraved portrait plates with tissue-guards, 8 folding maps and numerous wood engravings within the text, complete.  Front hinges strengthened, blind stamp stationer and owner's entry. Nice copy.

 In 1878 Nordenskiöld sailed around the north coast of Asia, returning home by way of the Bering Strait, being the first to make the whole length of the Northeast passage. This he accomplished in the voyage of the Vega, navigating for the first time the northern coasts of Europe and Asia. Starting from Karlskrona on 22 June 1878, the Vega doubled Cape Chelyuskin in the following August, and after being frozen in at the end of September near the Bering Strait, completed the voyage successfully in the following summer.

€ 250



Nordenskjöld, Otto

Antarctic. Zwei Jahre in Schnee und Eis am Südpol

Berlin, Dietrich Reimer (Ernst Vohsen) 1904 2 volumes first German edition

8vo, original pictorial boards. xxii, (2), 372, (1); v, (1), 405, (5) pages with 2 frontispiece portraits, 4 maps (2 loose in rear-pocket), 300 illustrations. Very good.

Nordenskjöld led the 1901-1904 Swedish Antarctic Expedition aboard the ship Antarctic. The expedition visited the Falkland Islands before the ship dropped Nordenskjöld's party off at Snow Hill Island, a small island off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Nordenskiöld overwintered at Snow Hill Island, while the Antarctic returned to the Falklands. The following summer returning the ship became trapped in ice which eventually crushed her hull, forcing to overwinter in a hastily constructed shelter on Paulet Island. Larsen and Nordenskjöld finally rendezvoused at their fall-back rescue hut at Hope Bay in late 1903, where they were picked up by a Argentine Navy corvette. Despite its end and the great hardships endured, the expedition was considered a scientific success, with the parties having explored much of the eastern coast of Graham Land.

€ 490



Olearius, A.

Persiaensche Reyse Uyt Holsteyn, door Lijflandt, Moscovien, Tartarien in Persien / Beschrijvinghe des koninckrycx Persien

Amsterdam, by Joost Hartgers 1651

"door Philippus Crusius & Otto Brughman, Gesanten, des Doorl: Hoogh: Heere, Heer Frederick en van daer te Landt naer Oost-Indien".

8vo, contemporary blind stamped vellum. Two works in 1 volume. 134, 120 pages with engraved title-plate, printer's device and 10 text engravings. this edition was published without maps.

    Bound with:

Laet, J. de
Voyagien naa en door het Groot en Magtige Koninkrijk van Persia
Amsterdam, S. Imbrechts 1667

"vergadert, en saamen gestelt, uit de naaukeurigste, en gedenkwaardigste schrijvers des zelven kooninkrijks. Begrijpende en verhandelende met eene de bysondere inwoondere hare aardt, en zeeden, weereldtlijcke en geestelijcke rechten, religie, ommegang en kleederen, dieren, vogelen, vissen, kruyden, steden, revieren, en wat daer voorder vreemt en bysonder in is aen te mercken".

128, (4) pages. Seldomly found only translation in Dutch of "Persia seu regni persici Status".

€ 1.650



Osborn, Lieut. Sherard

Stray Leaves from an Arctic Journal; or, eighteen months in the Polar Regions, in Search of Sir John Franklin's Expedition, in the Years 1850-51

New York, George P. Putnam 1852 first American edition

8vo, original cloth. 216 pages, library blind stamp Fraser Institute, spine ends damaged. Otherwise a good copy. "Account, by the commander of the Pioneer, one of the tenders to the Resolute and Assistance, of the Franklin search expedition under Capt. H.T. Austin”.  Such was their success in cutting through ice and navigating the treacherous waters that similar models were later adopted by the whaling fleet.

€ 110 



Pagès, [P. M. F.] de

Voyages autour du monde, et vers les deux poles, par terre et par mer

Berne et Lausanne, 1783 second edition

8vo, 11x18cm, marbled boards with cloth spine lettered in gilt, 3 parts in 1. 199; (viii: Lettre); 166, (2); 219 pages including 2 folding tables. The 3 titles present.

The first voyage (1767-1771) contains an account of de Pagès’ voyage from France to New Orleans, and a long account of his journey through Louisiana up the Mississippi, along the Red River, up to Nachitoches, and his stay in that place. His journey from Natchitoches across Texas, to San Antonio, his stay amongst the Adaisses, and at Naquadoch. Journey from San Antonio to the Rio Grande, and crossing at Laredo into Mexico, and on to Saltillo. Then via Charcas, San Luis Potosi, etc., to Mexico City, and so to Acapulco. The journey through America occupies 130 pages, and contains many interesting details of the place visited, and of the Indians. From Acapulco, the author sails to Guam (Marianna Islands), and after a stay there, on to the Philippines, stopping at Manilla, then back to France, via Bombay Mesopotamia and Palestine. The second voyage (1773-1774)went to the South Pole and the last in 1776 whaling to the North Pole.

€ 450



Palgrave, William Gifford

Dutch Guiana

London, Macmillan and co 1876 first edition

8vo, publisher's green cloth, rubbed, spine ends worn. vii, 264 pages with 2 (coloured) folding maps, some scattered foxing. Uncommon.

Account of a short visit to Surinam - in the author's words a "Creole paradise" - by a reknowned world traveller in consular service, famous for his journey through Arabia. Nevertheless he managed to compile quite a dossier on the life, history and culture of the colonial lifestyle. Nice maps of Surinam and a street plan of Paramaribo.

€ 240



Pallas, P.S.  (& Francis Blagdon)
Travels Through the Southern Provinces of the Russian Empire performed in the years 1793 and 1794

London, James Ridgway 1803 first 16mo English edition 4 volumes

16mo, contemporary tree calf, spines with wear and restorations. xxiv, 336; x, 368; xvi, 362; xx, 352 pages with 22 engraved plates, 2 folding. Browning and spotting, but still a good copy.

Pallas spent six years, 1768-1774, exploring the Urals, the Kirghiz Steppes, the Altai Range, part of Siberia, and the steppes of the Volga, returning with an extraordinary treasure of specimens. "These travels into the Crimea and to the Caucasus are less confined to scientific objects and therefore are more generally interesting than his former work".

€ 650 



Park, Mungo

Travels in the interior districts of Africa: Performed under the direction and patronage of the African Association in the years 1795, 1796 and 1797

London, Blumer 1799 first edition

4to 28x22 cm, full leather, rebacked. xxviii, 372, xcii, (3) pages. Half title, portrait frontispiece, 5 engravings and 3 folding maps. With an appendix, containing geographical illustrations of Africa by Major Rennell. Light scattered foxing, maps with offsetting.

This book became a bestseller because it detailed what Park observed, what he survived, and the people he encountered. His dispassionate descriptions set a standard for future travel writers to follow and gave Europeans a glimpse of Africa's humanity and complexity. Park introduced them to a vast continent unexplored by Europeans, and proposed by example that Europeans could exploit it.

€ 1.750



Park, M. / Houghton, (D.) / Rennell, J. 

Reize en ontdekkingen in de binnen-landen van Africa

Haarlem, F. Bohn 1800 first Dutch edition

gedaan door den majoor Houghton en den heer Mungo Park, beiden zendelingen der Africasche Maatschappij te London opgerigt, ter bevordering van den voordgang der ontdekkingen in dat werelddeel: verrijkt met eenige aardrijkskundige ophelderingen van den majoor J. Rennell.”

8vo, contemporary half calf gilt, rubbed. x, half title, 242 pages, 3 folding maps (one with tape repair). Very good.

Contains the accounts of both Houghton’s journey and the first expedition of Mungo park. “Daniel Houghton was commissioned to proceed from the mouth of the river Gambia on Africa’s western coast, moving inland towards (hopefully) the Niger. He penetrated farther into Africa than any European before him. From the highest navigable point on the Gambia he continued on foot northeast toward Bundu, where the local authorities delayed his passage. Houghton eventually made his way as far as the north Saharan village of Simbing, 160 miles north of the Niger and 500 miles short of Timbuktu, but in September of 1791, he was lured into the desert, robbed, and killed.”

€ 1.150



Park, Mungo

The Journal of a mission to the interior of Africa in the year 1805
London, Murray 1815 first edition

“To which is prefixed an account of the life of Mr. Park (by J. Wishaw).”

4to, contemporary half calf, rubbed, spine expertly restored, marbled edges. (10), cxxx, (2), 219 pages, folding map, no half-title. Map offsetting to title page, scattered little foxing. Nice wide-margined copy. Scarce first edition.

"Mungo Park, a Scottish surgeon and explorer, was sent out by the 'Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior of Africa' to discover the course of the River Niger. Having achieved a degree of fame from his first trip, carried out alone and on foot, he returned to Africa with a party of 40 Europeans, all of whom lost their lives in the adventure".
€ 1.300



Park, Mungo

Tweede of laatste reis van Mungo Park in de binnenlanden van Afrika

Dordrecht, Blusse 1817 first Dutch edition

“mitsgaders een beknopt verhaal van deszelfs leven.”

8vo, half calf gilt, rubbed. viii, 374 pages. Very good, scarce.

"Mungo Park, a Scottish surgeon and explorer, was sent out by the 'Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior of Africa' to discover the course of the River Niger. Having achieved a degree of fame from his first trip, carried out alone and on foot, he returned to Africa with a party of 40 Europeans, all of whom lost their lives in the adventure".

€ 480



Parke, Thomas Heazle

My Personal Experiences in Equatorial Africa: As medical officer of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition

London, Sampson Low Marston & Company Ltd 1891 first edition

8vo, original publisher’s cloth with a little wear. xxvi, (2), 526, 32 (ads) pages with a folding map and 18 illustrations. Interior almost clean. Very good copy of the scarce first edition

These are the personal journals of the military surgeon Dr. Thomas Parke who served in this expedition. “Being desirous to give my original impressions of persons and things, I have made no change whatever in the contents of my African note-books... I have inserted, here and there, a few paragraphs containing my views on the principal diseases which I was called upon to treat. The remainder of the text I regard as supplementary, in some measure, to Mr. Stanley’s volumes”.

€ 650



Parry, William Edward

Journal of a Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific

London, John Murray 1821 first edition

"Performed in the Years 1819-20 in his Majesty's Ships Hecla and Griper, Under the Orders of William Edward Parry... With an Appendix, Containing the Scientific and Other Observations".

4to, contemporary (or original?) cloth-backed boards, lower cover scuffed, (edge) wear. (6), xxix, (2), 310, (2), clxxix, (2 ads) pages, uncut. Illustrated with 20 engraved (folding) maps, charts and aquatint plates, some spotting, toning and offsetting, previous owner signature to title. Complete with errata sheet. Good scarce first edition.

Parry's voyage, which had taken him through the Parry Channel three quarters of the way across the Canadian Arctic Archipelago was probably the single most productive voyage in the quest for the Northwest Passage. Luck had been on their side; 1819 was unusually ice-free and no ship was able to travel so far west until Edward Belcher's expedition in 1850.  

€ 840



Parry, William Edward
Journal of a Second Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific

London, John Murray 1824 first edition

"Performed in the Years 1821-22-23, in His Majesty's Ships Fury and Hecla".

4to, uncut in original publisher’s half cloth with original paper spine label, joints repaired. (8), xxx, (2), 571, (1), (4 ads) pages with 4 folding engraved charts, 35 engraved plates, plans and profiles, some light offsetting, occasional light browning and soiling.

On his second expedition Parry attempted to navigate the Northwest Passage via a different route, namely from the north of the Hudson Bay. He once again had two ships at his disposal. During the voyage, a third ship, the Nautilus, carried part of the supplies. He left London in May 1821, reaching Hudson Strait in July and Frozen Strait north of Southampton Island, which he was the first to transit in August. He sailed along the Melville Peninsula to the north, looking for a passage westward. Here the expedition wintered and it took until July 1822 before the ice allowed him to continue sailing. Eventually he found a strait in the north, which was frozen. He called this Fury and Hecla Strait after his ships. He again overwintered, and the following year the ships were released from the ice in August and the homeland was reached again in October.

€ 1.280



Parry, Sir William Edward

Journal of a Third Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage

Philadelphia, H. C. Carey and I. Lea 1826 first American edition

"performed in the years 1824--25, in His Majesty’s Ship Hecla and Fury".

8vo, original stained and edge-worn boards, rebacked and gold-stamped, new endpapers. 232 pages, subscription prospectus for Carey & Lea periodicals plus browned single leaf Atlantic Souvenir for 1827 bound in. The folding map shows light spotting and some offsetting, repairs on folds with a small loss in blank area. Moderate foxing throughout and some light waterstaining, mostly in blank margins. Provenance: Levi Walter Mengel (September 27, 1868 – February 3, 1941) was an entomologist from Reading, Pennsylvania. He was director of the Reading Public Museum and was a member of the Peary expedition to Greenland of 1891–92. Very rare.

In 1824 Parry left for a third expedition to Northern Canada. The plan was that via Prince Regent Inlet, discovered on his first voyage, he would sail south, hoping to reach the Coppermine, because John Franklin had shown that the coast was navigable eastward from the Coppermine. Ice and wind made the trip difficult, but he still managed to reach the Inlet, and wintered 80 kilometers south, near Port Bowen. He continued for another 100 kilometers to the south, but then the Fury stranded and was heavily damaged by ice. She could not be repaired, and because he only had one ship left, Parry returned to England.

€ 360 



Payer, Julius

Die österreichisch-ungarische Nordpol-Expedition in den Jahren 1872-1874

Wien, Alfred Holder 1876 first edition

"nebst einer Skizze der zweiten deutschen Norpol-Expedition 1869-1870 und der Polar-Expedition von 1871".

8vo 24x17cm, green publisher's pictorial cloth with gilt decoration. cvi, 696 pages with portrait frontispiece, 3 folding maps, 145 wood-engraved plates. Very good.

"Account of the expedition in the Tegetthoff... to explore the region north of Novaya Zemlya...the discovery and exploration by sledge of Franz Josef Land...Account of the abandonment of the ship, Mar. 1874, and of the return by sledge and boat, May-Sept. 1874."

€ 290



Payer, Julius 

New Lands Within the Arctic Circle
New York, D. Appleton & Co 1877 first US edition

"Narrative of the Discoveries of the Austrian Ship "Tegetthoff" in the Years 1872-1874"

8vo, original red cloth stamped in gilt and black with a little soiling. xxiv, 399 pages and 6 pages with ads. Chromolithographed frontispiece, 2 double-page maps, many full-page wood-engraved illustrations, many illustrations in the text.

From 1872-1874 Payer led the Austro-Hungarian North Pole Expedition with Karl Weyprecht, who was Commander at sea, while Payer was Commander at shore. During this voyage he made the discovery of Franz Joseph Land, however upon his return to Vienna many critics voiced doubts about its existence and about the experiences of other participants in the expedition.

€ 450


Peary, Robert E.

Northward over the "Great Ice"

New York, Frederick A. Stokes 1898 first edition 2 volumes

"A Narrative of Life and Work along the Shores and upon the Interior Ice-Cap of Northern Greenland in the Years 1886 and 1891-1897, With a Description of the Little Tribe of Smith-Sound Eskimos, The Most Northerly Human Beings in the World, and an account of the Discovery and Bringing Home of "Saviksue" or Great Cape-York Meteorites".

8vo, original publisher's full blue cloth stamped in silver and gilt, top edges gilt, others uncut. Lxxx, 521; xiv, 625 pages. Except for the sunned spines a very good copy, complete with maps, diagrams and about 800 illustrations.

€ 390



Peary, Robert E.

Nearest the Pole

London, Hutchinson & co 1907 first edition

"A narrative of the Polar expedition of the Peary Arctic Club in the S.S. Roosevelt, 1905-1906".

8vo 19x27 cm, original black buckram with giltstamped vignette of Peary on sledge in gold. xx, 412 pages, complete with colour frontispiece, 95 illustrations by the author and two maps. Very good.

"The result of the last expedition of the Peary Arctic Club has been to simplify to attainment of the Pole fifty per cent, to accentuate the fact that man and the Eskimo dog are the only two mechanisms capable of meeting all the varying contingencies of Arctic work and that the American route to the Pole and the methods and the equipment which have been brought to a high state of perfection during the last fifteen years, still remain the most practical means of obtaining the object".

€ 260



Peary, Robert E.

The North Pole

London, Hodder and Stoughton 1910 first edition

"With an introduction by Theodore Roosevelt. One hundred and sixteen illustrations from photographs".

8vo 21x26 cm, original green cloth with golden medal of Peary on front board, white bust of a bear on the spine, a litle wear. xii, 326 pages with 4 photogravures, folding coloured map and 112 plates. Map with a little foxing, rest clean. A very good copy.

"According to Peary, they reached the Pole on April 6 and remained there 30 hours to verify their position. ... Immediately after Peary's arrival, the Cook/Peary controversy broke out as a result of Cook's almost simultaneous announcement that he had reached the Pole one year earlier. Eventually, Cook's claim was rejected as fraudulent by most commentators, and Peary's priority was widely acknowledged. However, Peary's claim, too, has frequently been questioned, and controversy continues even now."

€ 450



Peary, Robert E.

De Noordpool Ontdekt

Haarlem, H.D. Tjeenk Willink 1910 first Dutch edition

4to, original giltlettered cloth with mounted plate, bit rubbed. Viii, 278 pages with a portrait frontispiece, about 100 photos and a coloured folding map. Little scattered foxing. Very good. (library Boudewijn Büch)

"According to Peary, they reached the Pole on April 6 and remained there 30 hours to verify their position. ... Immediately after Peary's arrival, the Cook/Peary controversy broke out as a result of Cook's almost simultaneous announcement that he had reached the Pole one year earlier. Eventually, Cook's claim was rejected as fraudulent by most commentators, and Peary's priority was widely acknowledged. However, Peary's claim, too, has frequently been questioned, and controversy continues even now."

€ 270



Peary-Diebitsch, Josephine

My Arctic Journal. A year among ice-fields and Eskimos. With an account of the great white journey across Greenland by Robert E. Peary

New York, Contemporary Publishing Co 1893 first edition

8vo, publisher’s cloth. 241 pages with 4 colour plates, many photos and maps. Very good.

Mrs. Peary's record of the Peary Expedition, 1891-92, on which she accompanied her husband to northwest Greenland. Description of the northward voyage in 1891, the establishment of a base on McCormick Bay, the boat journeys, hunting, and daily life among the Polar Eskimos until august 1892.

€ 220



Peary, Marie

Het Noordpoolkind. Marietje Peary's Reisverhaal, door Haarzelf en haar Moeder Verteld

Amsterdam, Scheltens & Giltay (1909) first edition

4to, original printed wrappers, rebacked. 92 pages with photos. (library Boudewijn Büch) Rare.

Dutch translation of “Children of the Arctic by the snow baby and her mother”. Marie Ahnighito Peary was born in Northwest Greenland on September 12, 1893, to arctic explorer Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary and his wife, Josephine Diebitsch Peary. She became known worldwide as the "Snow Baby.” Her middle name honored the Inuit woman who made Marie's first fur suit. In 1909, when Marie was sixteen years old, Admiral Peary lead arguably the first successful expedition to the North Pole.

€ 100



Percival, Robert
An account of the Cape of Good Hope
London, C. and R. Baldwin 1804
first edition
“Containing An Historical View of its original Settlement by the Dutch, its Capture by the British in 1795, and the different Policy pursued there by the Dutch and British Governments. Also a Sketch of its Geography, Productions, the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants, Etc. Etc. with a view of the political and commercial advantages which might be derived from its possession by Great Britain.”

4to, contemporary tree calf rebacked preserving the original back strip, one damaged corner repaired, page edges sprinkled light green, marbled endpapers.  Bound by Kalthoeber in London. xxii, 339 and 4 pages publisher’s catalogue. With the uncorrected state of the headline on page 247.

As a captain in the Eighteenth or Royal Regiment of foot, Captain Percival took part in the first British Occupation of the Cape in 1795. Under General Craig he led the attack on the fortifications of Muizenberg, and was the first officer to reach Cape Town. He remained at the Cape for two years. His book was published after the second British occupation in 1805 when there was a renewed demand for more detailed knowledge about the new colony. Theal is very harsh on the book describing it as ‘one of the most unreliable that has ever been issued from the press,’ but it nevertheless provides much interesting detail of the Cape at the time of the first occupation.
€ 680



Perry, Matthew Calbraith / Hawks, Francis L.

Narrative of the expedition of an American squadron to the China Seas & Japan, performed in the years 1852-54

New York (Trubner & Co, London), Appleton and Company 1856 first one volume edition

Large 8vo 17x26 cm, original red publisher's cloth. Spine ends and joints repaired. vii, 624 pages with 11 folding maps, 9 steel engraved plates and 67 wood-engraved plates, plus woodcut text illustrations. Frontispiece with browning due to tissue guard, otherwise almost clean. With the errata sheet. Scarce in original binding.

Perry was asked to undergo a voyage to isolationist Japan to initiate trade and diplomatic relations. Using diplomacy backed up by a persuasive show of force, Perry successfully negotiated treaties in 1853 and 1854 that gave the U.S. two coal ports in Japan and guaranteed the humane treatment of shipwrecked U.S. sailors.

€ 480



Petherick, John
Egypt, the Soudan and Central Africa
Edinburgh, W. Blackwood 1861 first edition
"With explorations from Khartoum on the white Nile to the regions of the Equator. Being sketches from sixteen years' travel."

8vo, publisher’s cloth, rubbed and spine ends repaired, recased with new endpapers. xii, 482 pages and a large map with a closed tear and brown spotting. Rather good copy. Bound in is the subscription prospectus for raising 2000 pounds for the expedition and the list of subscribers. At the end a 16 page catalogue.

In 1853 Petherick settled in Khartoum and became an ivory trader. He travelled extensively in the Bahr-el-Ghazal region, then almost unknown, exploring the Jur River, Yalo and other affluents of the Bahr el Ghazal river. In 1858 he penetrated to the Niam-Niam country. His additions to the knowledge of natural history were considerable. Petherick returned to England in 1859 where he made the acquaintance of Speke, then arranging for his expedition to discover the source of the Nile.
€ 480



Phillip, A.

Voyage du Gouverneur Phillip à Botany-Bay

Paris, Buisson 1791 first French edition

“avec une description de l'établissement des Colonies du port Jackson et de l'île Norfolk. Traduit de l'Anglois.”

8vo, contemporary marbled sheepskin, (4), 443 pages. Fine copy.

The rare first French edition, published only 2 years after the English first edition (1789). The author Arthur Phillip (1738-1814) was an English naval officer and founder of New South Wales who became its first governor and commander of the First Fleet in 1786.

€ 950



Piassetsky, P.

Russian Travellers in Mongolia and China

London, Chapman & Hall 1884 first English edition 2 volumes

8vo, half leather with marbled boards. 321; 315 pages with many wood engravings, full page and in text. Back cover of volume 1, endpaper and last 3 pages damp-marked. Scarce.

Piassetsky took part in the commercial and scientific expedition through Sosnovsky and Matoussovsky that went through Siberia, Lake Baikal and Mongolia in the years 1874 and 1875. They were the first explorers who crossed the desert completely from Gobi to Berkul to Lanjou, travelled between Beijing and Shanghai before returning to Mongolia. Translation of "Voyage a Travers La Mongolie et la Chine" (1883).

€ 880



Pinkerton, John
A General Collection of the Best And Most Interesting Voyages And Travels In All Parts of the World

London, Longmans Hurst Rees and Orme and Cadell and Davies 1808-14 in 17 volumes first edition
4to, nicely rebound in recent half calf. Complete with the 201 engravings called for in the index. Some offsetting and scattered spotting.

'This collection is of great value for its texts, which are sometimes given entire and sometimes abridged, with as much as possible of the traveler's own language. Volume 17 contains a retrospect of the origin and progress of discovery by sea and land, an extensive catalogue of books of the voyages and travels, and a general index... Among the accounts included in this work, several relate to the Pacific, including those of Pigafetta, Beeckman, Stavorinus, Tasman, Dampier, Careri, Cook, Péron, Betagh, La Condamine, and Nieuhof'
€ 3.600



Pococke, R.
Beschryving van het oosten, en van eenige andere landen

Utrecht, Paddenburg etc 1776-1786 first Dutch edition in 6 volumes

4to in original, restored, printer’s boards. Enlarged Dutch edition of “Description of the East and some other countries” with 205 engravings among which maps and plans in excellent condition.

"Pococke travelled extensively in Europe from 1733-6 and continued on to the Levant, reaching Alexandria in September, 1737. He remained three years in the Eastern Mediterranean, visiting Egypt, Palestine, Asia Minor, and Greece. ... (He) achieved a great reputation with this publication; the work was very poular during his lifetime”. “The quality and particularly the earliness of his observations and their record in prose, maps, and diagrams make him one of the most important near eastern travellers, ranking with Frederik Ludvig Norden and Carsten Niebuhr, in stimulating an Egyptian revival in European art and architecture, and recording much that has subsequently been lost”.




Polehampton, A.
Kangaroo Land
London, Richard Bentley 1856 first edition
8vo, original blind tooled gilt decorated cloth, rubbed and spine ends repaired. xii, 269, (4 ads) pages with a frontispiece engraving. Frontispiece and title with foxing due to tissue guard.

A voyage to and through ("roughing it") Australia.
€ 180



Potgieter, Barent Jansz
Historisch ende Wijdtloopigh verhael van ‘tgene de vijf Schepen

Amsterdam, Michiel Colijn 1617 second edition
“(die int jaer 1698 (misprint =1598) tot Rotterdam toegherust werden, om door de Straet Magellana haren handel te dryven) wedervaren is, tot den 7. September 1599. op welcken dagh Capiteijn Sebald de Weert, met twee schepen, door onweder vande Vlote versteken is. Ende voort in wat groot gevaer ende elende hy by de vier maenden daer naer inde Strate gheleghen heeft, tot dat hy ten lesten heel reddeloos sonder schuyt oft boot, maer een ancker behouden hebbende, door hooghdringhende noot weder naer huys heeft moeten keeren. meest beschreven door M. Barent Jansz. Chirurgijn.”

Oblong 4to, modern vellum. Blank leave, title leave, 78 pages [34 numbered 43, pp.76-77 numbered 72-73], blank leave. 2 leaves, being page nrs. 11-14 –including one plate- in facsimile on matching old paper, woodcut ornament, 8 plates, engraved vignette to title. Very rare.

"In 1598 he sailed with the fleet of Jacques Mahu (...), initially as captain of the ship Blijde Boodschap. (...) During the voyage, De Weert, who had been transferred to the ship Liefde, was separated from the fleet in the Strait of Magellan and coincidentally encountered the fleet of Olivier van Noort (...), which was sailing on a quite separate expedition which was to result in the first Dutch circumnavigation. De Weert attempted to join Van Noort's fleet, but his crew were by that time too weak to keep up. Both De Weert and Van Noort were blown back to the strait, from where De Weert made the decision to return to Holland. (...) En route he sighted what were probably the Jason Islands (...), off the Falkland Islands, which were thereafter known for some time after as the Sebaldes, or 'Sebald's Islands'. Unable to land to replenish his supplies, De Weert eventually reached Holland in July 1600 with only thirty-six of his original 105 crew left alive. He had at least brought home the only ship of the fleet to survive the voyage". Tiele 545.

€ 6.250



Prevost, Abbe A.F. and others
Historische beschryving der reizen
The Hague (vols. I-XI) & Amsterdam (vols. XII-XXI), P. de Hondt & widow S. Schouten (etc.) 1747-1767 21 in 13 volumes

“of nieuwe en volkoome verzameling v.d. aller-waardigste en zeldsaamste zee- en landtogten, ter ontdekkinge en naspeuringe gedaan etc”.

4to, contemporary half calf gilt with some restaurations and new endpapers. With engraved portrait of Prevost, 20 engraved title vignets, 191 maps and plans (132 folding), 369 plates (91 folding) and 27 text-engravings. Some marginal dampstaining and browning and 2 ink stains. Rare complete set.
€ 17.500



Prjevalski, N.
Mongolie et Pays des Tangoutes
Paris, Hachette 1880 first French edition
“ouvrage Traduit du Russe avec l'autorisation de l'auteur par G. du Laurens”.

8vo, original cloth with leather spine, rubbed and a little soiled, a.e.g. Lvi, 344 pages with 4 folding maps, wood-engraved plates and illustrations. First leaves with a little foxing, otherwise clean.

From Kyakhta Prjevalski crossed in 1870 the Gobi Desert to Beijing, then explored the upper Yangtze, and in 1872 crossed into Tibet. He surveyed over 18.000 km2, collected and brought back with him 5000 plants, 1000 birds and 3000 insect species, as well as 70 reptiles and the skins of 130 different mammals. Among other things, he described Przewalski's horse and Przewalski's gazelle, which were both named after him.
€ 490



Pruyssenaere, E. de / Zöppritz, K.
E. de Pruyssenaere's Reisen und Forschungen im Gebiete des Weissen und Blauen Nil
Gotha, Justus Perthes 1877
“Nach seinen hinterlassenen Aufzeichnungen”.

4to, 2 parts of "Petermanns Mitteilungen", Ergänzungsheft 50+51 in original wrappers. vi, 38; frontispiece, 2, 48 pages with 2 large folding maps.

In 1857 he was in Korosko and Berber; whether he continued this journey to Khartoum is uncertain. He then went back to Cairo and Palestine, but was back in Korosko on October 23, 1858, and drove several times from 1859 to 1864 up the White and Blue Nile, the latter as far as Fazogl, as he explored the Sobat a long way. In Khartoum he lived with other Nile-travellers like Von Heuglin and Alexandrine Tinne. 
€ 190



Purchas, Samuel

Purchas his Pilgrimage. Or Relations Of The World And The Religions

London, William Stansby for Henry Fetherstone 1614 second edition

“Observed In All Ages And Places discouered, from the Creation vnto this Present. In Foure Parts. This First Containeth A Theologicall And Geographical Historie of Asia, Africa, and America”.

4to, modern cloth gilt. Missing the title-page only. Text starts at the dedication, then To The Reader, etc. [26], 918, [36]. Last leaf of index damaged with loss. Moderate worming to the fore edge and lateral margins through the first half of the text.

This is the less common -much enlarged- second edition of this famous work, first published in 1613 and many editions to follow. Relates the religion and history of Asia, Africa and America. Especially about America there is ample attention given to the discoveries of the Spanish and English in the 16th century. Cornerstone in a travel collection and in good condition.

€ 850


Reid, T.

Two Voyages to New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land

London, Longman etc 1822 first edition

“with a description of the present condition of that interesting colony; relative including facts and observations to the state and management of convicts of both sexes, also reflections on seduction and its general consequences”.

8vo, 19th century half morocco. xxiv, 392 pages with some foxing, uncut. Scarce.

"A valuable account of the treatment of transported convicts", voyages made on board the male convict ship Neptune in 1817 and the female convict ship Morley in 1820.

€ 830  



Reinwardt, C.G.C.

Reis naar het oostelijk gedeelte van den Indischen Archipel in het jaar 1821

Amsterdam, Frederik Muller 1858 first edition

8vo, 15x24 cm, still bound in the original publisher's (temporary) wrappers, preserved in a dark blue clamshell box. xvi, 646 pages with 19 (folding) coloured/tinted lithographs of great beauty. Apart from 3 stamps of the University of Delft a very good clean copy with scattered a little foxing.

Reinwardt was a Prussian-born Dutch botanist, a professor of natural history. After the restoration of independence in 1813 and of its colonial empire in 1816, the Netherlands was eager to re-establish contact with its colonies. In 1816 he was offered a position as head of agriculture, arts and science of the colony, and journeyed to the Dutch East Indies where he conducted various botanical investigations throughout the archipelago. Reinwardt was the founder (1817) and first director of the botanical gardens at Bogor (then called Buitenzorg) in Java. There he gathered and cultivated various flora from the surrounding islands such as the Moluccas, Timor and Sulawesi.

€ 650



Rhijn, L.J. van
Reis door den Indischen Archipel, in het belang der evangelische zending

Rotterdam, M. Wijt & Zonen 1851 first edition
"door L.J. van Rhijn, afgevaardigde van het Nederlandsche zendelinggenootschap".

8vo, original cloth, rebacked with the old spine, rubbed. xx, iv, 655, (1), 28 pages with 5 folding lithographed maps and 8 tinted lithographed plates.

Van Rhijn travelled through Java, Manado, Sulawesi, Ambon, Ternate, Timor and Roti.
€ 480



Richardson, James

Narrative of a Mission to Central Africa performed in the Years 1850-51

London,  Chapman and Hall 1853 first edition in 2 volumes

“under the Orders and the Expense of her Majesty's Government”.

8vo, original boards, rubbed, discolourings and wear, spine ends repaired. (iii)-xxviii, 343; viii, 359 pages, folding map. Page 41 with printing error, part of the text not being inked. Scarce.

In March 1850 Richardson went for the second time to Ghat accompanied by Heinrich Barth and Adolf Overweg. He was the first European to cross the stony elevated plain of the Hammada. James Richardson died on this journey on 4 March 1851 in Ngurutua, a six day journey away from Kuka.”

€ 880



Richardson, Sir John

Arctic Searching Expedition: A Journal Of A Boat-Voyage Through Rupert’s Land And The Arctic Sea, In Search Of The Discovery Ships Under Command Of Sir John Franklin

New York, Harper & Brothers 1852 first US edition

8vo, publisher's blind stamped cloth, spine damaged, ends repaired. 516 pages. Fairly good.

The Rae–Richardson Polar Expedition of 1848 was an early British effort to determine the fate of the lost Franklin Polar Expedition. Led overland by Sir John Richardson and John Rae, the team explored the accessible areas along Franklin's proposed route near the Mackenzie and Coppermine rivers. As early as 1847, it was believed that Franklin's forces were likely icebound. The British Admiralty devised a three-pronged rescue effort to address the three most likely escape routes for Franklin – Lancaster Sound, the Mackenzie River (to the settlement of the Hudson's Bay Company fur traders), and Beering's Straits. Sir John Richardson had participated in earlier Arctic expeditions with Franklin himself.

€ 130



Rietstap, J.B.
De wereldbol. De jongste zee- en landreizen

Groningen Arnhem, P. Noordhoff / J. Voltelen n.d. (~1865-1870) in 7 volumes
“volgens Dr. W. Harnisch, F. H. Geinzelmann en anderen aan Neerlands volk verhaald ….met fraai gekleurde platen”.

8vo, original blind stamped cloth boards, repaired. 14 coloured lithographs.

Interesting collection of 19th century voyages, with a.o. Wrangel, Speke 2x, Chaillu, Livingstone and Kane. Some never published in the Dutch language.
€ 390



Riley, John

Loss of the American brig Commerce, wrecked on the western coast of Africa, in the month of August, 1815

Hartford, Silas Andrus 1831

“With an account of the Sufferings of her surviving Officers and Crew, who were enslaved by the wandering Arabs on the great African Desart, or Zahahrah; and Observations Historical, Geographical, &c. Made during the Travels of the author, while a Slave to the Arabs, and in the Empire of Morocco.”

8vo, contemporary cloth, rubbed with wear, spine ends repaired. 271 pages with 8 plates (according to the title page there should be 10 plates, but Sabin writes that there are 8), lacking back free end paper, waterstaining and browning.

Preceded by a brief Sketch of the Author’s Life; and concluded by a description of the famous City of Tombuctoo, on the River Niger, and of another large city, far south of it, on the same river, called Wassanah; narrated to the Author at Mogadore, by Sidi Hamet, the Arabian Merchant.

€ 110



Ritchie, J. Ewing

The pictorial edition of the life and discoveries of David Livingstone

London, James Sangster ~1880 2 parts in 6 volumes

Large 8vo, publisher’s gilt decorated cloth with normal traces of use, recased and repair to spine ends. More than 1400 (744, 664) pages (double columns), 29 colour lithographs (includes 23 portraits and a map) and hundreds of woodcuts. Some scattered foxing, mainly around the lithographs. As usual preliminaries and indexes bound at the end of volume VI. Good set.

Published in instalments this monumental work is the largest biography ever of Livingstone’s life. Cassada 657: "magnificent monument to Livingstone which is essential to any serious collection on him." "While the contents are variegated in the extreme, every phase of Livingstone's life is covered in great detail. There is extensive quoted material from a wide range of sources." "The illustrations are lavish and plentiful and in many senses the work is a mine of information."

€ 390



Robinson, Charles Henry

Hausaland or Fifteen Hundred Miles through the Central Sudan

London, Sampson Low Marston 1896 first edition signed

8vo, original pictorial cloth, spine ends with little wear. xvi, 304 pages, portrait frontispiece, folding colour map, 16 plates, illustrations. Very good, and inscribed by author on half title page.

In three months, Robinson travelled 1500 miles across rivers, mountains, villages and towns. Public interest in the Hausa was high at the time, due to their recruitment as troops by Britain in the Ashanti conflict, and by France to consolidate French power in Madagascar. However, Robinson argues against the perception of the Hausa as primarily a warlike people, despite their formidable strength in battle. In this vivid account of his time among them, he portrays the Hausa as successful traders who excelled above all in commercial endeavours. Exploring enterprises from textiles and tobacco to hunting and river transportation, Robinson gives fascinating first-hand insights into this important African community.

€ 380



Rochefort, Charles de

Natuurlyke en zedelyke historie van d'Eylanden, de voor-eylanden van Amerika

Rotterdam, Arnout Leers 1662 first Dutch edition

Met eenen Caraïbaanschen woordenschat.”

4to, recent calf with marbled boards, new endpapers. Frontispiece, title, (38), 475, (11) pages with 5 folding engravings outside text and many engravings (among which full page) in the text. Lacks the leaves  55/56, 171/172 en 173/174 (copies present). Frontispiece browned and repaired, general soiling and one plate with loss. Rare.

Published at the same time in Rotterdam with the first French edition “Histoire Naturelle et Morale des Iles Antilles de l’Amerique”.

€ 680



Rogers, Captain Woodes

A cruising voyage round the world: First to the south sea, thence to the East-Indies and Homewards by the Cape the Good Hope

London, Bernard Lintot 1726 second (sic) edition

"Begun in 1708 and finished in 1711. Containing a journal of all remarkable transactions; particularly of the taking of Puna and Guiaquil of the Acapulca ship and other prizes. An account of Alexander Selkirk living alone for four years and four months on an island and a brief description of several countries in our courte noted for trade. Especially in the South Sea. With maps of the coast from the est Spanish draughts and an introduction relating to the south sea trade".

8vo, recent half leather. xvi, 428, 57, xvii-xix ( misbound), (7) pages with 4 (of 5) engraved folding maps (frontispiece map is a facsimile), repaired tears, 2 folding plates of crocodiles (added for this edition). Good copy.

Woodes Rogers was commander-in-chief of two men-of-war fitted out by Bristol merchants to cruise against the Spaniards in the South Sea. He reached Juan Fernandez in 1709, and found Alexander Selkirk; then proceeded to the coast of Peru, sacked Guayaquil, and after several engagements returned to England in 1711. "It is the same as the second edition of 1718, except for a new title and the addition of two plates representing the alligator and crocodile, drawn from life" (Hill). This edition considerably more scarce than the first edition of 1712 or the second edition of 1718.

€ 980



Rohlfs, Gerhard

Meine Mission nach Abessinien

Leipzig, Brockhaus 1883 first edition

“Auf Befehl Sr. Maj. des Deutschen Kaisers im Winter 1880/81”.

8vo, somewhat later half morocco gilt with marbled endpapers. xx, 348 pages with a folding map and 20 (tinted) lithographs. Handsome copy.

Gerhard Rohlfs (1831-1896), German explorer of Africa, undertook a trip to Abyssinia in the winter of 1880-1881 on the orders of the German Emperor. Although the company had a more diplomatic character, it also gained scientific importance. Rohlfs succeeded in the complete admission of the Tana lake, until he finally set out to the Galla countries.

€ 850



Roobacker, Cornelis Cornelisz / Hotz, A. (editor)

Cornelis Cornelisz Roobacker's Scheepsjournaal Gamron-Basra (1645); De eerste reis der Nederlanders door de Perzische Golf

Leiden, F. J. Brill 1907 first edition

8vo, modern dark blue wrappers. 117 pages (289-405) with 2 large folding maps and a folding table. Very good. Scarce.

Extracted from “Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap” 1907. First publishing of this important manuscript account of the first trade mission to Basra in Persia by the Dutch East India Company.

€ 160



Roquefeuil, M. Camille de

A voyage round the world between the years 1816-1819

London, Sir Richard Phillips 1823 first English edition

8vo, modern marbled wrappers. 112 pages, small stamp of King’s Inns Dublin on last page.

Printed as part of Phillips' New Voyages and Travels, but often found separately.

First edition in English, abridged, first published in Paris the same year. Roquefeuil sailed aboard the merchant vessel Le Bordelais through the Strait of Le Maire in January 1817 and reached Nootka Sound in September. The Bordelais sailed south for the winter to the Marquesas, which he reached in December 1817. Later the ship returned to New Archangel and Kodiak. Roquefeuil sailed south to San Francisco, where he met the Russian explorer, Golovnin. He then sailed to the Hawaiian Islands and Macao homewards.

€ 340



Ross, John

A Voyage of Discovery

London, John Murray 1819 first edition

"Made Under the Orders of the Admiralty, in His Majesty’s Ships Isabella and Alexander, for the Purpose of Exploring Baffin’s Bay, and Inquiring into the Probability of a North-West Passage"

4to, contemporary half calf with marbled boards and gilt decoration and title label to the spine. [4] xxxix, [1] 252 [2] cxliv, [errata]; with a folding map as frontispiece, 25 (15 hand coloured) engraved plates including 7 folding, and at the rear three large folding plates containing a meteorological register and two foldout views of headlands. Some offsetting and minor spotting.

A handsome first edition of the account written by John Ross (1777-1856) of his important and dramatic expedition to the Canadian Arctic in 1818. The purposes of the voyage, commissioned by the Admiralty, were, among other things, to solve the question of the Northwest Passage and to make observations on the currents, tides, ice and other natural phenomena of the region – which at the time were still shrouded in mystery and legend. The outcome was a hair-raising experience and qualified success. Although he established much vital information about the region, notably the existence of Baffin’s Bay (first discovered in 1616), and mapped the west coast of Davis Strait, Ross was unable to establish the existence of the Northwest Passage, claiming – against the conviction of his shipmates – that a range of mountains (the mythical ‘Croker mountains’) blocked any progress beyond Lancaster Sound. The disappointment and controversy the news brought, with this book’s publication, compromised Ross’ reputation for years to come, until he managed to secure a (more successful) second expedition in 1829.

€ 4.800



Ross, John
Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-West Passage
London, A.W. Webster 1835
4to, lovely restored contemporary vellum, gilt and dark green morocco floral and decorative inlays and onlays to upper cover and spine, all edges in blind tooled gold. (8), xxxiii, 740 pages with an engraved frontispiece, folding map (closed tear) and 29 (coloured) plates and charts. Lightly browned and foxed, but an exceptional copy.

Ross left London in May 1829 with a steamship. One of the crew was his nephew, James Clark Ross. They run through Lancaster Sound. In the Prince Regent Inlet the ship got stuck in the ice. Ross and the other crew members would experience four winters in the polar region. They explored the area in a westerly and northerly direction. They were helped by the Inuit who lived there. In 1832 Ross and his team left their ship. They went on foot to another wreck, which they had encountered before. They wanted to use the sloops of that wreck to sail away with, as soon as a channel was created by the ice. It took a year for the ice to rip and they could leave. They were picked up on the way by a whaler.

€ 2.400



Ross, Captain James Clark

A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions, during the years 1839-43

London, John Murray 1847 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, modern half leather, raised bands, gilt title lettering and rules, new endpapers. (2), lii, (1), 366; (4), viii--x, (1), 447, 16 (ads) pages with 8 maps and 26 plates (8 full page). Erasures (mainly in margins of plates), faint browning to upper margins of some pages of volume 2, else clean.  On spine erroneously "1849" in stead of "1847". First issue with advertisements dated january 1847. Rosove 276.A1.a

The author, who discovered the north magnetic pole on an earlier expedition, here describes his Antarctic voyages, in part in search for the south magnetic pole, in the ships Erebus and Terror. Conrad 689: 'Ross' experience, daring and good luck combined to provide the first detailed, close-up and prolonged examination of Antarctica. . . He penetrated 7 degrees further south than Cook and 4 degrees further south than Weddell.

€ 2.800



Rousselet, Louis

L’Inde des Rajahs 1864-1868

Paris, Hachette 1871/1874

4to, modern wrappers. 496 pages double columns with 6 maps, profusely illustrated with 253 wood engravings. Magazine articles -complete set- published in “Le Tour du monde”. Scattered foxing as usual.

Rousselet (1845-1929) was a French traveller, writer, photographer and pioneer of the darkroom. He travelled in India from 1864 to 1868 and took more than 600 photographs. On his return to France he published excerpts from his Indian diary along with woodcut illustrations taken mostly from his sketches and photographs in Le Tour du Monde, preceding his book in 1875.

€ 200

Rowley, rev. Henry

The story of the universities’ mission to central Africa

London,  Saunders Ottley 1866 first edition

“from its Commencement under Bishop Mackenzie to its Withdrawal from the Zambesi”

8vo, half morocco, top edge gilt, marbled endpapers, shelfwear. xii, 493 pages with 8 woodcuts and 2 maps, numerous illustrations in the text. Very good. Rare.

Account of the disastrous UCMA mission to central Africa (Malawi) by one of the 2 survivors. Misled about the prospects before they set off, badly advised by Dr Livingstone on arrival, the party then got involved in tribal warfare with slavers. Disease and famine then started to take its toll forcing the missions withdrawal to Zanzibar. Although a missionary work, the book is an excellent account of the region at a time of turmoil and also a fascinating account of the harrowing expedition.

€ 560



Sack, A. von
Reize naar Surinamen, verblijf aldaar, en terugtogt over Noord-Amerika naar Europa

Haarlem, heirs F. Bohn 1821 first edition 3 volumes
8vo, original boards. xii, 250; ii, 264; ii, 164 pages. Scattered some dampstaining. Rare.

Von Sack travelled to Surinam in 1805, where he made observations of the fauna, flora and local customs of the population. On his return journey back to Europe, he visited Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. As a result of his travels he published Beschreibung einer Reise nach Surinam und des Aufenthaltes daselbst in den Jahren 1805, 1806.
€ 480



Salt, Henry

A Voyage to Abyssinia, and Travels into the Interior of that Country, Executed under the Orders of the British Government

London, W. Bulmer & Co for F.C. & J. Rivington, 1814 first edition

“in the Years 1809 and 1810; in which are Included, An Account of the Portuguese Settlements on the East Coast of Africa, Visited in the Course of the Voyage; a Concise Narrative of Late Events in Arabia Felix; and Some Particulars Respecting the Aboriginal African Tribes, Extending from Mosambique to the Borders of Egypt; together with Vocabularies of their Respective Languages.”

Large heavy 4to (31x25 cm), half calf, chafed and rubbed. Rebacked preserving most of the original spine, marbled endpapers. xi, (4), 506, lxxv pages, bound without half title. Complete with 2 engraved vignettes, 27 copper engravings and 8 (on 7 leaves, 1 coloured) large folding maps. Text leaves generally clean, plate leaves on thick paper with some offsetting and scattered browing/spotting, mainly in the margins of the illustrations. Large map with closed tear.

Salt, an artist, went to Ethiopia in 1809 on a government mission to develop trade and diplomatic links with the Ethiopian Emperor. Upon arrival, he was unable to meet with the king due to unrest in the country, so instead he went to stay with his friend the Ras Wolde Selassie. During this venture, Salt took on the side mission of verifying and correcting the information about the region reported by the Scottish traveller James Bruce earlier. Salt came back to England in 1811 with numerous specimens of both plants and animals. The beautiful engravings are made from his own sketches.

€ 1.450



Saugnier, M. / Brisson, Pierre Raymond de
Voyages to the Coast of Africa

London, G.G.J. and J. Robinson  1792 first English edition
"containing an account of their shipwreck on board different vessels, and subsequent slavery, and interesting details of the manners of the Arabs of the desert, and of the slave trade, as carried on at Senegal and Galam".

8vo, contemporary half calf with marbled boards, rubbed and some wear. viii, 500 pages with a folding engraved map (strengthened on the verso with some loss along the horizontal fold). Crisp and clean.

Brisson had stayed in Senegal and it was during a trip back to France that he sank (at Cape Blanco 1785) and fell into the hands of the Moors. Saugnier was was shipwrecked on January 17, 1784 near Cape Leven and was long slave of the Moors and the Emperor of Morocco. English translation from the two separate French accounts. Scarce in French as well as English language.

€ 550



Savage-Landor, A. Henry

Across unknown South America

London New York Toronto, Hodder and Stoughton 1913 first edition 2 volumes

Large 8vo, original blue illustrated and embossed cloth, gilt lettering. xxiv, 432; xvi, 504 pages, index, 8 coloured plates, 260 half tone plates from photographs by the author and 2 maps. Covers with some wear, spine ends bumped, internally very good.

Controversial British traveller (1867-1924), journeyed across South America including Chile, taking photographs as well as inventing many stories for his popular lectures.

€ 230



Savage-Landor, A. Henry

In the Forbidden Land. An Account of a Journey into Tibet...

New York and London, Harper & brothers 1899 first edition 2 volumes

“Capture by the Tibetan Authorities, Imprisonment, Torture, and Ultimate Release”

8vo, original pictorial cloth, top edge gilt, rubbed. xx, 320; xvi, 263 pages with large folding map of south-western Tibet, photogravure frontispiece of the author, 250 illustrations (coloured plates, full-page plates, text illustrations), tissue guards. Very good clean copy.

“In this book I have set down the record of a journey in Tibet undertaken by me during the spring, summer and autumn of 1897. It is illustrated partly from my photographs and partly from sketches made by me on the spot. Only as regards the torture scenes have I had to draw from memory, but it will be easily conceded that their impression must be vivid enough with me. The map is made entirely from my surveys of an area of twelve thousand five hundred square miles in Tibet proper.”

€ 300



Savoye, Lodewijk Hertog der Abruzzen

De reis van de Stella Polare

Leiden, Sijthoff (1904) first Dutch edition

8vo, original pictorial cloth, a bit rubbed. (6), 558 pages with a frontispiece portrait and many (folding) maps and plates. Very good with minimal browning.

In 1899 Amadeo organized an expedition to the North Pole. During his stay in the winter camp at Frans Jozefland he lost two fingers because of the cold. Because of this he could not continue the expedition. His companion Umberto Cagni from then on led the expedition and broke the record of Fridtjof Nansen by going 35 km to the north.

€ 130



Schley, Commander W. S

The rescue of Greely

New York, Charles Scribner's Sons 1885 first edition

8vo, publisher’s cloth. viii, 277 pages with a frontispiece, 13 plates and 3 folding maps.

Greely launched the Lady Franklin Bay expedition to find the North Pole in 1881. Stranded on Ellesmere Island, Northern Canada, 21 of his 27-man crew perished before Greely and the survivors were rescued in 1884 by the third relief expedition under command of Schley.

€ 160



Schouten, Wouter

Reistogt naar en door Oostindiën

Amsterdam, M. Schalekamp 1780 fourth revised edition

"waar in de voornaamste landen, steden, eilanden, bergen, rivieren, enz.; de godsdienst, wetten, zéden, gewoonten, en kléding der bijzondere volken; en het merkwaerdige in de dieren, planten en gewassen der Indischen gewesten, nauwkeurig worden beschréven. Doormengd met veele ongewoone voorvallen, zonderlinge geschiedverhaalen, getrouwe berigten van bloedige zee- en veldslagen met de Portugeesen, Makassers en anderen".

4to, 2 volumes in 1, half calf with marbled boards, rubbed and marked, joints cracking, extremities rubbed, spine ends chipped with loss. (4), xiv, 323; (8),211, (20) pages complete with half-titles, engraved additional title, titles printed in red and black, list of subscribers, engraved portrait of the author, 47 engraved plates on 44 sheets (several signed by C. Decker), most folding, and 4 folding maps (World, Ambon, Sri Lanka and Java). Very good.

Second issue (frontispiece "1775") of the fourth revised ("in eenen verbéterden stijl en cierlyk Neêrduitsch gebragt") edition. "Schouten was an observant traveller who explored inland into the environs of nearly every port-of-call, sometimes by himself or with a small group of comrades. His narrative, full of anecdotes as well as information gleaned about countries he had not visited, became particularly popular with readers in the eighteenth century, when it was republished in no fewer than seven editions." This is the first edition with the maps.

€ 2.300



Schuver, Juan Maria

Reisen im oberen Nilgebiet. Erlebnisse und Beobachtungen auf der Wasserscheide zwischen Blauem und Weissem Nil

Gotha, Justus Perthes 1883 Petermann's Ergänzungshefte 72

"und in den ägyptisch-abessinischen Grenzländern 1881 und 1882."

4to, cloth-backed boards. [4], 95 pages with a folding map (partially outlined in colour). Clean, very good copy.

Schuver (1852-1883), a Dutch explorer, travelled up the Blue Nile in the 1880's seeking an alternative route to the East African coast. Schuver's is an important account of the Sudanese-Ethiopian border region during the time the Mahdist revolt broke out. He was murdered in 1883 while in Dinka country.

€ 160



Schuver, Juan Maria

Nijlreizen. Schetsen van Juan Maria Schuver. I. Kaïro-Korosko II. De woestijnreis III. Khartoem

Amsterdam C. L. Brinkman, Utrecht J. L. Beijers 1884

8vo, bound in modern dark red wrappers. 98 pages, editorial introduction and other articles about his death included.

After already having published his travel experiences in foreign magazines, Dutch Nile explorer Schuver wrote these series at the request of the Dutch Geographical Society. Published in parts in “Tijdschrift van het Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap” 1884. Because of his sudden death there is no other Dutch publication.

€ 80



Schweinfurth, Dr. Georg

The heart of Africa

New York, Harper & Bros 1874 first US edition two volumes

"Three Years Travels And Adventures In The Unexplored Regions Of Central Africa From 1868 to 1871"

8vo, original pictorial boards, spines repaired. xvi, 559; x, 521, 6(ads) with 2 lithographed maps (1 folding), 26 plates and numerous text illustrations. Good minus, used copy.

In January of 1869 he went back by way of Suakin to Khartoum, where he began his ascent of the White Nile River and then ventured into the southwestern Sudan region with a party of ivory traders. He visited the Bongo and Mangbetu peoples as well as the allegedly cannibalistic Naim-Naim, who filed their teeth to points. He also provided the first authoritative account of the Congo Pygmies. Schweinfurth crossed the Nile-Congo watershed and, in March 1870, reached the westward-flowing Uele River, an affluent of the Congo, which he mistook for a part of the Niger River. His discovery of the Uele, however, helped toward a final estimate of the extent of the Nile system.

€ 250



Schweinfurth, Professor G. and others

Emin Pasha in Central Africa: Being a Collection of His Letters and Journals

London, George Philip & Son 1888 first edition

8vo, publisher’s cloth gilt with moderate traces of use, front hinges repaired. xviii, 547 pages, photogravure frontispiece, plate (both portraits) and full coloured folding map, mostly clean.

Emin Pasha (born Isaak Eduard Schnitzer) was a German governor of the Egyptian province of Equatoria on the upper Nile with the title "Pasha" and thereafter he was referred to as "Emin Pasha". Karam Allah marched in 1884 south to capture Equatoria and Emin. In 1885, Emin and most of his forces withdrew further south, to Wadelai near Lake Albert. Determined to remain in Equatoria, his communiques aroused considerable sentiment in Europe in 1886. The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition, led by Henry Morton Stanley, undertook to rescue Emin by going up the Congo River.

€ 270



Schynse, August
Mit Stanley und Emin Pascha durch Deutsch Ost-Africa. Reise-Tage-buch

Köln Bachem, Karl Hespers 1890 first edition
"sechstes und siebentes Tausend"

8vo, original boards, bumped. xxviii, 88 pages, (8 ads).

August Schynse (1857-91) was a German Catholic missionary and African explorer born at Wallhausen, near Kreuznach, and educated at Bonn. He attended the seminary at Speyer, became a priest in 1880, and in 1882 entered the service of the African Mission and was active in work in Algeria. He was part of an expedition to the Congo in 1885. In 1888 he made a trip to East Africa and from there accompanied Stanley and Emin Pasha to the coast. With Emin he went to the Victoria Nyanza and then spent almost a year in explorations between that lake and Uganda. Quite rare Stanley related book. Casada 1465.
€ 380



Scoresby, William
Journal of a Voyage to Australia and Round the World, for Magnetical Research

London, Longman Green 1859 first edition

8vo, contemporary calf, spine gilt with red morocco lettering label, rubbed and marked, marbled end papers. xlviii, 96, 315 pages with half-title, engraved portrait, folding hand-coloured engraved map (creased), coloured diagrams in the text, errata slip. Occasional spotting.

"The voyage was undertaken by Dr. Scoresby in the Ship Royal Charter, with the object of observing the changes which take place in the magnetic state of an iron ship proceeding from a northern to a southern magnetic latitude, and of deciding certain questions as to the best mode of correcting the deviations of the compass in such a ship..."To the love of science and the devotion to the cause of humanity which led Dr. Scoresby to undertake this voyage at an advanced age of his life, he may be said to have fallen martyr. He did not live to prepare his journal for the press..."
€ 650



Scott, Captain Robert F.

The voyage of the Discovery

London, Smith Elder & Co 1905 2 volumes first edition second impression

8vo, original cloth, volume I with (damp) discolourings on spine and back. xx, 556; xii, 508 pages with half-titles present, photogravure frontispiece to each, bw plates from photos, some coloured and some double-page plates, folding map in rear pocket of each volume. Interior almost clean. This copy with an original publisher's notice to booksellers from Smith, Elder and Co. tipped in on front free endpaper.

The Discovery Expedition of 1901–04, known officially as the British National Antarctic Expedition, was the first official British exploration of the Antarctic regions since James Clark Ross's voyage sixty years earlier. The new expedition carried out scientific research and geographical exploration in what was then largely an untouched continent. It launched the Antarctic careers of many who would become leading figures in the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, including Robert Falcon Scott who led the expedition, Ernest Shackleton, Edward Wilson, Frank Wild, Tom Crean and William Lashly.

€ 500



Scott, Captaine Robert F.

La "Discovery" au Pôle Sud

Paris, Hachette et Cie 1908 2 volumes first French edition

8vo, original decorated cloth with gilt. 390; 342 pages, folding map and numerous illustrations and maps. Some foxing as usual in this edition, otherwise very good.

The Discovery Expedition of 1901–04, known officially as the British National Antarctic Expedition, was the first official British exploration of the Antarctic regions since James Clark Ross's voyage sixty years earlier. The new expedition carried out scientific research and geographical exploration in what was then largely an untouched continent. It launched the Antarctic careers of many who would become leading figures in the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, including Robert Falcon Scott who led the expedition, Ernest Shackleton, Edward Wilson, Frank Wild, Tom Crean and William Lashly.

€ 370



Scott, Captain Robert F.

Scott's last expedition

London, Smith Elder & Co 1913 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, publisher’s cloth with gilt lettering, top edges gilt, in very good condition. xxvi, 633, (2); xiv, (2), 534 pages with 7 folding maps, 2 photo-engraved frontispiece portraits and 6 plates, 18 coloured plates 4 photo panoramas on 2 folding plates and 260 photographic illustrations. Only some minor foxing. Rosove 290.A1

"This is undoubtedly the most widely known of all Antarctic expeditions and publications. Readers, having absorbed Scott's account of the expedition in the first volume, would have discovered in the second volume a host of first-hand accounts deserving of more weight today: Cherry-Garrard's account of the Winter Journey, Victor Campbell's narrative of the Northern Party, Griffith Taylor on the Western Journeys, Raymond Priestley on the ascent of the Erebus, preliminary scientific reports from Edward Wilson's staff and throughout the unrivalled photography of Herbert Ponting." 

€ 650



Shackleton, Sir Ernest H.

The Heart of the Antarctic

London, William Heinemann 1909 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, original cloth, spine sunned and with little wear, slight staining to covers. xlviii, 372; xvi, 420 pages with frontispieces, 12 full-page coloured illustrations, 271 photographic illustrations on 196 plates, 4 double-page photographic illustrations, 3 large colour fold-out maps and one large folded panoramic view loose in end-pocket. Provenance: Breitfuss Polar Archive Berlin, Scott Polar Research Institute and signatures of the explorer/scientist Raymond Adie. An interesting association copy!

The expedition wintered on Ross Island, McMurdo Sound. A sledging party, led by Shackleton, reached within 97 nautical miles of the South Pole, and another reached the area of the south magnetic pole. Victoria Land plateau was claimed for the British crown, and the expedition was responsible for the first ascent of Mount Erebus.




Shackleton, Sir Ernest H.

South, the story of the 1914-1917 expedition

London, Heinemann december 1919 first edition new impression

8vo, original pictorial cloth, some wear to edges and covers. xxi, 368 pages with 5 maps and many illustrations. Interior clean with a little scattered foxing, folding map with closed tear.

Printed on much better paper than the first impression, "the first issue contained cheap paper prone to severe browning, a poorly crafted binding likely to split at the joints with normal usage and silver printing on the binding subject to oxidizing" and the errors corrected.

In August 1914 the British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914–16) left England under Shackleton’s leadership. He planned to cross Antarctica from a base on the Weddell Sea to McMurdo Sound but the expedition ship Endurance was trapped in ice and drifted for 10 months before being crushed in the pack ice. The members of the expedition then drifted on ice floes for another five months and finally escaped in boats to Elephant Island in the South Shetland Islands. Shackleton and five others sailed 800 miles  to South Georgia in a whale boat before landing on the southern side of South Georgia. Shackleton and his small crew then made the first crossing of the island to seek aid. Four months later, after leading four separate relief expeditions, Shackleton succeeded in rescuing the rest of his crew from Elephant Island.

€ 1.350



Shackleton, Sir Ernest H.

South, the story of the 1914-1917 expedition

New York, The Macmillan company 1920 first American edition “advance copy”

8vo, original green cloth lettered in gilt. xvi, [6], 380 pages, foxing. With 88 illustrations and a folding map.

The front title page has printed in circular perforated dots "Advance Copy - Not For Sale - For Review". One of the first produced copies, made to be sent to reviewer(s), before the public could buy the book. Collector’s item.

In August 1914 the British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914–16) left England under Shackleton’s leadership. He planned to cross Antarctica from a base on the Weddell Sea to McMurdo Sound but the expedition ship Endurance was trapped in ice and drifted for 10 months before being crushed in the pack ice. The members of the expedition then drifted on ice floes for another five months and finally escaped in boats to Elephant Island in the South Shetland Islands. Shackleton and five others sailed 800 miles  to South Georgia in a whale boat before landing on the southern side of South Georgia. Shackleton and his small crew then made the first crossing of the island to seek aid. Four months later, after leading four separate relief expeditions, Shackleton succeeded in rescuing the rest of his crew from Elephant Island.

€ 750



Shaw, T.

Reizen door verscheiden gewesten van Barbarye en de Levant

Amsterdam J. Loveringh 1771-1774 first Dutch edition 2 volumes

"behelzende de oude en nieuwe aardryksbeschryving, de natuurlyke historie en gemengde waarneemingen van en over de koningryken Algiers en Tunis, benevens Syrie, Egypte en het steenachtige Arabie."

4to, half leather with marbled boards, traces of use. xxiv, xx, 382; (10), 208, 68 (8) pages with 5 text copper engravings, 23 (4 folded) copper engraving plates and 13 border coloured copper engraving maps/ plans. A few old university library stamps. Nice copy.

Dutch translation of "Travels, or Observations relating to Several Parts of Barbary and the Levant". Rare and apparently first edition by Loveringh, not to be confused with de more common Schoonhoven edition of 1773. This edition not in Tiele!

"After receiving holy orders, Shaw was appointed chaplain to the English factory in Algiers. He held the post for twelve years, then travelled for three years across North Africa, passing through Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, and continuing into Palestine and Syria."




Shelvocke, George

A Voyage Round the World by Way of the great South Sea

London,  W. Innys and J. Richardson M. & T. Longman 1757 second (best) edition

“Performed in a private Expedition during the War, which broke out with Spain in the year 1718.”

8vo, contemporary panelled calf, rubbed, rebacked, spine label new. Dedication, preface, contents, 476 pages with a folding frontispiece world map and three plates (two folding). Good copy.

Second edition, revised and expanded by Shelvocke's son. “Two histories were published of this voyage. This, written by Captain Shelvocke, was intended by him as a vindication of his conduct, having been accused of piracy and embezzlement. The other was written by one of Shelvocke’s officers, William Betagh, who was roughly treated in Shelvocke’s narrative, and, in return, wrote with the design of exposing Shelvocke. Both narratives are written with spirit.”

€ 2.750 



Shillibeer, J.

A Narrative of the Briton's Voyage to to Pitcairn's Island

London, Law and Whittaker 1818 third edition

“including an interesting sketch of the present state of the Brazils and of Spanish South America”

8vo, uncut in original boards, rebacked with new label. (12), 180, (2) pages with 16 plates on 12 leaves (several folding), 1 of these in sepia, drawn and etched by the author. Browning and spotting on plates. Rare.

"A very interesting narrative including some curious details regarding the mutiny of the Bounty, and the meeting with the last survivor, John Adams, when the ship called at Pitcairn Island."




Simpson, Alexander

The Life and Travels of Thomas Simpson, The Arctic Explorer

London, Richard Bentley 1845 first edition

8vo, publisher’s brown embossed cloth with yellow endpapers, spine sunned. viii, 424 pages with frontispiece engraved portrait and folding map. A very good almost clean interior. Rare.

Thomas Simpson was a Scottish Arctic explorer and Hudson's Bay Company fur trader. From 1836 to 1839 Simpson was involved in an expedition to chart the Arctic coast of Canada, headed by Dease. The entire Arctic coast was mapped from the Bering Strait to beyond Chantry Inlet. Simpson's brother Alexander wrote this biography, in which he also examined the death of Simpson and two of his companions, fatally shot at a wilderness camp in the Territory of Iowa on their way back to Britain: Simpson as murderer committing suicide? Arctic Bibliography 16116.

€ 650



Slatin Pasha, Rudolf C.

A Personal Narrative of Fighting and Serving the Dervishes 1879-1895

London, Edward Arnold 1896 first edition

8vo, maroon cloth covers with gilt illustration to front cover. Some slight traces of use. xviii, [2], 636 pages. With gravure frontispiece portrait, 20 plates from drawings, 1 plate from photograph, 2 folding colour maps.

A classic on the Mahdi's Rebellion in the Sudan in the latter portion of the 19th century, with chapters on the massacre of Billy Hicks' Egyptian army, the Fall of Khartoum in which general Gordon was killed, the siege of Darfur, etc. Slatin was captured and tortured by the Mahdi's forces, and describes his experiences in great detail.

€ 280



Smet, P.J. de

Missien van den Oregon en reizen naar de Rotsbergen en de Bronnen der Columbia

Gent, Steendrukkery van W. Vander Schelden 1849 first Dutch edition

“der Athabasca en Sascatshawin in 1845-46.”

8vo, recently bound in paper over boards. xv, [xvi, 17], 18-425 pages. Engraved title and frontispiece portrait. Portion of original printed wrapper affixed inside front cover. 3 maps (repaired with minimal loss) and 14 plates. Good copy.

"Contains Father Smet's description of his travels through and about the central Columbia River plateau as well as a trip up that river to its source, during which he continued on to the Athabasca River, the country of the Assiniboines, and arrived at Fort Augusta about January 1, 1846". This edition (translated from the French) seems to have been prepared by the author himself. It contains more material than the edition in English (“Oregon Missions”), the illustrations are different, and the three maps are entirely new.

€ 390



Solinus, Caius Julius / Sequester Vibius
De situ orbis terrarum et de singulis mirabilibus quae in mundo habentur / De fluminibus montibus lacubus et gentibus

Pesaro, Soncino 1512

Folio, (near) contemporary vellum with manuscript title. 6 leaves, xxxiii leaves, 8 leaves together forming 96 pages, complete. In general a fresh copy printed on crisp Renaissance paper. Expert repair to the first leaf causing some loss of text to the dedication page by Giovanni Pietro Feretri honoring Gaboardo, the book's editor.

This work has been published under different titles: De mirabilibus mundi, Collectanea rerum memorabilium and often as Polyhistor. Beautiful Soncino edition, printed in a Roman font, during the period in which the printer was active in Pesaro. These are two classic, late-Roman tracts on the Earth. Vibius Sequester (late 4th early 5th century) was the Latin editor of De fluminibus, montibus, lacubus, a geographical lexicon with historical notes and a mythology of places mentioned by Virgil, Lucanus, and in part Silio Italico and Ovidi. The works of Solinus and Vibius represent the standards for geography used as school texts from late antiquity to the Renaissance. The Soncino prints, though not the earliest, excelled all the others in their perfection of type and their correctness. 
€ 3.500



Sonnerat, P.
Reize naar de Oost-Indien en China : in den jaaren 1774-1781 op last des konings van Frankryk gedaan
Leyden, Honkoop, 1785-1786 first dutch edition, 2 of 3 volumes

8vo, original boards with recent marbled papers. xxii, 178, 16 ads pages and a folding plate; viii, 283 pages. Very rare dutch edition, not in Tiele. Institutional stamps, ads leaves with repaired worming. Otherwise just occasional worming, volume II with dampstain in upper margin.

Translation of “Voyages aux Indes Orientales et à la Chine”. In 1774, Pierre Sonnerat was appointed deputy commissioner of the Navy. He resumes the sea, being charged by the king, to continue research in distant lands and assemble a rich collection of plants and animals, travelling through India, Malaysia and China. He is disappointed by his stay in China where he does not find favorable conditions for exploration both on the ground and in his contacts with the Chinese. On the other hand, he falls in love with Indian culture. At the end of his trip, he moved to Pondicherry to assume his duties as Deputy Commissioner.
€ 260

Sparman, Anders

Reize naar de Kaap de Goede Hoop, de landen van den Zuidpool, en rondom de waereld
Leyden, S. en J. Luchtmans / Amsterdam, M. de Bruijn 1787, 2 volumes first Dutch edition
doch voornamelijk in de landen der Hottentotten en Kafferen; in de jaaren 1772 tot 1776”.
8vo, old half calf with red and green title labels on the back and gilt decoration, marbled sides, rubbed. lvi, 796 pages continuously paginated, 63 pages index, 2 pages with list of plates and 12 engraved folding plates, large folding map. Very good copy, rare in Dutch.
“The edition published in Leyden in 1787 is clearly a translation of the German edition of 1784, being also edited by George Forster and having the second Hippopotamus plate peculiar to that edition. Anders Sparrman (1748-1820), a Swedish doctor and naturalist, travelled to South Africa in early 1772. After several months' travel and research he was invited to join the company of Captain James Cook, then on his second voyage, and sailed for the Pacific in November of the same year. Sparrman returned to the Cape in 1775 and continued his studies both biological and ethnological, taking a large collection back to Sweden with him in 1776.”

€ 2.7



Speke, John Hanning
Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile
Edinburgh and London, William Blackwood and sons 1863 first edition

8vo, original cloth gilt. xxxi, 658 pages and 34 pages publisher’s catalogue at rear. Engraved frontispiece, 25 plates and 2 maps (1 folding). Recased, spine a bit wrinkled and hinges splitting. Clean inside except browning and spotting on frontispiece and title (due to flimsy?).

"One of the cornerstone books of African exploration, in this Speke describes his search for the fabled source of the Nile. Accompanied by James A. Grant, the author trekked from the coast into the highlands around then unknown Lake Victoria from whence the Nile flowed. After crossing the Ajagara Range, the party trekked into Mgunda Mkhali where rhinoceros and buffalo were hunted. Later, as they crossed into the kingdom of Uganda, rhino and hippopotamus were bagged. They continued their trek down the Nile where buffalo, eland, and rhinoceros were stalked before finally encountering the camp of Samuel White Baker. Speke labored over his scientific and scholarly discoveries, preferring sport."




Spon, Jacob / Wheler, George

Voyagie door Italien Dalmatien, Grieckenland, en de Levant, Gedaan in de Jaren 1675 en 1676

Amsterdam, Jan ten Hoorn  1689 first Dutch edition

"Een werck waar in de ganstche gelegenheid dezer landen, ten aanzien van dezelver aart, inwoonders, wijze van regeering, zeeden der volken, overblijfzels etc door veele oude en nieuwe historien opgehelderd, naauwkeurig beschreeven, en meest alle de plaatzen, door de glorierijcke wapenen der Venetiaanen verovert, vertoond worden".

4to, 17x20 cm, contemporary vellum. (8), 320, (8) pages with an additional engraved title, 6 folding engraved plates, some minor marginal damp stains and browning. Rare.

In the years 1675-1676 Spon travelled via Italy to Constantinople and Asia Minor, from there to Greece. He was accompanied by the young botanist George Wheler. As early as 1678, Jacob Spon published his "Voyage d'Italie, De Dalmatie, de Grèce et du Levant, fait aux années 1675 et 1676" and named George Wheler, the financier of the venture, as an equal author. The work was a great success, a first reprint took place in 1689 in Amsterdam.

€ 1.300



Stanley, Henry M.

How I Found Livingstone

London, Sampson Low etc  1872 first edition

"Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in Central Africa; including Four Months' Residence with Dr. Livingstone".

8vo, original pictorial cloth gilt, neatly recased. xxiii, 736, (8 ads) pages with a mounted photo as frontispiece and facsimile signature of Stanley, folding maps (some with closed tears), numerous wood engravings. Some occasional light scattered spotting. A near Fine copy of this famous book.

In 1869 Stanley received instructions from the New York Herald to undertake a roving commission in the Middle East, which was to include the relief of Dr. David Livingstone, of whom little had been heard since his departure for Africa in 1866 to search for the source of the Nile. Stanley forced his way through east Africa, disturbed by fighting and stricken by sickness to Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika, Livingstone’s last known port of call. There he found the old hero, ill and short of supplies, and greeted him with the famous words, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”. Livingstone’s quest ended a year later with his death in the swamps of Lake Bangweulu, still vainly seeking the Nile in a region that in fact gives rise to the Congo River.

€ 550



Stanley, Henry M.

How I Found Livingstone

New York, Scribner Armstrong & Co 1872 first US edition

"Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in Central Africa; including an account of Four Months' Residence with Dr. Livingstone".

8vo, half leather with gilt, rubbed etc, marbled edges and end papers. xxiii, 736, (8 ads) pages. Woodcut portrait of Stanley as frontispiece with tissue-guard, many wood engraved plates and illustrations, 6 maps, 4 of them folding (2 with closed tears).

In 1869 Stanley received instructions from the New York Herald to undertake a roving commission in the Middle East, which was to include the relief of Dr. David Livingstone, of whom little had been heard since his departure for Africa in 1866 to search for the source of the Nile. Stanley forced his way through east Africa, disturbed by fighting and stricken by sickness to Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika, Livingstone’s last known port of call. There he found the old hero, ill and short of supplies, and greeted him with the famous words, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume”. Livingstone’s quest ended a year later with his death in the swamps of Lake Bangweulu, still vainly seeking the Nile in a region that in fact gives rise to the Congo River.

€ 290 



Stanley, Henry M.

Through the Dark Continent
New York, Harper and Brothers 1878 first US edition 2 volumes
“Or, the Sources of the Nile Around the Great Lakes of Equatorial Africa and Down the Livingstone River to the Atlantic Ocean”.

8vo, publisher’s de luxe half morocco over marbled boards, lightly rubbed, spines gilt, marbled end papers. xiv, 522; ix, 566 pages with 3 folding maps, 2 in pockets at end of each volume, many plates and illustrations. Interior Fine, appears unused.

This book was offered to the public in 3 variants; the well known cloth binding for $ 10, in full sheep for $ 12 and this most expensive one in half morocco for $ 15.

When Livingstone died in 1873, Stanley resolved to take up the exploration of Africa where he had left off. The problem of the Nile sources and the nature of the central African lakes had been only partly solved by earlier explorers. Circumnavigating Lake Victoria, Stanley confirmed the explorer John H. Speke’s estimate of its size and importance. Lake Tanganyika was next explored and found to have no connection with the Nile system. Stanley and his men pressed on west to the Lualaba River that proved to be the headstream of the Congo. There they joined forces with the Arab trader Tippu Tib, who accompanied them for a few laps downriver, then left Stanley to fight his way first to Stanley Pool (now Malebo Pool) and then (partly overland) down to the great cataracts he named Livingstone Falls.

€ 650



Stanley, Henry M.

Through the Dark Continent

New York, Harper and Brothers 1878 first US edition salesman’s sample!

“Or, the Sources of the Nile Around the Great Lakes of Equatorial Africa and Down the Livingstone River to the Atlantic Ocean”

8vo, publisher’s original gilt decorated cloth. About 100 pages, illustrations, opinions of the press, prospectus, subscriber’s list (empty), sample variant covers glued-in etc.

The American edition was sold by subscription only and through authorized agents, the sample as a pre-publication was intended to “give the public an approximate idea of the character and appearance of the work” (publisher). This book was offered to the public in 3 variants; the well known cloth binding for $ 10, in full sheep for $ 12 and in half morocco for $ 15. Uncommon.

€ 600


Stanley, Henri M.

In darkest Africa or the quest rescue and retreat of Emin governor of Equatoria

London, Sampson Low etc 1890 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, original pictorial cloth, spine ends repaired. xv, 529; xv, 472 pages. Maps with closed tears, the first with tiny loss, generally clean. Good used complete copy.

In darkest Africa recounts the story of Stanley’s final major expedition through Africa, an undertaking that lasted three years. The newspaperman turned explorer set off in 1887 with the purpose of furthering plans to create a British protectorate in east equatorial Africa and of repeating his earlier feat of rescuing Livingstone by effecting the escape of the German physician Emin Pasha, who had been governing south Sudan for the British and had been isolated by the Mahdist uprising. Stanley took the long way in, starting from the west coast and moving up the Congo.

€ 250



Stanley, Henri M.

In darkest Africa or the quest rescue and retreat of Emin governor of Equatoria

London, Sampson Low etc 1890 first edition 2 volumes

8vo, original pictorial cloth, little wear to the spine. xv, 529; xv, 472 pages. About 10 library stamps to each volume, one map with small closed tear, light foxing. This is a remarkable copy: Front endpapers contain an article in the Daily Reporter concerning the death of Sir Barttelot 10-2-1893 (father of one of the members of the expedition) and a extensive review in the Times of 28-6-1890, the publishing day of the book.

In darkest Africa recounts the story of Stanley’s final major expedition through Africa, an undertaking that lasted three years. The newspaperman turned explorer set off in 1887 with the purpose of furthering plans to create a British protectorate in east equatorial Africa and of repeating his earlier feat of rescuing Livingstone by effecting the escape of the German physician Emin Pasha, who had been governing south Sudan for the British and had been isolated by the Mahdist uprising. Stanley took the long way in, starting from the west coast and moving up the Congo.

€ 150



Stanley, Henri M.

In darkest Africa or the quest rescue and retreat of Emin governor of Equatoria

London, Sampson Low etc 1890 first edition 2 volumes bound in 6 divisions the subscibers edition

8vo, bound in original pictorial cloth. Little wear to the spine. xv, xxxii, 529; xv, 472, (11 ads) pages, 62 plates, 3 folding coloured maps, with a coloured section, 105 illustrations in the text.

This subscibers edition has more (62 in stead of 36) plates on larger paper with wider margins.

In darkest Africa recounts the story of Stanley’s final major expedition through Africa, an undertaking that lasted three years. The newspaperman turned explorer set off in 1887 with the purpose of furthering plans to create a British protectorate in east equatorial Africa and of repeating his earlier feat of rescuing Livingstone by effecting the escape of the German physician Emin Pasha, who had been governing south Sudan for the British and had been isolated by the Mahdist uprising. Stanley took the long way in, starting from the west coast and moving up the Congo.

€ 550



Stanley, Henri M.

In darkest Africa or the quest rescue and retreat of Emin governor of Equatoria

New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons 1890 first US edition 2 volumes

8vo, publisher's cloth, rubbed. xiv, (2), 547, (2) ; xvi, 540 pages with 2 author portrait frontispieces, 41 full-page steel engraved illustrations, 5 maps (3 folding in pockets at end), numerous text illustrations. Very good copy.

In darkest Africa recounts the story of Stanley’s final major expedition through Africa, an undertaking that lasted three years. The newspaperman turned explorer set off in 1887 with the purpose of furthering plans to create a British protectorate in east equatorial Africa and of repeating his earlier feat of rescuing Livingstone by effecting the escape of the German physician Emin Pasha, who had been governing south Sudan for the British and had been isolated by the Mahdist uprising. Stanley took the long way in, starting from the west coast and moving up the Congo.

 € 470



Stanley, Henry M.

In darkest Africa or the quest rescue and retreat of Emin governor of Equatoria

New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons 1890 first US edition salesman’s sample!

8vo, publisher's cloth. About 100 pages with several illustrations, both portraits, three full-page maps, and 15 plates. Salesman’s prospectus with sample backstrips (cloth and morocco) and price information on front and rear pastedowns, and with the names of six subscribers entered on the subscriber sign-up list bound in at the back.

The American edition was sold by subscription only and through authorized agents, the sample as a pre-publication was intended to “give the public an approximate idea of the character and appearance of the work”(publisher). Good copy.

€ 500



Stanley, Henry M.

In darkest Africa or the quest rescue and retreat of Emin governor of Equatoria

New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons 1890 second US edition salesman’s sample!

8vo, publisher's cloth. About 100 pages with several illustrations, both portraits, three full-page maps, and 15 plates. Salesman’s prospectus with sample backstrips (cloth and morocco) and price information on front and rear pastedowns, and with the names of 19 subscribers entered on the subscriber sign-up list bound in at the back. Good copy.

The American edition was sold by subscription only and through authorized agents, the sample as a pre-publication was intended to “give the public an approximate idea of the character and appearance of the work”(publisher).

€ 400



Stanley, Henry M. / Mounteney-Jephson, A.J.

Afrika. Door 't zwarte werelddeel. Tochten, ontdekkingen en ontmoetingen.

Arnhem, E. & M. Cohen [1892] 3 volumes

8vo, simple half cloth. 600; 580; 437 pages. Originally issued in parts, richly illustrated. This is the cheaper reprint of "In Afrika's donkere wildernissen".

These volumes are the translations of "In darkest Africa" and Jephsons' "Emin Pasha". In darkest Africa recounts the story of Stanley’s final major expedition through Africa, an undertaking that lasted three years. The newspaperman turned explorer set off in 1887 with the purpose of furthering plans to create a British protectorate in east equatorial Africa and of repeating his earlier feat of rescuing Livingstone by effecting the escape of the German physician Emin Pasha, who had been governing south Sudan for the British and had been isolated by the Mahdist uprising. Stanley took the long way in, starting from the west coast and moving up the Congo.

€ 170



Stanley, Henry M.

Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa

New York, Harper & Brothers 1893 first edition

32mo, 13 x 9 cm, decorated hardcover. (2), 86 pages plus ads, 6 illustrations. Good used copy. Scarce.

Part of "Harper's Black and White Series" with the reflections of the famous explorer on the historical development of the slave trade and his own experiences. Casada 992: "A lenghty essay which traces the historical development of the slave trade and draws heavily on Stanley's personal encounters with the traffic. He criticizes England's current efforts at suppression and suggests that completion of the Uganda railway will render slavery and the slave trade impossible in British African territory."

€ 140



Stanley, Henry M.

Through South Africa. Being an Account of His Recent Visit to Rhodesia, The Transvaal, Cape Colony, and Natal

London, Sampson Low Marston and Co 1898

8vo, decorated hardcover, soiled. xx, (2), 140 pages plus ads, folding map and photos. Good condition.

Preface: "This little volume consists of the letters I wrote from Bulawayo, Johannesburg and Pretoria for the journal South Africa , which is exclusively devoted to matters relating to the region whence it derives its title.Each letter contains the researchers of a week. As the public had already a sufficiency of books dealing with the history, geography, politics, raids and revolts, I confided myself to such impressions as one, who since 1867 had been closely connected with equatorial northern and western Africa, might derive from a first view of the interior of South Africa." Casada 1027.

€ 100



Stanley, Henry and Dorothy
The Autobiography of Henry M. Stanley

London, Sampson & Low 1909 first edition
8vo, original blue decorated cloth, top edges gilt, rubbed. xvii, 551 (1) pages with half title, photogravure portrait frontispiece of Stanley and 16 plates, folding coloured map at end, facsimile letter. Very good.

Stanley served on both the Confederate and the Union sides of the U.S. Civil War, covered the Indian Wars in the U.S. West as a journalist. He was the first to map the course of the river Congo and he lead the Emin Pasha relief expedition. He was known as Bula Matari or ‘The Breaker of Rocks’ by Africans. He married the British NeoClassical painter Dorothy Tennant, who completed this autobiography after his death.




Stavorinus, (Jan Splinter)
Reise nach dem Vorgebürge der guten Hoffnung, Java und Bengalen

Berlin, Ben Haude und Spener 1796 first German edition

“in den Jahren 1768 bis 1771. Aus dem Holländischen Frey übersetzt und mit Anmerkungen begleitet von Professor  Lüder”.

8vo, 22,5x14cm. 6, 252 pages, old paper-covered boards, uncut, ex libris of the librarian Christian Friederich Schnauss on the front paste-down endpaper and an embossed private stamp on the free endpaper. The binding seems original and appears to be an early example of publisher’s boards. Rare in German.

Translation of "Reize van Zeeland over de Kaap de Goede Hoop naar Batavia, Bantam, Bengalen". Stavorinus was a Dutch sea captain, employed by the VOC. “This work affords an accurate and valuable account of the Cape in the last quarter of the eighteenth century, with an interesting description of Cape Town and its inhabitants”.

€ 480


Steger, Friedrich

De Nippon-Vaarders of het wedergeopende Japan

Leyden, Sythoff 1861

“In schetsen uit de bekendste oudere en nieuwere reizen”.

8o, half leather binding, (7), viii, 387 pages with many (tinted) woodengravings and litho’s.

Translation from the German. Mainly based on Perry’s expedition “Narrative of the expedition of an American squadron to the China seas and Japan”, also the trip of Lord Elgin and general descriptions.

€ 180 



Stockum, A. J. van

Verslag van de Saramacca-Expeditie

Leiden, E. J. Brill 1904 KNAG

8vo, 5 parts bound in modern dark red wrappers. 295 pages text, 1 large folding map and 3 others, 6 photo illustrations.

Second expedition in 1902 to the source of the Saramacca river and the Jan Basi Gado and the Hendriktop mountains in Surinam. From Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap, preceding the publication of the book.

€ 130



Stockum, A. J. van
Een ontdekkingstocht in de binnenlanden van Suriname. Dagboek van de Saramacca-expeditie

Amsterdam, G. P. Tierie 1905
8vo, publisher’s decorated cloth. 324 pages with 4 maps (1 large folding) and illustrations. Pencil inscription on front free end paper "van den schrijver". Nice copy with some scattered foxing.

Follow-up of the Coppename expedition to the upper stream area of the Saramacca river, climbing the Jan Basi Gado, following the river up stream, climbing the Hendriktop etc for geographical and botanical research.
€ 170



Stuhlmann, Dr. Franz

Mit Emin Pascha ins Herz von Afrika (Deutsch-Ost-Afrika)

Berlin Dietrich Reimer 1894 first edition

Large 8vo, 18x29 cm, publisher's pictorial cloth, little rubbed and some traces of use, all edges marbled. xxi, (3), 901, (1) pages with 2 folding maps in rear pocket, 2 portraits, 5 photogravures, 17 colotypes, 1 colour colotype and 11 halftone engravings -all full page- a superb example of the technical possibilities in making illustrations at the end of the 19th century. Also 275 in text illustrations. A very good clean copy of a scarce book.

Stuhlmann went to East Africa in 1888, and during the revolt of the Arabs in 1890 entered the German corps of defense as a lieutenant, and was severely wounded at Lembula. After his recovery he joined the expedition of Emin Pasha to the lake region, was sent ahead from Undussuma to Lake Victoria, and reached the coast in July, 1892, at Bagamoyo, whence he returned to Germany with valuable cartographic material and rich collections. After his rescue by Stanley, Emin Pasha undertook an expedition back into "darkest Africa", accompanied by Stuhlmann. After sending back Stuhlmann, Emin Pasha was murdered.

€ 880 



Sverdrup, Otto

Neues Land Vier Jahre in arktischen Gebieten

Leipzig, Brockhaus 1903 first German edition 2 volumes

8vo, original decorated cloth, some traces of use. xi, (1), 576; x, 542 pages with 225 illustrations, of which 69 full-page and 9 maps. Interior very good.

In 1898 Sverdrup embarked on a second expedition with the Fram. Sverdrup attempted to circumnavigate Greenland via Baffin Bay, but failed to make it through the Nares Strait. Forced to overwinter on Ellesmere Island, he and his crew explored and named many uncharted fjords and peninsulas on the western shores of the island. Between 1899 and 1902, he overwintered three more times on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic with the Fram, continuing to explore and map.

€ 190



Swayne, H.G.C
Through the Highlands of Siberia

London, Rowland Ward 1904 first edition
8vo, publisher’s cloth. xiv, 259, (97) pages, folding plate and map, photographic illustrations and plates, advertisements.

Swayne made a sporting trip in the mountainous area of the Russian-Chinese border in 1903. His book not only gives a well defined picture of this marvelous country, but also of many impressions of Siberia he went through by train. “The book is published in the luxurious style commonly associated with Mr. Rowland Ward’s sporting publications.”
€ 350



Taylor, Isaac

Merkwaardigheden uit alle bekende landen van Afrika … & uit elk land van Europa ..

Amsterdam, G.J.A. Beijerinck 1827/1828 2 volumes bound in 1 first Dutch edition

voor hen die, tot eene leerzame uitspanning, in het hoekje van den haard door vreemde landen willen reizen.”

8vo, 19th century half calf. Volume Europe: xii, 141 pages with a wood engraved title-vignette, folding map, 84 illustrations on 28 plates. Volume Africa: half title, title, 2, 163 pages, wood engraved title-vignette, folding map, 84 illustrations. One leaf with tear.

€ 350



Taylor, Griffith
With Scott: the Silver Lining

London, Smith Elder & Co 1916 first edition first issue

8vo, publisher's decorated cloth, rubbed. xiv, (4), 464 pages with many maps and plates, full page and in-text. Inside scattered foxing, edges with soiling. The map on page 86 in photocopy (appears not to have been bound in originally).

First edition, first issue without the added leaf of preface that was omitted from this first issue due to an oversight of the printers and the (distant) author's inability to give the book final approval.

The book was edited in London by Leonard Huxley who had prepared the official account of Scott's Terra Nova expedition for the press. Taylor's is an important first-hand account of the expedition and one of the scarcest of the primary accounts; many of the illustrations are new to this work and complement those in the official account.




Temminck,Coenraad Jacob

Coup-D’Oeil Général sur les Possessions Neerlandaises dans L’Inde Archipélagique

Leide, Arnz 1846-1849 3 volumes

8vo, contemporary morocco-backed marbled boards, spines gilt, edges sprinkled, marbled end papers. xxii, 379; viii, 471; viii, 418 pages. Half-titles in volume I and III, some foxing on first and last leaves, rest is clean. A very good copy.

Translation of “Verhandelingen over de Natuurlijke Geschiedenis der Nederlandsche Overzeesche Bezittingen”. Temminck was a Dutch zoologist and museum director. In 1820, at the instigation of Temminck, the Physical Commission was established to study the natural history of the Dutch East Indies and to collect collections for the museum there. The results of these studies were published by Temminck in the “Verhandelingen”.

€ 650



Tench, Watkin
Nachricht von der Expedizion nach Botany-Bay nebst Bemerkungen über Neu-Südwallis
Frankfurt u. Leipzig, Fleischer 1789 first German edition

8vo, contemporary marbled wrappers with worn. 132 pages uncut. This German edition is very rare.
Translation of “A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay; with an Account of New South Wales”. “Tench was a captain of the British marines and sailed with the first convict fleet to Australia where he stayed four years. Under Governor Arthur Phillip, this voyage visited the Canary Islands, Rio de Janiero, the Cape of Good Hope and founded Sydney in New South Wales.”, "... regarded by the best authorities as the most accurate, orderly, vivacious, and valuable description of life in the colony in its first years"

€ 1.250

Tench, Watkin

Geschichte von Port Jackson in Neuholland, von 1788 bis 1792

Hamburg, Benjamin Gottlob Hoffmann 1794 first German edition

"Nebst einer Beschreibung der Insel Norfolk mit ihrem Anbaue in eben diesem Zeitraume."

8vo, original boards and title, worn. vi, 244 pages with a folding map “Charte von Port Jackson”. Stamp on title page, some browning, otherwise clean. Rare.

Translation of “A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson, in New South Wales” 1793. Tench "completes his account of the first years of the colony and brings his record of events down to the end of the first four years of settlement. The map and text give important and full details of the early expeditions of discoveryto the south and to the west, including those which Tench led himself. As an accurate, well-written and acutely observed account of the earliest years of Australia's colonisation, it is a most important addition to any collection of Australian books. It is rare despite the hundreds of copies that were originally printed..."

€ 1.200



Thomas, R.

An Authentic Account of the Most Remarkable Events: Containing the Lives of the Most Noted Pirates and Piracies

    bound with:

Interesting and Authentic Narratives of the Most Remarkable Shipwrecks, Fires, Famines

New York, Ezra Strong  1836

8vo, period full sheep, spine gilt. Covers and spine rubbed. 2 volumes in 1: 298; 359 pages, both illustrated with "numerous" wood engraved plates. Browning and some soiling to the contents.

Entertaining series of narratives, most notable for the account of the sinking of the whaleship Essex, after being rammed by a whale, ostensibly the inspiration for Melville's Moby Dick. Also the terrible adventures of the people on the Grosvenor. Accounts of the pirates Misson, Bowen, Tew, Halsey, White, Fly, Lewis, Cornelius, Williams, Burgess, North, Augur and others.

€ 230



Thomas, Rev. Chas. W., M.A.

Adventures and Observations on the West Coast of Africa and its Islands

New York, Derby and Jackson 1860 first edition

"Historical and Descriptive Sketches of Madeira, Canary, Biafra and Cape Verd Islands; Their Climates, Inhabitants and Productions. Accounts of Places, Peoples, Customs, Trade, Missionary Operations, Etc., Etc., on that Part of the African Coast Lying Between Tangier, Morocco and Beguala".

8vo, publisher’s original brown textured cloth, worn. xvi, 479 pages, illustrated with a double-page map and four engraved plates. Mediocre copy with the usual mellowing to the pages and some dampstaining. Sticker of the Catholic Library Association on frontpage. Good-.

Reverend Thomas was the Chaplain for the United States Navy African Squadron from 1855 to 1857. This detailed narrative is based on his keen observations and experiences in the countries and islands visited. He supplies us with histories and background material as well. Perhaps most interesting is his commentary on the slavery in the region.
€ 150



Tuckey, J.H.

Bericht von einer Reise nach Neu-Süd-Wallis

F.G. priv. Landes Industrie Comptoirs 1805 first German edition

“um zu Port-Philipp in der Baff's Straße eine Kolonie anzulegen. Gethan in dem Schiffe Kalkutta in den Jahren 1802, 1803 und 1804.”

8vo, modern marbled wrappers. vi, 136 pages.

Translation in the same year of "An Account of a Voyage to Establish a Colony at Port Philip in Bass’s Strait”. As the only contemporary published account of the abandoned settlement of Port Phillip it is a foundation work for Victoria". "It is also the only account of the foundation of Hobart by David Collins. Sent by Collins to explore Port Phillip Bay, Tuckey reported his dissatisfaction with the site and so in February 1804, with the agreement of Governor King, moved to the Derwent and the site of that became Hobart."  

€ 280



Tuckey, J.K.
Narrative of an Expedition to Explore the River Zaire, Usually Called the Congo, in South Africa, in 1816

London, John Murray 1818 first edition
“to which is added, the Journal of Professor Smith; some General Observations on the Country and its Inhabitants; and an Appendix: Containing the Natural History of that part of the Kingdom of Congo through which the Zaire Flows.”

4to, contemporary gilt decorated diced calf, marbled edges and end papers. (4), lvii, 498, (2) pages with half-title, folding map and 13 (1 coloured) plates. As always the usual browning and spotting of the plates - except the colour plate- and opposite pages due to the tissue guards and/or bad paper. Otherwise clean.

"The expedition aimed to find if there was a connection between the Congo and Niger basins of western and central Africa. Tuckey sailed up the river from its mouth but found that the lower river is not navigable due to rapids (later called the Livingstone Falls) above Matadi. Most of the officers and crew died of fever and Tuckey himself died on 4 October 1816 in Moanda, on the coast of today's DR Congo. The expedition was a failure but raised interest in the exploration of Africa.”
€ 1.450



Valentia, George A.

Reize naar Indie, Ceylon, de Roode Zee, Abyssinie en Egypte, in de jaren 1802 tot 1806

Haarlem, Francois Bohn  1816-1818 first Dutch edition 4 volumes

8vo 13x21cm, modern hardcover. vi, 372; vi, 356; viii, 380; vi, 402 pages with 8 plates. Besides a few institutional stamps a nice clean copy. Rare.

In 1802 Henry Salt was appointed secretary and draughtsman to George Annesley, Viscount Valentia. They started on an eastern tour, traveling on Minerva to India via the Cape. Salt explored the Red Sea area, and in 1805 visited the Ethiopian highlands. He returned to England in 1806. Salt's paintings from the trip were used to illustrate the Lord Valentia's "Voyages and Travels to India". "Probably the first European traveller in Ethiopia in the 19th century was George Annesley, Viscount of Valentia".

€ 750



Valentyn, F.

Oud en nieuw Oost-Indiën
Franeker, Van Wijnen 2002 facsimile reprint 8 volumes
“vervattende een naaukeurige en uitvoerige verhandelinge van Nederlands mogentheyd in die gewesten, benevens eene wydlustige beschryvinge der Moluccos, Amboina, Banda, Timor, en Solor, Java, en alle de eylanden onder dezelve landbestieringen behoorende; het Nederlands comptoir op Suratte, en de levens der Groote Mogols; als ook een keurlyke verhandeling van 't wezentlykste, dat men behoort te weten van Choromandel, Pegu, Arracan, Bengale, Mocha, Persien, Malacca, Sumatra, Ceylon, Malabar, Celebes of Macassar, China, Japan, Tayouan of Formosa, Tonkin, Cambodia, Siam, Borneo, Bali, Kaap der Goede Hoop en van Mauritius ...”

4to, artificial leather. More than 5000 pages, richly illustrated. Limited edition, this being number 367 of 750 printed sets.
€ 500



Vaux, James Hardy

Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux, a swindler and thief, now transported to New South Wales for the second time, and for life

London, C.H. Reynell for Hunt and Clarke 1827 second edition

8vo, contemporary (original) green cloth, spine with gilt lettered title on red morocco label. xxiv, (2), 288 pages.

Second edition (first edition 1819) of the first full-length autobiography written in Australia by the convict and author James Hardy Vaux, providing a fascinating picture of criminal life in London, the penal system and convict transportation to and life in Australia. Published as volume XIII in the series "Autobiography. A collection of the most instructive and amusing lives ever published". "... that the pecuniary profits of this publication will be applied to the relief of the author in his perpetual banishment."

€ 580



Veer, G. de.

Tre navigationi fatte dagli Olandesi, e Zelandesi al settentrione nella Norvegia, Moscovia, e Tartaria

Venice, (G. B. Ciotti für) G. Porro u. Co 1599 first Italian edition (second imprint)

“verso il Catai, e Regno de Sini, dove scopersero il Mare di Veygatz, la Nuova Zembla (etc.). Descritte in Latino, e nuovamente da G. G. Parisio tradotte nella lingua Italiana”.

Small 4to, full limp vellum. Incomplete copy, lacking the preface (3 leaves with the compass rose), leaves 61 and 79, so with 30 (of 32) -tinted- engravings. Photocopies of the lacking leaves present. Title page repaired and one leaf with tear..

This work contains an account of three early Dutch voyages for the discovery of the North East passage to China and Cathay, and contains valuable early particulars regarding Nova Zembla, and Northern Siberia. The famous Dutchman William Barentsz sailed along that coast and various other Dutch expeditions sought to discover a new route to the East Indies by way of the North-East Passage. Spain had control of the route round South America, and Portugal controlled the route round South Africa and for expeditions of other nations, notably the English and Dutch, to attempt these routes usually meant fighting the Spanish and Portuguese, and the probable loss of part or all these fruits of their trading, consequently the discovery of another route to the East would have been of the greatest value to them. The third voyage of 1596-1597, which occupies most of the book, is one of the greatest in the history of polar exploration, during which the company was forced to make the first recorded overwintering this far north after their ship was crushed. In the spring of 1597 the survivors in open boats sailed and sledged 1600 miles around the northern cape, down the length of Novaya Zemlya, and out across the White Sea to safety on the Kola Peninsula.

€ 2.900



Veth, P.J. and Snelleman, J.F.

Daniel Veth's reizen in Angola, voorafgegaan door eene schets van zijn leven

Haarlem, H.D. Tjeenk Willink 1887

8vo, contemporary half cloth. viii, (4), 430, (2) pages with a folding map and 7 wood engraved plates. Foxing at the beginning and end, small owner's ticket on first free endpaper. Good copy. Rare.

In the fall of 1884, Veth led the Dutch Cunene expedition in the Portuguese colonies of southwest Africa. From the coastal town of Benguela he wanted to go via Quilenges to Humpata, the hometown of the Trek boeren. After the rainy season, he wants to follow the Cubango River to the north of the Cunene and then head towards the Cuando River where it flows into the Zambezi. Veth died the next year on the shores of the Coporolo River. 

€ 350




Schipbreuk en lotgevallen van den heer Pieter Viaud, scheeps-kapitein ect

Amsterdam, Petrus Conradi 1771

8vo, library binding and stamps. 4, 132 pages.

Translation of “Naufrage et aventures”. "In maritime annals few personal narratives seem better authenticated than this account of shipwreck and horrifying sufferings on an island off Florida's west coast. Appended to the narrative is a certification, by the commanding officer at the British post at St. Marks, of the rescue of Viaud and the other two half-dead survivors, effected under his orders. (...). These facts cast grave doubt on the long-accepted belief that Viaud's voyage was imaginary, that his narrative was a mere fiction parading as fact; it may well be that the history of Florida, for its short period as a British colony, has been unjustly despoiled of an interesting and most unusual episode".

€ 220



Vogel, Eduard (Wagner, Hermann)
Ed. Vogel, De reiziger in Afrika : zijne reizen en ontdekkingen in de binnenlanden van Afrika

Leyden, Sythoff 1862 first Dutch edition

"als: de groote woestijn, Soedan, het meer Tsad, enz., benevens eene levensschets des reizigers".

8vo, three quarter red calf, rubbed. viii, 395 pages with many wood engravings.

In 1853 Vogel was chosen by the British government to take supplies to Heinrich Barth, then in the western Sudan. Vogel met Barth at Kuka in Bornu. During 1854 and 1855 he explored the countries round Lake Chad and the upper course of the Benue. On December 1, 1855 he left Kuka for the Nile Valley, and nothing further was heard of him. Several search expeditions were organized to ascertain his fate and to recover his papers; it was not until 1873 that Gustav Nachtigal on reaching Wadai learnt that Vogel had been murdered in that country in February 1856. This work is based on Vogel’s accounts in Petermann’s Mitteilungen.
€ 250



Volney, C.F.

Reize door Syrie en Egypte, in de jaaren 1783, 1784 en 1785

Leyden, J.D. Pasteur A. en J. Honkoop 1789-91 2 volumes in 1 first Dutch edition

8vo, modern half cloth. xvi, 400; half title, title, 492 pages with 2 folding maps, plan and view. Good copy with some water staining and minor flaws.

“One of the most exact and valuable works of the kind even published, all personal details being eliminated "to economize the time of readers". It became the favorite book for scientists and military men of Napoleon's expedition to Egypt. Bonaparte, on his return in 1788 congratulated Volvney by saying "qu'il était à peu près le seul des voyageurs qui n'eût pas mendi." Volney treats all aspects of life in the Near East He also mentions an Arabic press at the convent of Marhanna with a list of books printed.

€ 460



Voormeulen van Boekeren, G.R. / (Tasman, A.J.)

Reizen en ontdekkingstogten van Abel Jansz. Tasman, van Lutkegast

Groningen, A.L. Scholtens 1849 first edition

8vo. Contemporary cloth backed boards. (6), 123 (1) pages with 3 plates.

According to the preface this is the first biography of Abel Tasman. Muller wrote in 1894: “Quoique destiné à la jeunesse, ce volume est un des plus intéressants écrits, paru jusqu’alors, sur le sujet – Très rare”. Buur 0019.

€ 450



Wagner, Hermann

De Franklin-expeditie en haar afloop

Leyden, A.W. Sythoff 1862

“ontdekking van de noordwestelijke doorvaart door MacClure, het vinden der overblijfselen van de Franklin-expeditie door kapitein MacClintock”. 8vo, half leather. viii, 355, [1] pages, many ( tinted) wood engravings and litho’s, folded map. From the German. Describes the three voyages of Franklin and the various rescue expeditions, especially that of MacClintock.

€ 180 



Wagner,  Hermann

De nieuwste ontdekkingen aan de westkust van Afrika

Leiden, A.W. Sijthoff  1866

reistogten, jagtavonturen en handelsreizen van Paul du Chaillu in Midden-Afrika, van Ladislaus Magyar in Benguela en Bihe; en van C. Joh. Anderson nabij de rivier Okavango”

8vo, half leather. vii, 400 pages, many (tinted) wood engravings and litho’s, folding map.

From the German. Describes the recent voyages in Africa.

€ 150

Wallace, A.R.

Insulinde: het land van den orang-oetan en den paradijsvogel

Amsterdam, P.N. van Kampen 1870/1871 first Dutch edition 2 volumes

8vo, original decorated wrappers with wear. xxiv, 528; viii, 552, ix-x pages. Both volumes with wood engraved frontispiece, picture on the front cover and numerous wood engravings. Volume I with large folded tinted map. Very good interior.

Translation of "The Malay Archipelago; the Land of the Orang-utan and the Bird of Paradise". Wallace was a British naturalist, explorer, geographer, anthropologist, and biologist, best known for independently conceiving the theory of evolution through natural selection. From 1854 to 1862 Wallace travelled through the East Indies to collect specimens for sale and to study natural history. Wallace had as many as a hundred assistants who collected on his behalf. Among these, his most trusted assistant was a Malay by the name of Ali who later called himself Ali Wallace. While Wallace collected insects, many of the bird specimens were collected by his assistants including around 5000 collected and prepared by Ali.

€ 570



Weddell, James
A Voyage Towards the South Pole, Performed in the Years 1822-24.

London, Longman, Hurst Rees Orme Brown and Green 1825 first edition

"Containing an examination of the Antarctic Sea, to the seventy-fourth degree of latitude: and a visit to Tierra del Fuego, with a particular account of the inhabitants. To which is added, much useful information on the coasting navigation of Cape Horn, and the adjacent lands."

8vo, contemporary quarter calf with marbled boards, spine expertly restored. iv, 276 pages with a hand coloured engraved frontispiece and errata slip, 4 engraved plates, 2 folding engraved panoramas and 9 engraved maps/charts (7 folding). Scattered some foxing/browning, map with a closed tear. A nice copy.

Weddell, an Enderby captain and a Royal Navy veteran, established his “farthest-south” record during this voyage in 1822 in the sea named after him. His achievement gave rise to optimistic estimates concerning the ice in the Weddell Sea, in which no later ship was able to sail freely as far south as Weddell. Weddell’s narrative is arguably considered to be a cornerstone to Antarctic exploration collections.

€ 4.500



Weeda, P.
Geschiedenis van de togten en ontdekkingen der Nederlanders in Aziën, Africa, America en Australië

Dordrecht, Blussé en van Braam 1840
“van het laatst der 16e eeuw tot op onzen tijd. Een leesboek voor de jeugd.”

8vo 16 x 10 cm, contemporary boards with wear. viii, 215, (1) pages with 4 plates.

Contains the stories of many Dutch discoveries.
€ 280



Weeda, P.
Schoonheden uit de geschiedenis der reistogten in Aziën

Dordrecht, Blussé en Van Braam 1841 2 volumes

8vo, [4] 293 [3]; [4] 339 [1]. Original boards with wear. Ex library.

Comprises the travels of Maffio, Nicolo and Marco Polo, Pinto, William Adams, Le Gentil, Macartney and Wathen.
€ 240



Weld, Isaac

Travels through the states of North America, and in the provinces of upper and lower Canada, during the years 1795, 1796, and 1797

London, John Stockdale, 1800  fourth edition

8vo, modern half leather. viii, 552 pages with frontispiece, large hand coloured folding map (closed tear) and 7 (folding) maps/views. Scattered foxing/browning.

In 1795 Weld sailed to Philadelphia from Dublin and spent two years travelling in the United States and Canada. He visited Monticello and Mount Vernon and met George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. He journeyed to the United States and Canada partly as an adventure and partly as research into suitable countries for the Irish to emigrate to: "any part of those territories might be looked forward to as an eligible and agreeable place of abode". He travelled on horseback, by coach and by canoe in Canada with local native guides. He returned in 1797 "without entertaining the slightest wish to revisit it." He found the Americans to be obsessed with material things and preferred Canada.

€ 450



Wells, William
The Heroine of the White Nile
New York, Hunt & Eaton [1871] first edition
“Or What a Woman Did and Dared: A Sketch of the Remarkable Travels and Esperiences of Miss Alexandrine Tinne”.

8vo, publisher's decorated cloth, rubbed and lightly soiled. 207 pages with 2 engravings, mellowing. Scarce.

Rare contemporary –and only?- biography of the Dutch female explorer. Alexandrine Tinne, best known for her investigations of the course of the Nile River, made at a time when it was unusual for European women to travel in tropical Africa. Tinne was primarily concerned with mapping the White Nile (in the Sudan) and its western tributaries. In 1861, on her first expedition up the Nile (on which she was accompanied by her mother and aunt), she travelled as far as Gondokoro (in the Sudan) and then turned west along the Bahr al-Ghazāl (Gazelle River) and the Sobat River to investigate the extent of the Nile basin toward Lake Chad. In 1863 she again explored the upper Nile, traveling into the Zande region of the northeastern Congo River basin. She was murdered by Tuareg tribesmen in the Libyan Desert while travelling from Tripoli in an attempt to reach Lake Chad and then journey from it eastward to the Nile. According to Livingstone she was the greatest …
€ 500



Werner, J. R.

A Visit to Stanley's Rear-Guard at Major Barttelot's Camp on the Aruhwimi with an Account of River-Life on the Congo

Edinburgh and London, William Blackwood and Sons 1889 first edition

8vo, publisher’s cloth with some (shelf) wear. xvi, 337, 24 (ads) pages, 18 plates including frontispiece and folding map (few misfoldings), clean. Advance copy with blind stamp on title page ”with the publisher’s compliments”. Nice copy of a scarce title.

Casada 1496 “A wide ranging work clearly designed to play on popular interest in the subject. He discusses the background to the expedition and his visit to the Rear Guard camp”,  “and the troubles the Rear Guard was having with Tippoo Tib”.

€ 330



Wild, Frank
Shackleton's Last Voyage. The story of the Quest
London, Cassell 1923 first edition
8vo, publisher's decorated cloth, little rubbed and discoloured. xvi, 372 pages with a coloured frontispiece and 99 b/w illustrations. Half title not present. Scattered foxing and light traces of use, a few faint stamp remnants.

Frank Wild is the unknown giant of the "Heroic Age" of Antarctic Exploration. He played a significant role in several of the most important expeditions, being on board when the Discovery sailed for McMurdo Sound in 1901 so heralding the start of 20 years of epic exploration and adventure. No one else was so involved and no other explorer spent so long in Antarctica. He is frequently referred to as Shackleton's "right hand man" or the "loyal lieutenant" though he was much more than this. Shackleton once again requested him to take part in the 1921-1922 Shackleton-Rowett expedition on the Quest which was cut short due to Shackleton's death from a heart attack on South Georgia before the expedition had reached Antarctica proper. Wild took over as leader and brought the adventure to a conclusion.
€ 680



Wild, Frank
Shackleton's Last Voyage. The story of the Quest

London, Cassell 1923 first edition

Very rare "printers file copy", This is problably a one off copy. Bound in brown paper. Front cover with in manuscript "1355 Shackletons Last Voyage" Stamps "PRINTING DEPT. FILE COPY." on front and back covers, half title. Half title also with stamp "23 MAY 1923". Collector's item! xvi, 372 pages with a coloured frontispiece and 99 b/w illustrations.

Frank Wild is the unknown giant of the "Heroic Age" of Antarctic Exploration. He played a significant role in several of the most important expeditions, being on board when the Discovery sailed for McMurdo Sound in 1901 so heralding the start of 20 years of epic exploration and adventure. No one else was so involved and no other explorer spent so long in Antarctica. He is frequently referred to as Shackleton's "right hand man" or the "loyal lieutenant" though he was much more than this. Shackleton once again requested him to take part in the 1921-1922 Shackleton-Rowett expedition on the Quest which was cut short due to Shackleton's death from a heart attack on South Georgia before the expedition had reached Antarctica proper. Wild took over as leader and brought the adventure to a conclusion.

€ 600



Wilkes, Charles

Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition during the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842

London, Ingram Cooke and Co 1852 first GB edition 2 volumes

8vo, original embossed cloth gilt. xii, 318 pages, publisher's advertisement. xii, 326 pages, publisher’s advertisement, 62 illustrations. Very good.

In 1838 Wilkes was experienced in nautical survey work, and was working with civilian scientists. Upon this background, he was given command of the government exploring expedition "... for the purpose of exploring and surveying the Southern Ocean,... as well to determine the existence of all doubtful islands and shoals, as to discover, and accurately fix, the position of those which [lay] in or near the track of our vessels in that quarter, and [might] have escaped the observation of scientific navigators."

€ 230 



Wilson, William
A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean, Performed in the Years 1796, 1797, 1798, in the Ship Duff

London, T. Gosnell for T. Chapman 1799 first edition
4to 28,5x22,5cm contemporary half polished calf. (12), c, 420 pages on large paper with 6 engraved plates and 7 engraved maps and charts, (5 folding) and list of subscribers. Joints cracked, but firmly holding, some minor repairs. A nice copy overall.
“The long preliminary discourse was anonymously written by Samuel Greatheed, using the then-unpublished narrative of James Morrison, one of the pardoned Bounty mutineers. Morrison’s manuscript was also the source for the extensive appendix on Tahiti.” "The 'Duff' was the first missionary vessel to sail the little-known waters of the Pacific Ocean. After 208 days the vessel reached Tahiti, landing 17 missionaries there, a further twelve at Tonga, and one to the Marquesas. Trouble with the natives arose. Three of the missionaries on Tonga were killed. Others were compelled to seek refuge at Sydney. Several of the missionaries settled in Australia and founded families important in Australian history."
This copy belonged to one of the subscribers.
€ 1.350


Wintergerst von Memmingen, Martin

Zwey und zwantzig-jährige Reysen durch Europam, Asiam, Africam, Americam und Ost-Indien

Francfurt und Leipzig, Daniel Bartholomae 1713

8to, modern half calf with marbled boards. [1] double page wood cut (facs), [8] Bl., 400 pages, 10 (2 facs) full page woodcuts. Title page damaged and mounted. Last leave of preface is a facs. Very rare.

The author was a German sailor, for years being in the service of the VOC. He sailed on the East Indiamen Sion, Belois, Spiegel and Donau.

€ 980

Wissmann, Herman von
Meine zweite Durchquerung Äquatorial Afrikas vom Kongo zum Zambesi während der Jahre 1886 und 1887
Frankfurt, Trowitsch & Sohn [1890] first edition
8vo, original decorated cloth and endpapers. viii, 261 pages with 92 illustrations and 3 folding maps in the back pocket. Spine ends with wear, otherwise very good.
Wissmann was a German explorer who twice crossed the continent of Africa and added to the knowledge of the upper Congo River basin. His explorations led to the establishment of German colonies in East Africa. Wissmann left Luanda, Angola, in 1880 and traversed Africa to Sadani, Tanganyika, where he arrived in 1882. In the course of his trip he discovered the Sankuru River and investigated routes between the Kasai and Congo rivers. In 1884 and 1886 Wissmann undertook missions for King Leopold II of the Belgians to explore the navigability of the Kasai River, and he again explored eastward across the continent to Lake Tanganyika and to Zanzibar. In 1888 Wissmann was appointed imperial commissioner for East Africa to suppress a rebellion led by Arab slave traders and to establish German control in what is now Tanzania. He resigned in 1891 but in 1895 returned to East Africa as imperial governor.

€ 120

Wissmann, Hermann Von

My Second Journey Through Equatorial Africa

London, Chatto & Windus 1891 first English edition

“from the Congo to the Zambesi in the Years 1886 and 1887”
8vo, publisher’s cloth with traces of use, recased with original (repaired) end papers. xiv, 326 pages with a folding coloured map and 92 (32 full page) illustrations, just a little marginal foxing. Uncommon.
A noted German explorer, Von Wissman travelled through the Belgian Congo, then on through both British and German East Africa. His narrative recounts the difficulties of his expeditions, being somewhat reminiscent of Henry Stanley's experiences. Of sport, he tries his hand, unsuccessfully, in the Belgian Congo for elephant but does bag buffalo and hippopotamus at Stanley Pool (Czech).

€ 190



Witkamp, H.

Een verkenningstocht over het eiland Soemba I, II, III & IV

Leiden, KNAG E.J. Brill 1912-1913

8vo, modern dark blue wrappers. Complete with 99 pages, a large coloured folding map (small repair) and many photos. Extracted from “Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap”.

€ 100 

Woodard, David

Kapt. David Woodard's Geschichte seiner Schicksale

Weimar, F.G. priv. Landes Industrie Comptoirs 1805 first German edition

“und seines Aufenthalts auf der Insel Celebes, nebst Nachrichten von derselben und ihren Bewohnern.”

8vo, modern marbled wrappers. (4), xxviii, 159 pages with a folding map of Celebes.

Translation of “The narrative of Capt. David Woodard & four seamen”, without the third part relating other disasters. They lost their ship while in a boat at sea and were 2,5 years captives of Malays on the island of Celebes. With "a valuable seaman's guide". "This narrative gives a good deal of material about the life of the natives of the Celebes”.

€ 230



Young, E. D.
Nyassa; A Journal of Adventures
Whilst Exploring Lake Nyassa, Central Africa, and Establishing the Settlement of "Livingstonia
London, John Murray 1877 first edition

"Revised by Rev. Horace Waller."

8vo, dark green cloth paneled in black to the front board. [xii], 239 pages, 32 pages of publisher's advertisements dated October 1877 at the rear. Colour map of Lake Nyassa as frontispiece and a folding colour map of South East Africa in at rear. Bookplate and stamp of a missionary library. Uncommon.
Young returned to Nyasaland in 1875 to lead the first expedition of Scottish missionaries sent to evangelize the lake region of Central Africa. Young remained the head of the Free Church of Scotland Mission in Livingstonia, on the West coast of Lake Nyassa, until 1877.
€ 430



Young, Rosalind Amelia

Mutiny of the Bounty and Story of Pitcairn Island. 1790 – 1894 by a native daughter

Oakland, Pacific Press Publishing Company [1894] first edition first printing

8vo, original pictorial boards. 254 pages with 26 full-page illustrations and several in-text. Some soiling and wear to the covers. Good copy. Rare.

Young (1853 – 1924) was a historian from Pitcairn Islands. She was the great-granddaughter of John Adams, one of the mutineers of HMS Bounty. From a young age she began recording the history of the Pitcairn Islands, specifically that of Elizabeth Mills, daughter of a Bounty mutineer.

€ 170




A voyage to the island of Ceylon: on board a Dutch Indiaman, in the year M.DCC.XLVII.

London, J. Bouquet 1754 first edition

“Containing a succinct relation of the productions, trade, and inhabitants of that place. Together with some account of St. Helena and other islands visited by the author, in consequence of the ship’s distresses at sea. Written by a Dutch gentleman. Translated from a copy of the original, transmitted to the publisher of the Evening Advertiser”.  

4to, original wrappers. 2, 23, 1 (advert) pages. Rare.

Relates the story of the author, embarked in july 1747 in a ship belonging to the Duch East India Company, shipwrecked in the Indian Ocean. We could not trace which East Indiaman this was. Perhaps fiction?

€ 320




The Pocket Navigator, ... A Collection of the most Select Voyages volume 2

London, Ann Lemoine 1806

12mo, cloth binding. 108, 60, 48, 60, 46 pages. All segments with own title page and frontispiece engraving. Originally published in monthly parts. Good used copy. Sabin 63514. Rare.


Voyages and Adventures of William Dampier, and History of the Buccaneers;  

The Voyage of Woodes Rogers, Round theWorld, with the Discovery of Alexander Selkirk, the Origin of Robinson Crusoe

The Adventures and Escape of Sir H. Middleton, in a Voyage to the East Indies.

The Voyages and Distresses of Captain T. James, and Mr. H. Ellis, for the Discovery of a North-West Passage to the South Seas.

The Voyage and Shipwreck of Captain Shelvock, in an Expedition Against the Spaniards, Under the Command of Captain Clipperton.

€ 190




Schipbreuk van den Gouverneur F. Ridder de Stuers op de Lucipara's

Arnhem, T.E. Slot & Zoon (1837)

“den 5 van bloeimaand 1837 - Ten voordeele van de gewonde en zieke militairen”

8vo, original printed wrappers, sewn. 24 pages plus list of the seamen. Very good copy. Rare.

Story of the shipwreck of the paddle steamboat Willem l on a cliff near Ambon.

€ 190